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What's new in Java EE 7

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Vortrag zum Expertenkreis Java am 19.9.2013

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What's new in Java EE 7

  1. 1. What's new in Java EE 7? Expertenkreis Java 19.09.2013, GEDOPLAN Dirk Weil, GEDOPLAN GmbH
  2. 2. JavaServer Faces 2.2 Big Ticket Features Faces Flows Resource Library Contracts HTML 5 Friendly Markup Stateless Views Other Changes UIData supports Collection @ViewScoped javax.faces.bean deprecated in next version What's new in Java EE 7? 2
  3. 3. JSF 2.2: Faces Flows Combination of various views Internal navigation Dedicated entry and return views "Subroutine" Embeddable Flow scoped values and beans What's new in Java EE 7? 3
  4. 4. JSF 2.2: Faces Flows Various flow definitions Simple, directory-based Flow descriptor CDI Producer Location Web app root Library JAR META-INF/flows What's new in Java EE 7? 4
  5. 5. JSF 2.2: Resource Library Contracts Encapsulation of templates, images, CSS and JS files Subdir of WebappRoot/contracts Library JAR META-INF/contracts Activation in faces-config.xml or view attributes 5What's new in Java EE 7? <resource-library-contracts> <contract-mapping> <url-pattern>*</url-pattern> <contracts>siteLayout</contracts> </contract-mapping> </resource-library-contracts> siteLayout/ topNav_template.xhtml leftNav_foo.xhtml styles.css script.js background.png
  6. 6. Java Persistence API 2.1 Converter JPQL & Criteria Query Enhancements CDI Injection in Entity Listener DDL Handling Entity Graphs What's new in Java EE 7? 6
  7. 7. JPA 2.1: Converter 7What's new in Java EE 7? @Converter public class YesNoConverter implements AttributeConverter<Boolean, String> { public String convertToDatabaseColumn(Boolean fieldValue) { if (fieldValue == null) return null; return fieldValue ? "Y" : "N"; } public Boolean convertToEntityAttribute(String columnValue) { if (columnValue == null) return null; return columnValue.equals("Y"); @Entity public class Country { @Convert(converter = YesNoConverter.class) private boolean expired;
  8. 8. JPA 2.1: JPQL & Criteria Query Enhancements ON: Join filter TREAT: Downcast (includes filter) FUNCTION: Call DB function What's new in Java EE 7? 8 select, count(b) from Publisher p left join p.books b on b.bookType = BookType.PAPERBACK group by select s from StorageLocation s where treat(s.product as Book).bookType = BookType.HARDCOVER select c from Customer c where function('hasGoodCredit', c.balance, c.creditLimit)
  9. 9. JPA 2.1: JPQL & Criteria Query Enhancements Bulk Update/Delete for Criteria Query Stored Procedure Queries What's new in Java EE 7? 9 CriteriaUpdate<Product> criteriaUpdate = criteriaBuilder.createCriteriaUpdate(Product.class); Root<Product> p = criteriaUpdate.from(Product.class); Path<Number> price = p.get(Product_.price); criteriaUpdate.set(price,, 1.03)); entityManager.createQuery(criteriaUpdate).executeUpdate(); StoredProcedureQuery query = entityManager.createStoredProcedureQuery("findMissingProducts");
  10. 10. JPA 2.1: CDI Injection in Entity Listener 10What's new in Java EE 7? public class CountryListener { @Inject private AuditService auditService; @PreUpdate public void preUpdate(Object entity) { this.auditService.logUpdate(entity); } @Entity @EntityListeners(CountryListener.class) public class Country {
  11. 11. JPA 2.1: DDL Handling Create and/or drop db tables Based on entity meta data (mapping) SQL script Data load script What's new in Java EE 7? 11 <persistence … > <persistence-unit name="test"> … <properties> <property name="javax.persistence.schema-generation.database.action" value="drop-and-create" /> <property name="javax.persistence.schema-generation.create-script-source" value="META-INF/create.sql" /> <property name="javax.persistence.schema-generation.create-source" value="metadata-then-script" /> <property name="javax.persistence.sql-load-script-source" value="META-INF/sqlLoad.sql" />
  12. 12. JPA 2.1: DDL Handling Write create and/or drop scripts 12What's new in Java EE 7? Writer createWriter = …; // File, String … Map<String, Object> properties = new HashMap<>(); properties.put("javax.persistence.schema-generation.scripts.action", "create"); properties.put("javax.persistence.schema-generation.scripts.create-target", createWriter); Persistence.generateSchema("test", properties);
  13. 13. JPA 2.1: Entity Graphs Declaration of lazy attributes to be loaded by find or query find parameter or query hint fetchgraph: Fetch entity graph attributes only loadgraph: Fetch eager attributes also 13What's new in Java EE 7? @Entity @NamedEntityGraph(name = "Publisher_books", attributeNodes = @NamedAttributeNode(value = "books"))) public class Publisher { … @OneToMany(mappedBy = "publisher", fetch = FetchType.LAZY) private List<Book> books; TypedQuery<Publisher> query = entityManager.createQuery(…); query.setHint("javax.persistence.fetchgraph", "Publisher_books");
  14. 14. CDI 1.1 Enhanced bean discovery Global enablement of interceptors, decorators, alternatives Constructor interception @TransactionScoped @Transactional Bean Validation for method parameters and return values What's new in Java EE 7? 14
  15. 15. CDI 1.1: Bean Discovery Discovery mode: all, annotated, none Exclusion filter: Class or package What's new in Java EE 7? 15 <beans … bean-discovery-mode="all" version="1.1"> <scan> <exclude name="de.gedoplan.….sub1.beans.DiscoverableBean12"/> <exclude name="de.gedoplan.….sub1.beans.excluded.**"/> <exclude name="de.gedoplan.….dummy.**"> <if-system-property name="NO_DUMMY" value="true" /> </exclude> </scan> </beans>
  16. 16. CDI 1.1: Global Enablement of Interceptors etc. @Priority Global enablement and ordering of interceptors & decorators Global activation of alternative with highest priority What's new in Java EE 7? 16 @One @Interceptor @Priority(Interceptor.Priority.APPLICATION + 1) public class OneInterceptor {
  17. 17. CDI 1.1: Constructor Interception 17What's new in Java EE 7? @Interceptor public class TraceCallInterceptor { @AroundConstruct public Object traceConstructorCall(InvocationContext ic) throws Exception { … } @AroundInvoke public Object traceMethodCall(InvocationContext ic) throws Exception { … }
  18. 18. CDI 1.1: @Transactional & @TransactionScoped Platform global transaction interceptor @Transactional TX modes like EJB TX attributes CDI scope @TransactionScoped What's new in Java EE 7? 18 @Transactional(value = TxType.REQUIRED, dontRollbackOn={HarmlessException.class}) public void insert(Cocktail cocktail) {
  19. 19. CDI 1.1: Bean Validation for Parameters and Return Values 19What's new in Java EE 7? @NotNull public List<Fragebogen> createUmfrage(@Min(10) int personenZahl) {
  20. 20. More new things Websockets JAX-RS JSON Standardized Client Concurrency Utilities Batch JMS 20What's new in Java EE 7?
  21. 21. Platforms GlassFish 4 Reference implementation Stable version: 4.0 Promoted build: 4.0.1 b03 WildFly 8 Formerly known as JBoss AS Current version: 8.0.0.Alpha4 21What's new in Java EE 7?
  22. 22. Schön, dass Sie da waren! Unserer nächster Termin: 21.11.2013: Testen im EE-Umfeld – Seien Sie feige!