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How To Split Outlook PST File

  1. How To Split Outlook PST File
  2. Importance of Split PST :- Pst Split is required to split the Outlook pst file those have got oversized exceeding the file size more than 2GB that often creates the issue of getting damaged and generates problem while accessing the personal folder data or sending mails. Therefore it gets necessary to divide the pst file in smaller size so as have the pst file oversized issue solved.
  3. How to split pst file Outlook pst files those are having the file size more than 2 GB turns to get damaged or and many a times if corruption is encountered in the oversized pst file it gets impossible to be fixed by the scanpst tool just because of being oversized. Therefore in order to solve the Outlook pst oversize issue there is an excellent software called PST splitter that helps to divide the pst files to smaller file by means of excellent processing method.
  4. How to split Outlook 2GB pst file:- Outlook pst files due to the constant deposition of mailbox content turns to get oversized and so while accessing the mailbox file it triggers error note saying “Outlook pst file can’t be accessed”. Thus using pst splitter it is possible to split the Outlook pst file into smaller file size that can be further accessed with the issue resolved.
  5. Split Outlook 2003 and 2007 Pst file:- Outlook 2003 and 2007 pst files goes through the file access denied issues while the pst file size exceeds than the limit size of 4GB. Such incidents strikes up the data loss risk issue and therefore required to get resolved. The resolution of Outlook 2003 and 2007 pst file is able to be resolved by means of splitting the pst file leading to have smaller sized pst file with no any pst oversized issue.
  6. How to split 4GB Outlook pst file :- Splitting the Outlook pst file gets necessary if it file size turns to get increased more than 4GB due to the continual depositary of copies of mailbox files content and therefore strange error message turns striking up on the user screen with the file access request rejected. The issue is able to be solved with the help of pst splitter software that leads to separate the pst files in such as way that the file size gets reduced and is able to be accessed.
  7. Guidance to split Outlook pst file :- Step 1: Download the corporate version of the software and select 'Split Multiple Files' option on the welcome screen.
  9. Step 2: Now select your split criteria – 'Split by Time' or 'Split by Size'. This option lets you have the splitting of the pst file according to the time as well as file size.
  11. Step 3: In case, you select 'Split By Time' option, then you will encounter below screen:
  13. Step 4: In case of PST files saved at different locations, enter the PST file path, destination path, start date, end date, and then click on 'Add PST File' button.
  15. Step 5: In case PST files are saved in a specific folder, enter the PST file path, size, and then click on 'Add PST File' button.
  17. Step 6: In case, you select 'Split By Size' option, then the below screen appears: While selecting the split by size user is encountered with following window interface to continue the split process.
  19. Step 7: Repeat steps 4 and 5 to select the PST files. The step mentioned in the 4 and 5 one is required to be taken in repeat manner for the selection of the pst files.
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