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  1. 1. Creating Sales Academy ROI Mission Equip and empower Partner sales teams Accelerate and grow ShoreTel revenues Increase sales velocity Exceed customer expectations Optimize Sales Effectiveness More sales wins Increased Revenue and Profit ShoreTel Partner Shareholders Higher margins due to higher average selling prices Better negotiation skills Better relationships More follow-on sales Increased market share More customer satisfaction Understand more customer needs Solve customer problems Prove and communicate ROI Increased productivity Higher close rates Larger Pipeline Shorter sales cycles More sales control Better territory coverage Ability to penetrate Enterprise opportunities Ability to Sell to Executives Better business focus and communications skills Develop and deliver real value Build Partner and Customer Loyalty Sales mind share grows Knowledge increased ShoreTel product Customer needs Market Confidence increased Drives motivation Sales skills improved Professional Learning Environment Adult Learning Principles Followed · Adults are autonomous and self-directed. They need to be free to direct themselves. Participants must know how the training will help them reach their goals · Adults have accumulated a foundation of life experiences and knowledge They need to connect learning to this knowledge/experience base. · Adults are goal-oriented. Adult learners appreciate an educational program that is organized and has clearly defined elements · Adults are relevancy-oriented. Theories and concepts must be related to a setting familiar to participants Adults need to be shown respect. Instructors must acknowledge the wealth of experiences that adult participants bring to the classroom · Adults are practical, Adults will focus on the aspects of learning that is most useful to them in their work. Critical elements that must be addressed Motivation The participant must recognize the need for the information or the instructional effort to assist the participant to learn will be in vain. Many ways to motivate learners Specific feedback Methods Have an appropriate a feeling or tone for the session Have an appropriate level of concern. The level of tension must be adjusted to meet the level of importance of the objective. Have an appropriate level of difficulty. Challenging but not frustrating. Predict and reward participation, culminating in success. Provide application and practice to increase retention Reinforcement Apply both positive and negative reinforcement Retention Transference Ability to use the information taught in the course but in a new setting Transference Occurs when: · Association -- participants can associate the new information with something that they already know. · Similarity -- the information is similar to material that participants already know; that is, it revisits a logical framework or pattern. · Degree of original learning -- participant's degree of original learning was high. · Critical attribute element -- the information learned contains elements that are extremely beneficial (critical) on the job. Academy Blueprint 3 Pillars Boot Camp ShoreTel and VoIP Market ShoreTel Solutions Application development Competition Demo skills Demo selling Flight School Opportunity selection and Pre-flight Managing complex sales Selling to executives Business acumen Drivers SWOT ROI Relationship selling Sales strategies Competitive Sales campaign Political Territory management "Check Ride" Academy Field Top Gun Master Class Professional development Guru speaker Best practices Recognition Awards Dinner Weekend retreat Voice of the Partner Product Service Marketing Legal Administration Competition Sales Support Field Coaching Sales People Sales Management Sales Certification Multi-level process Pre-work In-Academy performance Field demonstration of new knowledge/skills Proof of transference Certification Portfolio Joint ShoreTel/Partner agreement Administration Selection Logistics Budget Client satisfaction Coaching and communications Critical Success Factors The Sales Dean Entrepreneurial Passionate Wisdom and Credibility Pure IP unified communications systems Technology Expert Sales Expert Training Expert Channel Expert Sales Coach Classroom Field Role Model Team Leader Aligned with Marketing and rest of ShoreTel Listening and understanding Voice of Partners ShoreTel experts Partner Sales Manager engagement and share the risk Salesperson's desire to improve Funding Staffing Academy standards Executive Team Continued process Improvement Academy ROI.mmap - 12/11/2007 - Greg Haskell