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80 Great Marketing Ideas for 2016

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Summary of "Around the World in 80 Great Marketing Ideas" by Peter Fisk ... For more details about each idea visit ... for keynotes and workshops email

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80 Great Marketing Ideas for 2016

  3. 1 Asia Pacific COCA COLA India How to become a 'local' brand even if you're a multinational
  4. LIFEBUOY India Use emotions to change behaviours 2 Asia Pacific
  5. UNILEVER India How to reach consumers without access to TV and internet 3 Asia Pacific
  6. NTT DOCOMO Japan How to upgrade your image from an old fashioned company to young and fun 4 Asia Pacific
  7. PEPSI China Adding a people purpose to your brand to connect emotionally with your audience 5 Asia Pacific
  8. SAMSUNG South Korea Meaningful brand activation 6 Asia Pacific
  9. STARHUB Singapore Attract customers by enabling them to do good 7 Asia Pacific
  10. OPTUS Australia How innovative technology can help you prove the power of your product 8 Asia Pacific
  11. RADIANT Australia Turn a product demonstration into entertaining branded content Asia Pacific
  12. HEINEKEN Taiwan Engaging branded content to claim a positioning 10 Asia Pacific
  13. ALZHEIMER’S New Zealand Think creatively about how to symbolise what matters most to your audience 11 Asia Pacific
  14. AUSSIE FARMERS DIRECT Australia Cut through the distributors to sell directly and better 12 Asia Pacific
  15. BAIDU CHOPSTICKS China Apply technology to everyday tasks to make everyday life better 13 Asia Pacific
  16. DISNEY ENGLISH SCHOOLS China Connect with a more powerful brand to help your business grow faster and further 14 Asia Pacific
  17. GOGORO SCOOTERS Taiwan Take a concept like Tesla, then apply it to a different category 15 Asia Pacific
  18. HAIER CODA China Constantly look to make things smaller, easier, and more mobile 16 Asia Pacific
  19. LUCKY IRON FISH Vietnam Sometimes physical, traditional solutions are the most inspiring 17 Asia Pacific
  20. MOA BEER New Zealand Find new reasons for your customers to use your product 18 Asia Pacific
  21. FRANK BY OCBC Singapore Connect with young people by delivering products in new ways 19 Asia Pacific
  22. XIAOMI MIBAND China Engage people through health and fitness, and big data to make it personal 20 Asia Pacific
  24. KEMPINSKI Dubai Find the overlap between your brand message and what your audience is interested in Middle East and Africa 1
  25. BAHEYA HOSPITAL Egypt How to break through the clutter of charity ads on television Middle East and Africa 2
  26. Middle East and Africa VLISCO Ghana Create brand ambassadors by playing a role in society 3
  27. STOP THE SHOP Lebanon Use earned media power to change attitudes and behaviours Middle East and Africa 4
  28. SURESLIM South Africa Disruption, temptation, contradiction, reverse psychology. Middle East and Africa 5
  29. AXE Egypt How to use a new product packaging to engage with your audience Middle East and Africa 6
  30. PROCTOR & GAMBLE South Africa Creating a purpose for your brand Middle East and Africa 7
  31. UBCI Tunisia Involve your customers in your cause Middle East and Africa 8
  32. ETISALAT UAE How to launch an app in the offline world Middle East and Africa 9
  33. GUINESS Africa Using cultural heritage to connect with your local audience Middle East and Africa 10
  34. FARM FROM A BOX Ethiopia Creating complete solutions for people who need them most Middle East and Africa 11
  35. KULULA AIRLINES South Africa Engaging consumers through humour in a serious world Middle East and Africa 12
  36. COCA COLA & BT GLOBAL Nigeria Partnering to add value to your proposition and distribution channel Middle East and Africa 13
  37. KEEPOD Israel Making things as simple and easy as possible for consumers Middle East and Africa 14
  38. RATHAKA South Africa Turning waste products into more innovative useful products, and making them cool Middle East and Africa 15
  39. LORNAH SPORTSWEAR Kenya Design that use local culture and heritage, and personalities Middle East and Africa 16
  40. UN SHARE A MEAL Syria Engaging people in easy ways, to make a difference in seconds. Middle East and Africa 17
  41. MELLOW CABS South Africa Redesigning traditional products in more modern ways Middle East and Africa 18
  42. SHIKUN & BINUI Israel Demonstrating industrial benefits in more human ways Middle East and Africa 19
  43. WALK FOR WATER Sudan Taking your cause to a global audience though extreme action Middle East and Africa 20
  45. 1 Europe BJORN BORG Sweden How to reach a 18–25 year target audience
  46. GERMAN WINGS & SKYPE Germany Using technology and data to target individuals with a tailor made promotion 2 Europe
  47. POSTNL Netherlands How to connect with millennials in a non- digital way 3 Europe
  48. INTERMARCHE France Create a new category by anticipating societal debate 4 Europe
  49. CANON Denmark Regain relevance for tech-savvy consumers 5 Europe
  50. L’OREAL France If there is too much choice… people often stay with what they know. 6 Europe
  51. VOLVO UK Justify your brand values to a new target audience 7 Europe
  52. EXIT DEUTSCHLAND Germany How to apply creative thinking to tackle extremism 8 Europe
  53. MEDIA MARKT Germany Live branded content across all media channels to activate new and existing customers 9 Europe
  54. LEGO UK A dual campaign to launch a movie using the communication power of other brands 10 Europe
  55. AIRBUS France Constantly looking for better solutions unlimited by perceived limits. 11 Europe
  56. RAPHA CYCLE CLUBS UK Build a brand as a community of people who share a passion. 12 Europe
  57. BREWDOG BEER UK Have an attitude … Be challenging. Be outrageous. Be different. 13 Europe
  58. DISMALAND BY BANKSY UK Be counter-intuitive … be the opposite of everyone else. 14 Europe
  59. EGOBOOST BY SUPERMOOD Finland Combine categories, bringing together ideas to do better 15 Europe
  60. HONDA UK Show how people are real, their professional and non-professional sides. 16 Europe
  61. IKEA Sweden Create a competition that engages people in ideas and collaboration 17 Europe
  62. ONE FINE STAY UK Take an existing successful concept, and then do it better 18 Europe
  63. RASPBERRY PI MAKER CLUBS UK Create clubs for your customers to use your product together 19 Europe
  64. RED BULL BREAK DANCE Italy Don’t sell your product sell your brand, connected to a bigger idea. 20 Europe
  66. 1 The Americas AMERICAN GREETINGS USA Using Mother's Day to reconnect consumers to your brand
  67. BURGER KING USA How to create cultural impact and be part of the conversation 2 The Americas
  68. ALLSTATE INSURANCE USA Use a non-traditional way to engage new customers for a low involvement product 3 The Americas
  69. MCDONALD’S USA Create a way to amplify brand positivity 4 The Americas
  70. SOL DE JANIERO Brazil Define a purpose for your brand and create impact 5 The Americas
  71. SPORT CLUB DO RECIFE Brazil Create emotional branded content to spark the conversation around a difficult theme 6 The Americas
  72. MINISTRY OF DEFENCE Colombia Use creativity to end conflict 7 The Americas
  73. SAMSUNG Argentina Change the brand perception from cold and technologic to a brand that cares 8 The Americas
  74. NIVEA Brazil Create an emotional connection with your target audience 9 The Americas
  75. GEICO USA Turn the most annoying media into something fun and link it to your brand 10 The Americas
  76. AMAZON PRIME AIR USA Communicating future ideas and innovations to engage customers today. 11 The Americas
  77. BOLTHOUSE FARMS USA Making boring things more interesting – like healthy food more fun. 12 The Americas
  78. AMERICAN EXPRESS USA Creating a movement where all your distributors support you 13 The Americas
  79. BROOKLYN SUPERHERO SUPPLY CO. USA Creating science-fiction brands to sell normal products 14 The Americas
  80. FEDERAL EXPRESS Brazil Communicating in clear and simple ways 15 The Americas
  81. GOOGLE USA Combining high tech with low tech to make things interesting and affordable 16 The Americas
  82. JOHNNY CUPCAKES USA Packaging your product like something else, and selling it differently 17 The Americas
  83. LULULEMON YOGA BEER USA Reaching out to a new audience, with a different motivation, for your product 18 The Americas
  84. SAVE THE CHILDREN Mexico Addressing big issues in bold and direct ways to gain more attention 19 The Americas
  85. VIRGIN AMERICA USA Sit up and listen. Don’t communicate the way everybody else does. 20 The Americas
  86. AROUND THE WORLD IN 80MARKETING IDEAS 2016 Around the world in 80 Marketing Ideas was developed as a crowd-sourced “treasure hunt” by the global marketing community, and then brought to life in a two-day event in Istanbul. Find out more about each marketing idea at With special thanks to Anouk Pappers, Maarten Shaeffer, Tanyer Sonmezer, Maya Gamilidi, HRH Princess Basmah Bint Saud, Alex Hunter and Kaiser Kuo. For speaking keynotes and workshops contact