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Mobile futures ppt intro getting mobile in education

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Mobile futures ppt intro getting mobile in education

  1. 1. Getting Mobile in Education
  2. 2. Mobile Devices• Checked every 6.5 minutes• 150 times a day
  3. 3. Possibilities for teaching and learning........
  4. 4. SMART Phone Penetration – Australia
  5. 5. Tablet Penetrationsource:australian multi-screen report QUARTER 4, 2011: trends in videoviewership beyond conventional television sets
  6. 6. @SI Survey - Which of the Internet based activities do you use on your handheld device?
  7. 7. What is mLearning?Device • Mlearning is no just about• Pocket size being mobile • Ubiquitous access• 80% with you• Connected• Personal • Not about the device – but the experience and capability • Look at what your students are using
  8. 8. Tools /Apps• Facebook• Dropbox• Video – YouTube• Images – flickr/picasa• Goodreader• Quick office• Pages• Wordpress• Syncpad• Evernote
  9. 9. Student feedback - benefits• Learning is personal• Ubiquitous• Portable - anytime anywhere• Student centred – peer to peer networks• Saves time• Green
  10. 10. Challenges• Wireless access• Equity• Security• Test apps