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How Might We?

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This presentation is a summary of the empathy work I did after assuming my current role at The Advertising Federation of Minnesota.

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How Might We?

  1. 1. how might we?
  2. 2. Efficiently create moreexperiences that are bothmemorable and valuable.
  3. 3. Our industry’s landscapehas shifted.
  4. 4. Jeff JonesChief Marketing Officerat Target“ want to give all of us the best chance of success by I having assignments that play to the sweet spot of what those agencies do. I’m not willing to commit to [that roster being] two agencies or four or 50. We want to have flexibility.”
  5. 5. Clark KokichChairmanat Razorfish“ hat you need more than expertise is curiosity, someone W who’s interested in what’s happening, loves change, and wants to develop ideas and drive change. If you’re not one of those people, you’re going to hate what’s going on in marketing and you won’t be effective. I have friends who have told me they’re just trying to hang on before people realize they don’t know what they’re doing. But I don’t think you can fake it another five years. You’re just not relevant if you’re fighting the reality of what’s happening.”
  6. 6. Trends and 2013 Initiativestaking place in our backyardUnited Health GroupEmbracing design thinkingTargetIn-house human centered designGeneral MillsEmployee idea weekends
  7. 7. how might we?
  8. 8. Go where our clients areheaded while celebratingindividual contributions andelevating our community.
  9. 9. Gaining empathyby interviewing users
  10. 10. SkillShareCuriosity and the sharing of interests unrelated to your job.
  11. 11. TeachingchildrenPatiently sharing knowledge and hands on learning.
  12. 12. VolunteerMeet-upsInformally sharing ideas and lessons learned.
  13. 13. TheArt ShowAppreciating the work and creativity of othersin a modular environment.
  14. 14. TheUn-conferenceA safe place to share and discuss unproven ideas.
  15. 15. TheHackathonRapid experimentation and sharing incremental progress.
  16. 16. Strategyfor goodExperienced strategist set aside a finite amount of time tocollaborate with young professionals and non-profits.
  17. 17. Co-WorkingSpacesStartup incubators as well as fun, informaland collaborative environments.
  18. 18. Point of viewstatements
  19. 19. The n00bSarah the recent graduate interested in understanding andbreaking into the industry needs a way to network withother professionals who can give her career advice, inspireher and provide her with opportunities to prove herselfbecause there are several students just like her and shefinds breaking into the industry difficult and frustrating.
  20. 20. TheRising StarJim the emerging professional passionate aboutadvertising’s ability to inspire people needs a way to showoff his work to his peers and continue to work on interestingprojects because as a mid-level professional he only workson brands with established brand guidelines and is unableto push the envelope.
  21. 21. TheContributorRobert the passionate hard working volunteer who believesin the organization needs a way to be recognized for hiscontributions because though volunteering is a labor of lovehe enjoys, he would like to have his time investment lead toan accelerated career.
  22. 22. TheThoughtLeaderRick the ambitious industry professional with a clearcareer path in mind needs a way to continue to build hisprofessional network and be known for his opinions whichhe hopes will get him noticed for his next role becausehe is impatient and would like to accelerate his careerby building his personal brand, being recognized for hisopinions, communication style and perspectives.
  23. 23. TheLegendJames the down to earth, accomplished advertisingveteran needs a way to share his experiences and mentorthe next generation of professionals because thoughhe is extremely busy with life and the responsibilitiesassociated with his career’s next chapter, he hasn’tforgotten that it was the advice and guidance of hismentors that got him where he is today.
  24. 24. TheSalariedCatalystJennifer the recruiter passionate about placing hercarefully nurtured candidates into roles they will bothenjoy and excel in needs a way to more efficiently meetand create meaningful relationships with more qualitycandidates because she realizes our industry has evolvedand candidates now need to be more than a resume fit.They also need to be collaborative and a cultural fit.
  25. 25. What will we as a communitybe known for?
  26. 26. Thank you for taking the timeto review this document.If you have any questions,thoughts or ideas please dropme a line.Garrio HarrisonLinkedin: Plus: +Garrio Harrison