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GinzaMetrics Platform Guide - Content Insights

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An overview of the GinzaMetrics platform's content insights for marketers and SEO professionals. Insights are provided at the site, page, and content level across marketing channels, search engines, and social media outlets.

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GinzaMetrics Platform Guide - Content Insights

  1. 1. Platform Guide Site Dashboard Content Insights
  2. 2. Content Insights This chart highlights the specific content that audiences are viewing, broken out by channel type. While this graph looks similar to the marketing channel performance chart on the home page, your home page channel chart highlights specific elements or marketing channels driving traffic to your content and in this version, individual pieces of content are broken out by each channel. For example, clicking into the social segment of the graph shows the specific content driven by social channels.
  3. 3. Content Insights You can view marketing specific data by channels including: - Email - Comparison Shopping Engines - Social - Organich - Paid search - Referral - Affiliate - Mobile (Native) - Direct - Retargeting - Other
  4. 4. Content Insights For each piece of content, we’ll provide details about the traffic driven. Data points include: - Visits - Pageviews - % New Visits - Bounce Rate - Conversions - Revenue
  5. 5. Content Insights You can view the performance of your content across channels by marketing campaign, product, feature, audience type, or other groups you create. Simply use the “Show Groups” checkbox option in the window to sort your content.
  6. 6. Visits by Device See how audiences are consuming your content across desktop, mobile, and tablet devices. Using this view, you can better understand how content performance differs from device to device.
  7. 7. Visits by Device Hovering over a section of the graph will reveal the total traffic driven to your content that day, the total content driven by the segment selected, and the percentage of total traffic the selected device drives to your brand. By clicking into a segment of the graph you can see detailed information for each piece of content for the chosen device type, including: - Content title and URL - Visits - Pageviews - % new visits - Bounce rate - Conversions - Revenue You can also choose to view content information by your content groups, helping you filter out content for marketing campaigns, features, products, geographies, audience types, and more. Choose specific device types in your site settings to get content insights into devices such as the iPhone, iPad, Android phone and Android tablet. If you have questions about search engine and device-specific tracking, feel free to contact us for more information.
  8. 8. Social Engagement Insights Understand how social engagement with your content contributes to your brand’s findablity. Using our social engagement chart, you can tie social actions to specific pieces of content and view totals by keyword and content group to understand performance across: - Marketing campaigns - Audience types - Products - Features - Geography - and more
  9. 9. Social Engagement Insights By hovering over a segment of the social engagement graph you can view the total number of social engagements for that date, the amount of social engagements of that type (likes, clicks, shares, tweets, etc.), and the percentage that type of engagement contributed to total social engagements for that day.
  10. 10. Social Engagement Insights By clicking into a section of the social engagement chart you can see the specific content pertaining to the social engagements, as well as detailed data across social channels for that content. View data including: - Content title and URL - Likes - Shares - +1’s - Tweets
  11. 11. Organic Search Content Insights Get a full listing of all your content that corresponds to ranking keywords and understand how each page and keyword combination contribution to your marketing goals. This chart has information including: - Page / content title and URL - Corresponding ranking keyword - Searches - Projected monthly traffic - Position on selected search engine - Change in position during the time period selected - Visits to the page / content - Pageviews - % new visits - Bounce rate - Conversions - Revenue
  12. 12. Organic Search Content Insights You can also view all of your content sorted by your groups, which can correspond to marketing campaigns, products, features, geographies, audiences types and more. This chart is a great way to see performance of content and keyword groups comparatively to understand which marketing efforts are most effective.
  13. 13. Social Media Content Insights Receive social media analytics at the individual content / page level to better understand how each page contributes to traffic, conversion, and engagement. Using the “Show Groups” option you can also view performance across your keyword groups to compare marketing campaigns, products, features, etc. View information including: - Pages - Likes - Shares - +1a - Tweets - Visits - Pageviews - % of New Visits - Bounce Rate - Conversions - Revenue
  14. 14. Audience Competitor Insights The Audience Insights chart gives you an overview of social and offsite content engagement from your audience with you and your competitors. We’ll give you information across: - Twitter - Followers, Following, Tweets - Facebook - Talking About, Likes - Google+ - Followers, Views - YouTube - Subscribers, Views - Pinterest - Followers, Following, Boards, Pins, Likes - Instagram - Followers, Following - Slideshare - Slideshares, Followers, Following - LinkedIn - Followers, Employees