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Change Praktikum - IAE Aix MBA Change & Innovation

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This was part of our MBA course on change management. Interesting simulation. This is only for informational purpose!

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Change Praktikum - IAE Aix MBA Change & Innovation

  1. 1. Tender Offer Proposal WNT – May 2012 (DPC)2 Duclot : Dutilleul : de la Pava Pena : Pretot : Calvo 
  2. 2. Agenda The company The Mission Our actions plan Timeline Security Fees Team
  3. 3. The Company (DPC)² - A Global Management Consulting Company. More than 15 years experience in a wide range of disciplines. Advises SMEs, big multinational companies and clients in the public sectors in more than 20 countries. Key success factor - Multidisciplinary approach
  4. 4. The Mission – Next Challenges Major reorganization. Launching of a new strategic business unit. Improving supervision according to this new structure. Worldwide impact on different areas within the company. Rely on a collaborative management approach, as well as continuous improvement and innovation culture. Get the ownership of employees at every level.
  5. 5. The Mission – Risks Reluctance to change Poor performance Staff turnover (talent loss) Not having organic growth No ownership of the vision Not meeting the objectives Productivity decline.
  6. 6. The Mission – Key Points Impact of the project on several services Human Resources Existing client Production Financial Procurement Sales departmentDistribution New productSupply Chain New market New team Marketing R&D Service Information Technology
  7. 7. Our action plan Address all the key points to make this project a success Setup a steering committee to lead the change in the company at all levels Ensure maximum buy-in by using approved technics Divide the tasks in relevant project lead at operational level
  8. 8. New organisational structure Objective: New organizational structure, which allows managing effectively the new business structure. Actions: mission, vision, goals, appoint project leaders, define job descriptions, new reporting lines, compensation, communication. Our support: Strategic assistance and guidance, progress tracking, risk assessment, communication, business process design, facilitation. Planning: strategic definition – process design – implementation
  9. 9. Human Ressources Objective: Provide HR advices and solutions enabling you to face fast moving environment and build a better workplace. Actions: Job Analysis, description, evaluation – Organization & Manpower Planning – Compensation and Benefits – survey – Restructuring & Organizational chart. Supports: HR Functional and Technical consultants - trainer
  10. 10. Recruitment Services Objective: offer improvement in quality, cost, service and speed, enabling you to achieve economies of scale from recruitment processes as well as respond to a fast growing business. Actions: Staff Augmentation services, designed to handle the entire recruitment process focusing on speed of delivery, quality of talent & accountability. Supports: HR consultant, Head hunters
  11. 11. Trainings Programs Objective: Create a high performance organization with a solid customer-centric ethos (B2B, B2C), and maintain productivity and morale while transitioning to new processes, structures, customers, roles, or goals. Actions: Training Needs analysis, Evaluating Training Effectiveness, Competency Gap Analysis, Audit of the Training and Development Function, Career Development and Succession Planning, customizable training module. Supports: Coach & trainer
  12. 12. Finance Objective: Offer a variety of financing options and support services to accompany your growth. Actions: Ranging from straightforward referrals, delivery of leasing solutions, to complex IPO groundwork. Supports: Financial consultant, business analyst.
  13. 13. Manager Objective: assure that the organization is supported by the right managerial structure, make sure that managers are well equipped for success Actions: interviews – training – continuous improvement – feedback – assessments – harmonization – ambassadors Supports: facilitator – coach - trainer Planning : beginning of June for evaluation, Sept. for trainings
  14. 14. Supply Chain Management Identify and select suitable distribution channel  Wholesalers, distributors, agents and retailers Storage facility location and level of stock Organize the line distributor – sales – production level (forecast) Manage under and over coverage level Sales, after-sales and maintenance ability
  15. 15. Marketing Identify the buying habit (needs and criteria for buying) Investigate the competition (technology, price, differences...) Define short, medium and long term actions (internet-pos) Advert (articles, medias, email, display shelf...) Coordinate marketing action / product launch Hiring B to C specialists
  16. 16. IT Tools
  17. 17. Internet Objective: increase sales by launching B2B & B2C websites Actions: interviews – adapt – analyse – support – communicate – improve Supports: facilitate interviews, help for communication and supplier choice Planning: from mid-June to Sept. for dimensioning, implementation starting Sept.
  19. 19. Security Regular feedbacks from each project steering committee Consultant weekly meeting Escalation procedure in case of problem Implementation of steps required to get buy in of staff
  20. 20. Fees  Fees Option 1 - project implementation (excl. IT): 600,000€ Option 2 - #1 + IT project ownership: 910,000€ Option 3 - #2 + IT end to end solution: 2,700,000€
  21. 21. The Team Sylvain PRETOT – Partner – Production management Thierry DUCLOT – Partner – IT management Juan C. de la PAVA PENA – Manager – Organization & Design management Christophe CALVO – Manager – Financial & Human ressources management Germain DUTILLEUL – Senior Consultant – Project, Change & Transition Management