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Gametize Media Kit: World's Simplest Gamification Platform

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Sleek, Robust, and Incredibly Simple to use. Here's a quick look at Gametize Platform's offerings as a gamification platform.

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Gametize Media Kit: World's Simplest Gamification Platform

  1. 1. @gametize | Media Kit
 1st February 2017
  2. 2. Customer Engagement
 No lightweight gamification platform Limited challenge features on a single solution (e.g. quiz, photos) Current CMS does not allow
 for interactions nor rewards The most common engagement challenges we hear today Employee Engagement
 L&D remains painful and mundane Existing HR solutions feel too 
 heavy to integrate gamification Lack of technology to improve motivation for change management Help. I’m disengaged
  3. 3. Engage and motivate with a universal language:
 fun P&GSingapore Management University Samsung Case studies of Gamification proving effective engagement:
  4. 4. Gametize is a rewards and motivation platform to engage your consumers/employees with gamification concepts.
 We create rewarding digital experiences to motivate 
 audiences based on game designs and psychology for 
 clients such as DBS Bank, Samsung, and Shell.
  5. 5. Interactive Challenges Competition and Social Constant, Instant Feedbacks Rewards and Redemptions Deliver effective gamification with Gametize with these game elements
  6. 6. Technology Complement your content and context with different challenge types from our war chest. Your audience deserves a truly fun and relevant experience to earn virtual and tangible rewards.
  7. 7. With ready customizable templates, the experience can be
 launched within a day on web and mobile, so more time can be 
 focused on designing the content and user experience.
  8. 8. To use Gametize, you just have to start a project, 
 create a topic, and start adding in the content Project Topic 1 Content: Challenge Topic 2 Topic 3 Content: Flashcard Content: Challenge Content: Challenge Content: Flashcard Content: Flashcard Content: Challenge Content: Challenge Content: Flashcard Content: Flashcard Content: Flashcard Content: Flashcard
  9. 9. On-Premises/Private Cloud
 The Gametize platform (based on Java) can be 
 deployed in the organization’s chosen premises. 
 It is highly customizable with a dedicated server 
 and database (Supported: MySQL, MSSQL) Gametize Cloud You can create white-label apps with simple 
 customizations quickly on Gametize’s cloud 
 platform. The solution is hosted and managed 
 on our server and database, powered by 
 Amazon Web Services, reducing your overheads. Licensing
  10. 10. You can also integrate Gametize as a fun loyalty solution with your system. Any actions that can be digitally tracked, such as referrals, browsing and purchasing, can be rewarded through our simple REST-based API. 1. Ac&on YOUR AWESOME SYSTEM GAMETIZE™ PLATFORM Informs Game&ze to reward user 2. API CALL Checks preset rewards, records points, and informs your system 4. Display 3. JSON RESULTS Feedbacks rewards to user You preset rewards and track analyIcs on GameIze plaLorm 5. Repeat Ac&on is reinforced and mo&vates user for more ac&ons yummy Technology
  11. 11. Gametize’s 5D Framework 5D Framework Design Strategy Checklist 5D Process Framework
  12. 12. Design Strategy Checklist Three Tiers in Intrinsic Motivation Gametize’s Intrinsic Motivation Framework
  13. 13. G A M E T I S E Generous, Extrinsic Rewards (clear and transparent) Appealing, Fresh Content (create stickiness) Maintain it (easy dashboard to manage for iterations) Easy and emotional, relevant to audience profiles Tribalism (create tribes and communities) Intrinsic motivations (moving from extrinsic rewards) Social behaviors (create conversations, sharing) KEY ELEMENTS KEY GOALS Anti-Gaming Mechanics Iterative Testing and Changes DESIGN CONSTANTS D Data analysis (create valuable intelligence) Engaged target behaviors relevant to target goals Design Strategy Checklist
  14. 14. Clients Banking & Finance Media Telecommunications Oil & Gas Partners Education Consumer Brands
  15. 15. Clients Banking & Finance Media Telecommunications Oil & Gas Partners Education Consumer Brands ~ 200,000 Users ~ 10 Million Completed Challenges
 Successful case studies with results
  16. 16. IBM People’s Vote Award 2013 Shell LiveWire Awards 2013
 Special Mention Award Selected as “Singapore Business Review’s 20 Hottest Startups in Singapore 2015” The Team
  17. 17. Resources
 Demo videos:
 Demo games: & 
 Demo White-label App:
 White-label Customization Guide:
 More about Gamification:
  18. 18. We love being sleek, robust, and yet staying incredibly simple to use. 
 Unlock your audience’s engagement with Gametize in 5 minutes!