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DUI In Charleston SC

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DUI In Charleston SC

  1. 1. Being charged with a DUI can be a very traumatizing time in a persons life. A lot of professionals simply cannot have that kind of a conviction on their record. The travelling salesman, the respected Doctor, the full-timecollege student, the Moncks Corner small business owner, or a South Carolina professional Limo driver, not to mention a single parent. There are countless other members of our great community that also must have aclean drivers license and a clean criminal record to boot. There are several good law firms that can help you sleep at night knowing we will do everything to make sure you have a chance to keep your credibility.
  2. 2. Look for a law firm that only conentrates on one thing, defending DUI charges and other serious South Carolinadriver related offenses. Such firms represent clients across the state, including those charged with drunk driving in Charleston to cities such as Mt. Pleasant, James island,Hanahan, Summerville, and Johns Island as well as those arrested by the South Carolina Task Force. They will evenserve towns as far away as Hilton Head Island and Blufton, SC. The clients whom choose such firms are typically professionals who cant afford to have a DUI on their record.
  3. 3. For those civilians who have been charged, find a great firm that can provide the most dependable defense available to those facing charges in the South. In most cases, these firms are successful in protecting their freedom, their ability to drive, and keep their driving record clean. As of right now, you probably feel that youdont have a good chance of avoiding a conviction for thecharges you face, but you have to understand that the law provides protections for you that are very important for you to comprehend.
  4. 4. The following are some of the questions that need answering: Was the initial stop legal? Were the field sobriety tests properly administered by the police? Was the proper advice given prior to a request for the breath test? Was the breathalyzer machine properly calibrated &tested for absolute accuracy within the required time prior to your arrest? Did medical conditions or medicationpossibly contribute to the facts upon which the arrest was based on?
  5. 5. Look for a defense lawyer that will actively investigateeach and all aspects of your arrest. If there is anything thatprovides grounds for a reasonable doubt of your guilt, you should know that they will find it. Also, know that theyshould be prepared to go as far as necessary within South Carolina law to protect you and your rights. If you find yourself facing serious traffic charges in Charleston oranywhere in South Carolina, you deserve the best defense available to you.
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