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Asim and Mat

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Hurricane Sandy PowerPoint

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Asim and Mat

  1. 1. Hurricanes Sandy
  2. 2. Where did it Happen? • Sandy was a tropical cyclone that swept through the Caribbean and went up to the east coast of the united states in october.
  3. 3. What were the effects on the economy, the people and the environment? • Hurricane sandy was the most powerful and destructive hurricane in 2012. in the USA the hurricane killed 117 people through out the month. Although 286 were said to be dead or missing throughout the globe from the storm. Also it damaged 200,000 homes. Sandy caused water levels to rise in the entire east coast of the USA.
  4. 4. What were the causes of the disaster. How did it start? • Sandy began as a small wave in the Caribbean. rapidly formed a tropical depression then into a storm it only took 6 hours.
  5. 5. What did people do as a result of the disaster? • Immediate preparation in advanced of the storm saved many lives. National guard sent out 200 troops to keep order in New York. Fema sent in management assistance teams.