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This is a presentation given for a Developer Challenge; see


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  1. 1. Developer Challenges Webinar Presentation Thursday, July 19
  2. 2. On today’s call:Adam Wong Hemali Thakkar George ThomasManagement and Manager, DeveloperProgram Analyst Chief Architect Challenge ONC Health 2.0
  3. 3. Agenda for Today’s MeetingONC and the Investing in Innovation (i2)ProgramAnIntroduction to the (first two of seven) Domain and PlatformChallengesQ&A About the Challenges
  4. 4. ONC and i2
  5. 5. i2 Goals• Better Health, Better Care, Better Value through Quality Improvement – Further the mission of the Department of Health and Human Services – Highlight programs, activities, and issues of concern• Spur Innovation and Highlight Excellence – Motivate, inspire, and lead• Community building – Development of ecosystem• Stimulate private sector investment
  6. 6. What is• “ is a public resource designed to bring liberated health datasets, innovation challenges, and applications and tools to the public to help increase public knowledge and solve problems in health.” – Todd Park, US Federal CTO • source
  7. 7. i2 Challenges• two types – three domain specific • improve the integration and liquidity of data made available – four platform specific • enhance the capabilities of the technology components• 3 rounds – sequenced to leverage dependencies • round 1: June through October 2102 • round 2: November 2012 through May 2013 • round 3: June through December 2013
  8. 8. i2 Challenges• June 2012 through October 2012 – Metadata (domain) • apply cross domain from voluntary consensus standards organizations and defacto standards, design other domain specific metadata schemata – blog post, listing – Simplified Sign On (platform) • enhance HDP infrastructure components with WebID identity provider and relying party capabilities – blog post, listing – $35K: $20K 1st, $10K 2nd, $5K 3rd place (each)
  9. 9. First Domain Challenge• Metadata – requests the application of existing voluntary consensus standards for metadata common to all open government data – and invites new designs for health domain specific metadata to classify datasets in our growing catalog, creating entities, attributes and relations – that form the foundations for better discovery, integration and liquidity.
  10. 10. Cross Domain Standards• W3C – – – – – – other (…surprise us!)
  11. 11. Cross Domain Standards• OGC –• ‘defacto’ – (from NASA)• OMG –
  12. 12. Domain Specific Examples• Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services – Hospital Compare (Health Datapalooza 2011) – see blog post and presentation• from – environmental data (‘bathing water’, or beaches) – ‘Web 3.0’ API example
  13. 13. First Platform Challenge• WebID based SSO – will improve community engagement – by providing simplified sign on (SSO) for external users interacting across multiple HDP technology components, – making it easier for community collaborators to contribute, – leveraging new approaches to decentralized authentication.
  14. 14. About WebID• Leverages existing Web infrastructure – X.509 certificates and TLS• A mirrored claims approach to authentication – externalizing LDAP, a human/app ‘API key’• for more info, see – • • • ns
  15. 15. Where we’re going with WebID • see (platform) challenge 4 – enabling very flexible and fine-grained access control • leads to data centric authorization – PCAST Health IT Report • data element access service’ – “secure the data, not just the devices” • US Fed CIO Steven VanRoekel
  16. 16. Timeline for both Challenges• Submission Period Ends: October 2, 2012• Winners Notified: Early November
  17. 17. Judging Criteria See detailed info
  18. 18. For More Information Contact George Thomas Chief Architect OrHemali at