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Ways to conserve energy

  1. How can we Conserve energy BY : G IQLAAS SHERIF
  2. Energy • Energy can neither be generated nor it can be destroyed . It can only be converted from one from to another • For example , in a room heater , electrical energy is converted to the thermal energy
  3. Types of energy • Energy can be broadly classified into two types :- • Renewable Resources • Non renewable Resources
  4. Types of Renewable Energy • Solar energy • Wind energy • Geothermal energy • Hydro energy
  5. NON RENEWABLE ENERGY • Non Renewable energy cannot be generated again and again , e.g. energy generated from combustion of fossil fuels, energy from coal and gas etc .
  6. Why to conserve energy ? • We have limited fuels available on earth. • Our demand for energy is increasing day- by- day. • It is possible that someday , most of fuels will be exhausted , and we will have to switch over to alternate energy
  7. How can we conserve energy • Conserving energy means decreasing the amount of energy used while achieving a similar outcome of end use . Using less energy has lots of benefits you can save money and help the environment. • using less energy helps us to preserve these resources and make them last longer in future.
  8. What can we do ? • We can do our bit to save energy . • We should not waste energy in school , at home or at public places
  9. In School • Always switch off lights and fans while going out of the class. • In computer lab , we should switch off the computers before going out of the class .
  10. At home • We should not keep light and fan unnecessarily switched on. • Watching interesting programs on TV is interesting , but afterwards , TV should be should be switched off.
  11. In Public Places • Street lights consume a lot of energy . We can use the streetlights according to sunset and sunrise to can save power. • Installing solar powered street light is another major option available to save electricity.
  12. Conclusion • Therefore, we should start saving energy wherever we are, at home at school, at work and in the neighborhood. Thus, the earth a place that’s convenient and sustainable for our future generation someday.