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Sample Editorial Article

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An editorial article about educational change

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Sample Editorial Article

  1. 1. EDITORIAL Do Reforms Transform? by: Jennefer L. Edrozo To become productive individuals in the society-- this has been everyone’s aim. We believe that education is self empowerment and that education is a necessity to become well-equipped individuals and to have a developed nation. That is why the importance of education is being emphasized to every individual, rich or poor. But having education alone as it is cannot bring visions to reality. So authorities have been trying to inject changes to our system. Thoughts have been running on our heads, we say “ education system could do better”. Reforms are now the best solution we think of. Reformers, for sure have been doing the best that they can to convince people, instill in our minds that we need this. But the questions are: “ Are we really the one who can benefit from this?; and do reforms necessarily transform? When we talk about reforms, this would mean additional budgets should be produced just to change the system of education. Most of these prevailing reforms focus on extending school days, narrower curriculum, and more. Are those matters really serve the students? Adding courses, longer days, these might be good thing to increase employment rate to teachers and prolong the learning process of the students which might help transform inquisitive minds to intellectuals. On the other hand, changing the situation without resolving first the problem may not be absolutely appear as a good idea. Free education for the masses, transforming low-earning farmers into high-paid intellectuals will absolutely a better proof that the idea does not serve to those who run the system rather to those who really need and has the right to be served. Instead of reforming the antecedent, and totally implement change, why not try to just transform the system and make it to a better one, that will probably avoid complications. It’s not about reform, but rather transforming the model. Whichever side of the boat we might be, the most important thing is that we know how to puddle to let the boat sailing still. After all, it is we and the reflections of ourselves would matter. The firmness of our foundation will be the one to lift us up upon reaching the mountain peak. “ Change does not necessarily assure progress implacably requires change. Education is essential to change, for education creates both new wants an the ability to satisfy them”. So instead of rebuilding the house, trying to fix some parts of it may help.
  2. 2. NEWS CHUNKS by: Jennefer L. Edrozo EDUC CHAMPIONS THE COLLEGE OF EDUCATION of LDCU volleyball team championed the game which happened during the Liceo Intramural. The team captain and as well as the darling of the crowd Kurt Patrick Salon delighted his fans for having unique flexible tactics during the game. “ This wouldn't be possible without the undying support of my teammates, educ family and of course Mt. Noble”, he said. CED also made it as the Proud Phoenix dance sport performers, Juneil Sahol with his partner Beverly Castrodes rocked the stage and titled the Dance Sport Champion of the year. PHOENIX SHOUTS THE COED FAMILY of the college’s pride, Ms. Jan Ann Bagasbas wholeheartedly supports their ambassadress as the lady rocked the ramp. Team Phoenix showed how proud they are to have her as their candidate for the Ms. Intramural 2014 held at LCC on _____ . Her beauty stood out and crowned as the Ms. Intramural 2014, 2nd Princess. (Note: Naj, and isa ka news on Liceo Diamond Star kay si Dom naghimu)