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Life of St. Augustine of Hippo

A chronological account of the Life of St. Augustine, Bishop of Hippo. Based from his autobiographical book "Confessiones" translated by

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Life of St. Augustine of Hippo

  1. 1. Life of St.AugustineBishop of HippoDoctor of Grace354-430 AD
  2. 2. Birthday:November 13, 354 AD
  3. 3. Birthplace:Thagaste, Numidia, North Africa
  4. 4. Real Name: Aurelius AugustinusFather: Patricius - PaganMother: Monica (St. Monica) - xtianSiblings: 2 Brothers and 1 Sister (Navigius and Perpetua)
  5. 5. Augustines schooldays: his parents deliver him to the schoolmaster
  6. 6. Infancy and Childhood364 AD - 10 y/o - Thagaste - He likes Latin and dislikes Arithmetic and GreekIn his writings, Augustine accuses himself of oftenstudying by constraint, not obeying his parentsand masters, not writing, reading, or minding hislessons so much as was required of him.And this he did not for lack of intelligence ormemory, but out of love of play.
  7. 7. Infancy and ChildhoodThey stripped a pear treeof its fruit "not to eat thefruit ourselves, but simplyto destroy it."Here in his own behaviourhe saw an example of sinbeing committed simplyfor the sake of doing evil.
  8. 8. 366 AD - 12 y/o - Madaura (20 miles south of Thagaste - Studied Rhetoric, at that time, which is fundamental to any professional career, such as law and public life.
  9. 9. 370 AD - 16 y/o - returned to Thagaste - year of idleness371 AD - 17 y/o - Carthage - Romanianus - long term relationship with a woman (no name) always associated to Melania
  10. 10. Adolescent years372 AD - 18 y/o - Adeodatus (God-Given) was born. - His father died and was baptized to Christianity at his deathbed. - He became a “Manichaean”. - Manichaeism, which is a pseudo-Christian sect formed by Mani. Followersbelieve on the God of good and the God ofevil.
  11. 11. Adolescent years374 AD - 20 y/o -returned to Thagaste to teach grammar (needed for the study of Rhetoric).376 Ad - 22 y/o - Returned to Carthage after his best friend died in Thagaste. - Opened a school of Rhetoric and became a teacher for 8 years.
  12. 12. Adolescent years373 AD - 19 y/o - He read Hortensius of Cicero. - It is a philosophical book, which moved him to abandon his career as a lawyer in the imperial service. - “Intellectual conversion”The Hortensius advised against the pursuit of sensualpleasure as harmful to the discipline of thinking in aphilosophic manner; however, the sexual driveswithin Augustine were then too strong for him to bewilling to separate from his concubine.
  13. 13. 383 AD - 29 y/o -Went to Rome w/ Alypius (former student) to open a school. - He deceived his mother so that she couldn’t follow him. - Milan – he was asked to be professor of Rhetoric by Symmachus, a prefect of the City.
  14. 14. Augustinesets sail forRome, leaving his motherbehind
  15. 15. Augustine the teacher: by position in the cycle, during his brief stay in Rome
  16. 16. Augustine sets out for Milan from Rome -- thedistinguished gentleman at the far left is clearlymeant to be the pagan orator Symmachus, who secured Augustine his place at Milan
  17. 17. Augustine arrives at Milan
  18. 18. Adolescent years384 AD - 30 y/o - Milan – He was inspired by the sermons of Bishop Ambrose and became frequent hearer of the bishop’s sermons.385 AD - 31 y/o - Monica arrived in Milan and offered Augustine an arranged marriage. - Augustine was faithful to his concubine for 14 years until here.
  19. 19. 386 AD - 32 y/o - “Spiritual Conversion” - “Tolle Lege, Tolle Lege” - Romans 13:13-14 Take up and read
  20. 20. 387 AD - 33 y/o - “Baptism” - Fall, April 24 - Augustine, together w/ Alypius and Adeodatus, was baptized by Bishop Ambrose in Milan
  21. 21. Augustine isbaptized byAmbrose (the textbehind his head isthe famousmedievalhymn, TeDeum, whichlegend believedhad been byAugustine andAmbrose, jointlyimprovising at justthis moment
  22. 22. 387 AD - 33 y/o- Summer,- Monica died in Ostiawhen they wereabout to go back toThagaste.- She died at 56 y/o.
  23. 23. Death of Monnica
  24. 24. 388 AD - Founded a monastery in Thagaste.390 AD - Adeodatus died at 18 y/o - Nebridius, his friend, also died.391 AD - He was made a priest on the spot while looking to build another community in Hippo.395 AD - He was made coadjutor (assistant) bishop of Hippo.
  25. 25. 396 AD - 42 y/o - Bishop Valerius died and he became the bishop of HippoAugustine’s life as a bishop:1. Drove out in Hippo Donatists2. Interfering for prisoners to save them from torture and execution3. Advocating for the poor4. Buying freedom for badly treated slaves5. Charging religious women with the care of abandoned and orphaned children.
  26. 26. Works397 AD - The Confessions - 5 years399 AD - On the Trinity - 20 years413 AD - The City of God - 13 years100 books240 letters500+ sermons
  27. 27. Augustine and a boy on the seashore at Hippo
  28. 28. Death of Augustine:August 28, 430 at 76 y/o
  29. 29. Image : The bones of St Augustine are locked in a glass-sided urn andusually kept in the large marble “arca” situated immediately behind themain altar of the Church of S. Pietro in Ciel dOro, Pavia, On thisoccasion, the urn has been placed on the altar table.
  30. 30. Pope Benedict XVI before the bones of St. Augustine in Pavia
  31. 31. Ruins of the Cathedral of Hippo
  32. 32. Ruins of theCathedral of Hippo
  33. 33. Thank you for Life of St. Augustinelistening! Bishop of Hippo Doctor of Grace 354-430 AD