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Microsoft oneweek 2015 eBook by Gapingvoid

Microsoft's annual inspirational global hackathon, oneweek invites all employees to tinker. There are new product expos, a speaker series and parties. CEO, Satya Nadella wraps it all up with a rousing talk.
Exactly the kind of All Hands you’d expect from a company laser focused on reinventing culture. 
Here you can see some of the work we did with Microsoft around changes at play there, especially culture. We created this as an internal e-book to spread the word about change, it's now available for public viewing!

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Microsoft oneweek 2015 eBook by Gapingvoid

  1. Copyright © 2016 Gapingvoid Ltd. All rights reserved
  2. //oneweek This ebook records some key events at //oneweek 2015, Satya’s monthly Q&A; a global hackathon, new products expo and speakers corner. These are the specifics, but overall, there’s a mindset shift happening at Microsoft. More to follow. Copyright © 2016 Gapingvoid Ltd. All rights reserved
  3. //oneweek How does a one-hundred thousand person company invent what has never been done before?  By adopting a growth mindset. By empowering ways for people to deliver their personal best on a massive scale. By creating an environment that honors a new philosophy about how we work.  And by understanding that amazing products and services are really created through very individual, very human beliefs.  Copyright © 2016 Gapingvoid Ltd. All rights reserved
  4. Copyright © 2016 Gapingvoid Ltd. All rights reserved
  5. //oneweek//hackathon The point of hackathons is not to invent the next big thing. Sure, it’s been known to happen occasionally, but that’s not the main point.  The main point is to come together as One Microsoft, collaborate like crazy to make dreams real. And remind us what we’re really capable of when nothing comes in between ourselves and our A game. Copyright © 2016 Gapingvoid Ltd. All rights reserved
  6. Automated farming via technology Imagine turning all those abandoned warehouses and factories in post-industrial areas into productive farmland, by filling their empty spaces with hydroponic farms, to grow lettuce, tomatoes, flowers, etc.  And then wiring each hydroponic mini-farm to sensors that monitor the health and status remotely, saving labor, cost and perhaps most importantly, water.  Sure, it’s a model that is a way off from being financially viable. But as megacities increase in size and number, as demand for local produce becomes more of an issue (especially where water is scarce), this points to a more sustainable future. //oneweek//hackathon Copyright © 2016 Gapingvoid Ltd. All rights reserved
  7. //oneweek//hackathon The computer hack is to Microsoft what the brush stroke was to Picasso- it is our basic unit of value.   Microsoft’s success comes from innovation. That innovation comes from insatiable curiosity, from taking risks and finding comfort with uncertainty. And in the wee hours hacking around a problem on the way to innovation.   Hacking is our currency. Hacking is what makes us world class. When we lose that, we lose the company. Copyright © 2016 Gapingvoid Ltd. All rights reserved
  8. Windows 10 Launch //oneweek//product expo A major highlight of //oneweek was the Windows 10 launch. A platform released by Microsoft to #upgradeyourworld. People are very fond of talking about the “Big Things” that technology can do to change the world. But it’s the little things we do that really do the most good over time.   We can make a difference on this planet. One human life, changed for the better forever. Not a bad unit to measure ourselves by. Copyright © 2016 Gapingvoid Ltd. All rights reserved
  9. When thinking about “Mobility First”, it’s too easy to get stuck, worrying about the hardware. The phone, the tablet, whatever.   But  “Mobility First” is much bigger than that. It’s not about what you carry, it’s about how you live.   Unencumbered. //oneweek//product expo Copyright © 2016 Gapingvoid Ltd. All rights reserved
  10. //oneweek//product expo The definition of beauty in a software platform (PC, phone, tablet, whatever) is not in the molecules per se.   It is in how much easier it makes the cloud to engage with.    How much easier it makes people (and organizations!) able to transform their lives for the better. Copyright © 2016 Gapingvoid Ltd. All rights reserved
  11. Products come, products go. What was hot last week was already forgotten this week.   The journey, however, remains. The journey is unending.   That’s what real innovation means. That’s what the industry respects. //oneweek//product expo Copyright © 2016 Gapingvoid Ltd. All rights reserved
  12. A startup competition for Microsofties //oneweek//science fair Microsoft employees showcased their startup ideas in exchange for votes to win. It’s not about just creating more stuff to sell. It’s something far more important.   At the end of the day, if we haven’t helped people lead more meaningful lives, then we have failed.   Copyright © 2016 Gapingvoid Ltd. All rights reserved
  13. Raspberry Pi around the house //oneweek//science fair Cook smart is a project that uses Raspberry Pi with Windows 10, Microsoft Azure, and mobile phone to make it so people can get dinner started before they get home.  Copyright © 2016 Gapingvoid Ltd. All rights reserved
  14. Wearables that make us feel safe //oneweek//science fair Hold is a project that uses the Microsoft band to make people feel safe when they are in a dangerous area, by allowing friends to follow along with them and giving haptic feedback to the user that makes if feel as if their hand is being held. Copyright © 2016 Gapingvoid Ltd. All rights reserved
  15. When I was a kid, I hated reading. But I loved drawing. Maybe things would have been different if I had both. OneNote for Learning hacks learning with audio, interactive tools like highlighting, and Microsoft Research magic to help you understand stuff better. So kids with learning disabilities don’t fall behind the rest of us. Congrats team. And thanks. This is what real customer obsession looks like. Winning Hack: OneNote for Learning //oneweek//science fair Copyright © 2016 Gapingvoid Ltd. All rights reserved
  16. //oneweek//science fair The point of software is not just to do stuff faster.   The point of software is to make it easier for people to achieve more, more than they ever thought possible.   Otherwise we’re just wasting other people’s lives.   Without our humanity, we are nothing. Copyright © 2016 Gapingvoid Ltd. All rights reserved
  17. //oneweek//speaker’s corner A random lot of authors and artists were invited to talk, including myself. I think the overriding theme was this idea of empathy, creativity, humanity. Everything may just mouse click away nowadays.   The being said, the human condition is still with us.   We still have suffering, we still have disease and sadness and inequality.   We still have a lot of work to do. Copyright © 2016 Gapingvoid Ltd. All rights reserved
  18. Nick Romero started his company, The Ave, on a blank sheet of paper after seeing some cool t-shirt designs. He decided he was going to learn everything he could about t-shirt printing. He then wondered if the t-shirt process could be applied to shoes. He developed a device that holds a shoe in place for the printer to spray ink on. Everyone passed on his idea. This didn’t stop Nick. “Not everyone is going to like your products, and not everyone is going to like you.” he said. He eventually made a pair of Breaking Bad shoes that went viral. The Ave started receiving massive orders. Other celebrities started wearing them like Danny Trejo, Sofia Vergara, and Johnny Knoxville. The rest is history. //oneweek//speaker’s corner Nick Romero Copyright © 2016 Gapingvoid Ltd. All rights reserved
  19. //oneweek//speaker’s corner Jane McGonigal The opposite of play isn’t work it’s depression. Take video games seriously. Video games help inspire people to tackle tough challenges. Help people learn fast from failure.   Gamers experience positive emotions like creativity, contentment, awe, wonder, love and joy. And play offsets negative emotions.   Scientifically, what happens in gamers brains while playing is the exact opposite of depression. The reward motivation center is activated, every game has a clear goal. As two people play, they both start making the same facial expressions. Breathing and heart beats sync up. The only other instances of brainwave syncing are in dancing and moving heavy furniture.   Playing video games help us like each other more, offer and ask for more help. more empathy. Copyright © 2016 Gapingvoid Ltd. All rights reserved
  20. //oneweek//speaker’s corner Joshua Davis & Lorenzo Santian The classic David and Goliath, I really loved this one. Joshua Davis, a national journalist, calls Lorenzo Santian, a high school hacker. He and some other kids made a robot out of $800 and spare parts. Codename Stinky because it smelled so bad. At a robotics competition, Stinky began leaking. The kids realized thought up the idea of using tampons to absorb leaks. The idea is: always be thinking differently. That’s what innovation is all about.   Lorenzo didn’t expect to win, and ended up beating MIT for first prize, to a standing ovation. Copyright © 2016 Gapingvoid Ltd. All rights reserved
  21. Satya reinforced the need for all of us to approach our roles with a growth-mindset. To learn and push ourselves in new directions to foster growth. He specifically made two points about what he’d personally like to help make happen as CEO.   Remove all obstacles leading to innovation. 2. Focus on that which makes Microsoft truly unique.   Sales, customer satisfaction and delivering value to shareholders are all great external markers to have, and Microsoft does very well by them. But those are the rewards, not the thing itself. The game is innovation. The game is changing the world. The game is being the company no other company can be – the one no competitor can get near. And winning the game starts with the right mindset – a growth mindset. //oneweek//Satya Nadella Q&A Copyright © 2016 Gapingvoid Ltd. All rights reserved
  22. Satya’s message for Microsoft’s employees was very simple. External markers are all very well and good, but real success begins on the inside. Real success begins when we find meaning in our work.   //oneweek//Satya Nadella Q&A Copyright © 2016 Gapingvoid Ltd. All rights reserved
  23. //oneweek//Satya Nadella Q&A A big part of a successful working life is in the search for meaning. Does what I do matter? Is it making a difference? Is it worth all the sacrifice?   The answer may be ‘yes’ or ‘no’, one thing it’ll never be is static. Meaning changes over time, as we evolve, as we learn, as we fail, as we gather wisdom. What worked last year may not work so well this year. Getting comfortable with uncertainty is a good thing.   Which is exactly how it should be. If we hold on to our ideals too strongly, they suffocate.   Meaning is a work in progress. Stay strong, but stay flexible. Stay curious and open to ideas. Most of all, keep learning. Copyright © 2016 Gapingvoid Ltd. All rights reserved
  24. “Do More” is easy. Any fool can add another job to the list.   “Do More Meaningful” is hard.   Because it requires you doing stuff that matters. The path to meaningful requires being open to uncertainty, even failure.   But that’s what makes it worth fighting for, don’t you think? //oneweek//Satya Nadella Q&A Copyright © 2016 Gapingvoid Ltd. All rights reserved
  25. Satya spoke about fans, not customers. A big shift for Microsoft. We’re obsessed by customers, but a true fan is a gift. They are to be cherished. //oneweek//Satya Nadella Q&A Copyright © 2016 Gapingvoid Ltd. All rights reserved
  26. Software is just a lot of ones and zeros, processed through a little microprocessor, made from little more than common sand.   And yet, here we are, helping the world create billions of dollars worth of extra value to the human race, every day.   Even only a few decades ago, that would’ve been considered miraculous.   They say the mark of a good entrepreneur is somebody who can create something out of nothing.   As we have proven many, many  times, you can say the same thing about a decent coder. //oneweek//Satya Nadella Q&A Copyright © 2016 Gapingvoid Ltd. All rights reserved
  27. Copyright © 2016 Gapingvoid Ltd. All rights reserved