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Assembly around learning

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An assembly idea around the idea of learning and #GrowingGrit

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Assembly around learning

  1. 1. unswerving devotion to achieving a long term goal
  2. 2. ‘Don’t let life randomly kick you in to the adult you don’t want to become’
  3. 3. BEARD: Verb: to boldly confront or challenge ‘So that's what motivates me and also why I keep my big beard. As a reminder to follow my dreams every time I look in the mirror.’
  4. 4. The 5 year old that wanted to be a nurse At 7 lived in a women’s refuge for a year At 8 Parent’s divorced At 15 became a parent At 19 buried the other parent At 24 received a 1st class degree At 31 became a ward sister
  5. 5. I'm unsporty. Took PT sessions. Week's course on a glacier skiing 6-7 hrs a day: failed. A year working on it before the day resit 22 years in jobs I didn't enjoy. Change of career, and did PGCE last year and now a teacher becoming a best selling author in the teaching section on Amazon - June 2016 I wanted to learn a foreign language so I went to work in Spain. It took me 3 years but I did it I am dyslexic and I co- wrote a book In 2001 I won the Worthing Table Football (aka Subbuteo) League & again in 2004 - now retired!
  6. 6. After uni, I sent out masses of CVs, did evening course & unpaid work experience before getting my foot in the publishing door Ultra marathon medal. 50 miles on the SDW in freezing fog, strong winds and rain. Loved it MEd 4 years part-time whilst working full-time. Including summer schools, Saturdays and countless late nights. yesterday first 5km park run, mind over matter Trekking Everest base camp breastfeeding my daughter! Honestly the hardest thing I have ever done. No pic required I assume?!
  7. 7. helping a student for the last 3 years, to feel less anxious. He is finally getting there We wanted allotments, we got together, wrote to our parish council, dug up a lot of weeds, and somehow ended up with this. 6 years' part-time study but the doctorate was worth it! Compensation from Talk Talk after 20 weeks, no internet, no phone ,17 futile phone calls with no calls back, refusal of £12 !
  8. 8. 53 years old! Hundreds of swimming lessons as a child and adult and still could not do it. 3 intensive weeks in Wales & see... after20yearsofteachingbiology finallyaPhotosynthesisexperiment thatworkswithawholeclass!
  9. 9. "People said I couldn't, so I did: last year I ran two ultra marathons (this one is the Grand Tour of Skiddaw)"
  10. 10. #LearnChallenge unswerving devotion to achieving a long term goal
  11. 11. Start the day the Paul Nevin way! Albion Year 7 Breakfast Club FREE Taster Session – Wednesday 25th January 07:30-08:30 in the Sport Hall Paul Nevin – Brighton & Hove Albion First Team Coach If you’re interested in coming along please inform your tutor.