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Quotes & Lessons from "Comedian"

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On the flight back to Japan last week I watched the DVD "Comedian" again, this time while jotting down notes and quotes from the film. I put the quotes in a Slideshare below. This Slideshare is not meant to be a presentation — I'm simply sharing with you some of the new slides I'm working on as I prepare for new talks. Perhaps a quote or two from this deck will be useful for you.

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Quotes & Lessons from "Comedian"

  1. A few quotes from EoDmAtN OMe d cu Ien ary C Th
  2. Don’t feel 100% comfortable pr esenting?
  3. Don’t feel 100% comfortable pr esenting? ...You’re not alone.
  4. “ You’re never really comfort able. Even though you may think you are... you really aren’t.” —Jerry Seinfeld
  5. “ It’s so f***ing hard to get comfortable!” —Jerry Seinfeld
  6. Just you and a microphone
  7. Just you and a microphone. This ain’t easy stuff!
  8. “ I never felt p ain until I started doing come dy.” —Orny Adams