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Open Source Collaboration and Companies: Finding the Right Balance

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Collaboration within open source projects is becoming increasingly important for companies, but it can be difficult to strike the right balance between the needs of the company and the open source project. This can create friction and put significant pressure on employees who participate on behalf of their company when the needs of the individual, the company, and the community are not aligned. This talk will focus on ways to create this alignment between individuals, companies, and the community to help all of us be successful together.

The talk covers:
* Dynamics of collaboration in open source projects between individuals, companies, and communities.
* Strategies for participating in ways that will benefit your company, your employees, and the community.
* Tips for being a good corporate citizen as you contribute to open source projects.

This presentation is primarily for open source program offices, but community managers and other OSS contributors would also benefit.

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Open Source Collaboration and Companies: Finding the Right Balance

  1. 1. Open Source Collaboration and Companies: Finding the Right Balance Dawn M. Foster Open Source Software Strategy Lead at Pivotal LF Open Source Summit, August 2019 @geekygirldawn
  2. 2. @geekygirldawn Whoami ! Geek, traveler, reader ! 20+ year tech career focused on community & open source 
 (Intel, Puppet Labs, Scale Factory, etc.) ! PhD from the University of Greenwich concentrating on Linux kernel collaboration ! Kubernetes contributor ! CHAOSS Governing Board / Maintainer !2 Photos by Josh Bancroft, Don Park
  3. 3. Collaboration in OSS Projects: individuals, companies, and communities
  4. 4. @geekygirldawn Individuals Contributions Leadership !4
  5. 5. @geekygirldawn Companies Employees Contribute Recruiting Resources !5 Image by The Linux Foundation CC BY
  6. 6. @geekygirldawn Communities Community = People Small World !6
  7. 7. Contribution Strategy and Plans
  8. 8. @geekygirldawn Contribution Strategy and Plans Align with business goals Execs understand importance Employees see their impact Image by Nick Youngston, Alpha Stock Images CC BY-SA !8
  9. 9. @geekygirldawn Which Open Source Projects? Already Use Existing Contributions Image by Colleen Simon for CC BY-SA !9
  10. 10. @geekygirldawn Resources Required Grow vs. Hire Funding for Membership !10
  11. 11. @geekygirldawn Resources Required Guidelines / Processes OSS Program Office Image by Nick Youngston, Alpha Stock Images CC BY-SA !11
  12. 12. @geekygirldawn Measure Success Criteria for Success Data Required (CHAOSS) !12
  13. 13. Good Corporate Citizen
  14. 14. @geekygirldawn Getting Started Join Read the Docs Lurk & Understand Start Small Image by Filip Maljković CC BY-SA !14
  15. 15. @geekygirldawn Learn from Feedback Avoid Getting Defensive May Need to Iterate !15
  16. 16. @geekygirldawn Work with the Community Discuss Changes Early and Often Lack of Control Image by The Linux Foundation CC BY !16
  17. 17. @geekygirldawn Relationships Attend Events Get to Know People Image by The Linux Foundation CC BY !17
  18. 18. @geekygirldawn Upstream your Patches Reduces Your Overhead Benefits the Community Right Thing to Do !18
  19. 19. @geekygirldawn Maintenance Expectations Small Contributions vs. Large Contributions !19
  20. 20. @geekygirldawn Open Sourcing Your Software No Dumping Maintenance Community Image by C. Watts CC BY !20
  21. 21. @geekygirldawn Resources / References Learn more about open source collaboration and related topics. Linux Foundation TODO Group ! resources/open-source-guides/ GitHub ! Red Hat’s ! resources !21
  22. 22. Dawn M. Foster @geekygirldawn Thank You and Questions
  23. 23. Transforming How The World Builds Software