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Career Advice '08

This presentation outlines the six lessons in Dan Pink's new book, The Adventures of Johnny Bunko. I expanded a little on some of the lessons. I added more text a some more slides than I would use in the actual talk. Nothing fancy -- these are are very simple slides to create.

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Career Advice '08

  1. Career advice ’08 An overview of the important lessons found in Dan Pink’s latest book. A presentation (of sorts) by Garr Reynolds.
  2. Concerned about your professional future?
  3. Need some guidance?
  4. can h elp! This b ook
  5. Six Career Garr Reynolds presents an overview of Dan Pink’s latest book (with some expanded Lessons material thrown in). From Dan Pink presentation by Garr Reynolds
  6. Introduction
  7. !
  9. Hi! I’m Garr!
  10. I live here.