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21st century change ebook

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In today's hyper connected existence, younger people have a different view of relationships and work. 

Jobs are not a self-contained universe, but just one ingredient in the soup called life. One more node in the network. So, we need to look at employment experience differently, and think about the puzzle of life and see how the pieces are connected.

It’s complicated, but it’s meaningful. Work not just a thing that pays the bills, it’s something that defines the Millennial existence. Which means you get engagement like their life depends on it, or they’re going to be completely checked out.

It’s up to us, all of us to figure this out...

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21st century change ebook

  1. 21st Century Change Millennials, Engagement, Happiness, etc. How you can solve turnover, engagement, communications and also improve your performance. 1
  2. We all know that change at scale is really hard to achieve. Whether you are Bernie Sanders, Satya Nadella, or Pope Francis, we are talking about the same kind of change. Re-ordering beliefs, inspiring people to change perspectives, and connecting to people’s emotions. Nothing ever changes until someone feels something. 2
  3. What you have always believed: facts, figures and data, are what drive business decisions. Actually, this isn’t the truth. But what does that mean for your team, your division; your business? The truth is that we are not the rational actors we believe we are.   3
  4. People make decisions on both data and emotion. Your change projects fail not because they don’t make business sense, they fail because they do not mean anything to your people. There is no emotional appeal to caring about reducing costs, being more efficient or making more money. These issues mean nothing to most of your people, and even less to the millennials in that group. 4
  5. The bigger problem is that, especially in a large business, you do not have the tools you need to get people to start caring. The usual actions around training, process improvement, and realignment will not help you at all… not one bit. Employee engagement surveys don’t really do much. They usually report what you already knew. 5
  6. What will help you is pretty simple: creating a movement that grabs people by the heart and soul, that tells them why something matters to them. Not about extrinsic motivators, but why they actually should care more. 6
  7. That is what we do. Take the data from surveys (ours or yours), or execute unique focus groups, and then put the data through our framework. The insights are then converted into campaigns that are designed to connect with the whole person, engaging logic and emotion in order to turn change into a movement.   Creating something that people want to be part of. 7
  8. The campaigns are designed to spread ideas. They provide tools for great leaders to tell great stories, and spread your core beliefs at scale. They get incorporated into internal presentations, town halls and conferences. They are what you need to get alignment and build a great culture. 8
  9. Alignment, process change and narrative to spread ideas. Insights We assess your company’s situations, needs and goals. Promise We identify a promise that conveys what your your brand aspires to be and captures your brand’s DNA We create a meaningful narrative for how people should behave in order to live your brand’s purpose Behavior Campaign Impact We execute meaningful stories for desired audiences with socialization power that spreads Brand Audit Tangible outcomes -  Baseline assessment -  Desired shifts -  Intended measurements -  Culture report -  Visual tools to use and create quick-fix changes Brand Narrative -  Truths -  Promise -  Story -  Brand emotional impact -  External expression -  Positioning Tangible outcomes -  Visual tools that capture the above for socialization within your organization Brand Stories -  Internal facing -  External facing -  Executive -  Management -  Employees Tangible outcomes -  Visual storytelling devices for one or more audiences, above (based on requirements) Brand Execution -  Internal strategic spread -  External strategic spread -  Leadership coaching -  Employee coaching We help you assess the positive outcomes the new behavior has on your brand’s performance Brand Audit -  Follow up analysis -  Measured Progress -  Desired shifts -  Additional actions Tangible outcomes Tangible outcomes -  Internal campaigns -  External campaigns -  Physical space campaigns -  Facilitations -  eBooks -  Culture report -  Visual tools to use and create quick-fix changes -  Additional tools as needed 9
  10. Gapingvoid is a Miami-based consultancy that helps companies increase employee engagement and connect people more deeply to mission, values and purpose. Since 2007, gapingvoid has designed, articulated and speeded the adoption of organizational culture for many of the most forward-thinking companies, worldwide. The concept is simple: inspiring alignment and engagement in employees will improve creativity, agility, productivity and innovative outcomes, which impact bottom line results. Our world is full of communication and advertisements that no one pays attention to. Gapingvoid uses a unique combination of writing and visuals that connect people emotionally to desired outcomes. 305-763-8503 the culture design group 10