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How web 2.0 trends and web searching influence the development of web-based catalogue

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Web based catalogue.pptx22

  1. 1. Web-based catalogue Web 2.0 trends Web searching
  2. 2. O Impact OWeb 2.0 trends OWeb searching OWeb based catalogue
  3. 3. O King (2007:1) O Change in format and retrieval techniques O Madhusudhan (2011) O Library resources made accessible remotely through web-based OPAC/Web PAC
  4. 4. Functions O Direct patrons/users O Different search methods O E.g. boolean logic, phrase searching OWeb-based OPACs provide faceted navigation
  5. 5. UWC library O Part of CALICO agreement O Member of OCLC O Holdings of UWC library O ALEPH catalogue O CALICO OWorldCat Local O Sabinet
  6. 6. Conclusion O Library must come to the user to find out how they can be better meet the information need of the users.
  7. 7. Reference list O King, Lizette. 2007. Information literacy of incoming undergraduate Arts students at the University of the Western Cape: assessment of competencies and proficiencies. Bellville: University of the Western Cape. O Madhusudhan, Margam. 2011. Web-based Online Public Access Catalogues of HT libraries in India: An Evaluative Study. Program.45(4):pp.415-438
  8. 8. O Thank you