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Hurricane sandy

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information on hurricane sandy

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Hurricane sandy

  1. 1. Hurricane sandy Late October 2012 Jess
  2. 2. cause: • Hurricane sandy occurred in the Caribbean and through most of eastern US. The storm began with a tropical wave which swept across the Caribbean islands on October 19th. • It grew and became into a major hurricane on Oct. 24th when winds hid speeds up to 74mph.
  3. 3. Effects: • The hurricane at least killed 286 people and 200,000 homes were damaged. • $50 billion was spent on repairs. • Lack of health support and shelter during the storm. • Residence had to evacuated the area of around 900,000 people. • Floods, fires, lack of Power and work for families.
  4. 4. Human response: • Companies such as the red cross provides meals for people with no money. • Volunteers cleaned up the environment and assisted the elderly. • roads were rebuilt for vehicles. • 400 families that were affected were provided with shelters and food