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Leveraging Blogging for Business in Social Media

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Presentation given at the workshop on social media conducted by Digital Vidya in Jan, 2011

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Leveraging Blogging for Business in Social Media

  1. 1. Blogging for BusinessDigital Vidya CampJan, 7-8th 2011 By Gautam Ghosh
  2. 2. Who’s Gautam? Manages a HR community of 1400 professionals at One of the top 25 HR Digital Influencers of 2010, No. 2 in the list of top 25 Influencers in Talent Management by, Top 25 influencers in Enterprise Social Media and has been featured as one of the 100 Influencers in HR. Published an article on “Talent Acquisition using the internet” in the February 2006 issue of “Consultants News”. His blog has won the following recognitions: Ranked amongst the top 75 Business Blogs of 2009 by In the top 50 HR Blogs to watch in 2009 by Top 100 most useful blogs for Women Business People In the top 25 in the list of Career 100 blogs compiled by RiseSmart, One the top 25 HR Blogs compiled by HRWorld in 2007 Listed on the top HR, Career as well as Indian sites on Ranked amongst the top 3 Indian Blogs in the publicly voted Indiblogges contest in 2004 Article in the HRD Newsletter on Virtual Communities, 2000. The blog has also been featured in the book Business Blogs: A Practical Guide Won the 3rd prize in the Young HR Managers Conference for a paper written on 'The HR and IT partnership at Satyam‘ at NHRD 1999.
  3. 3. Take a couple of minutes Jot down your thoughts So what’s a blog?
  4. 4. Any ideas ? What are the Benefits of Blogging?
  5. 5. Making your blog social When a Tree falls in the forest does any one hear it?
  6. 6. By Gautam Ghosh The Content Community Model For Social Media
  7. 7. Which blogs do you read? How do you find blogs? Let’s do a small exercise How to build a community around your blog?
  8. 8. It Depends on Your Blog’s Content Strategy Internal focused External focused 3. Customer Stories 1. Company News 2. Industry Trends 5. Social Hub 4. One-to-One Conversations By Gaurav Mishra at 2020 Social
  9. 9. Indian business blogs – a Some Examples
  10. 10. Cleartrip The Blog was one of their first social media initiatives – used to communicate new offerings Has a twitter widget to show real time conversations
  11. 11. Zoho Links to popular tech bloggers Links to social networking “chicklets” Each product by Zoho has its individual blog
  12. 12. Angel Broking Interesting initiative However only pictures and Youtube embeds of third party coverage doesn’t ensure great SEO or thought leadership Hardly any comments
  13. 13. Kennedi – The Astrologer Individual Astrologer using his blog to get clients Showcases reader comments Has a yahoo chat application to respond to any reader online
  14. 14. Dr. Malpani IVF doctor to showcase his approach and get patients
  15. 15. Project Why Has community widgets like Google Friend Connect and Facebook Blog Networks
  16. 16. NASSCOM Emerge Different blog – focus is showcasing NASSCOM’s work Twitter widget showcases who’s talking about next event
  17. 17. So what is it? The Secret SAUCE to Good corporate Blogging
  18. 18. It comes with the territory Engaging with criticism
  19. 19. Dell Blog Response Checklist Source:
  20. 20. Thank You Would love to keep in touch