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Blockchain for NGOs

  1. #NHSummit18 #NonprofitDTx Blockchain for NGOs Gisli Olafsson - NetHope
  2. #NHSummit18 #NonprofitDTx NetHope empowers committed organizations to change the world through the power of technology.
  3. #NHSummit18 #NonprofitDTx Agenda • What is Blockchain? • How can NGOs make use of it? • Open discussions
  4. #NHSummit18 #NonprofitDTx What is Blockchain?
  5. #NHSummit18 #NonprofitDTx • Underlying technology for cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin • Distributed Ledger Technology that is applicable to many sectors • Combination of existing technologies like peer-to-peer networks and cryptography What is Blockchain?
  6. #NHSummit18 #NonprofitDTx Ledgers • Ledgers have been used for centuries to capture various types of transactions. • Have certain issues: • Centralized – one master copy • Susceptible to tampering • Require intermediaries • Double-spend
  7. #NHSummit18 #NonprofitDTx Distributed Ledger Technology • A Distributed Ledger Technology System… • enables a network of independent participants to establish consensus around… • the authoritative ordering of cryptographically-signed transactions. • These records are made persistent by replicating the data across multiple nodes and are… • tamper evident by linking them to cryptographic hashes… • establishing an authoritative record in each node.
  8. #NHSummit18 #NonprofitDTx Distributed Ledger Technology
  9. #NHSummit18 #NonprofitDTx Money transfers today
  10. #NHSummit18 #NonprofitDTx Money transfer using DLT
  11. #NHSummit18 #NonprofitDTx Centralized vs. Distributed
  12. #NHSummit18 #NonprofitDTx • A network of nodes • A shared ledger • A consensus algorithm Key components of DLT
  13. #NHSummit18 #NonprofitDTx A Network of Nodes • A node is set up on each of the computers participating in the network. • The node system operates via a peer-to-peer network (aka, P2P). • The network can be vast and widely geographically distributed, but the nodes do need to be able to communicate with each other. • A node is typically directly connected to some, but not all, of the other nodes. • When one node sends a transaction to its peer nodes, those peers then forward that transaction to other peers, who in turn forward it to yet still others, thereby reaching the entire network of nodes in short order.
  14. #NHSummit18 #NonprofitDTx A Shared Ledger • The shared ledger is the data component that resides in system. • The nodes in the network update the data in the ledger and the consensus algorithm manages the system to assure that only one true version of the ledger exists. • The most common method for implementing a shared ledger is through the use of a blockchain. • As transactional data is received, it is grouped together into units, called blocks. • Each block is then verified and appended to the previous block, thereby creating a chain of blocks. • As a block is copied to the chain, it is distributed to all the nodes in the network, thus keeping the copies of the blockchain in harmony.
  15. #NHSummit18 #NonprofitDTx A Consensus Algorithm • The consensus algorithm sets the rules for the system that determine how the nodes will arrive at a single view of the ledger. • Different DLTs use different approaches to consensus • All consensus algorithms are there to make sure that each node is qualified to write their data to the ledger and to assure there is a consistent and trustworthy ledger.
  16. #NHSummit18 #NonprofitDTx Smart Contracts • A smart contract is a digitized contract that is stored on the blockchain • Contains programming logic that can automatically execute the terms of the contract. • Smart contracts can be looked at as the business logic layer of the DLT stack
  17. #NHSummit18 #NonprofitDTx How can NGOs use DLT?
  18. #NHSummit18 #NonprofitDTx DLT and NGOs • Use cases • Crypto Philanthropy • Financial Inclusion • Cash Programming • Monitoring and Evaluation • Beneficiary Identification • Land titling • Supply chain tracking
  19. #NHSummit18 #NonprofitDTx Financial Inclusion
  20. #NHSummit18 #NonprofitDTx Crypto-Philanthropy
  21. #NHSummit18 #NonprofitDTx Cash Programming 10%
  22. #NHSummit18 #NonprofitDTx Monitoring and Evaluation 5-15%
  23. #NHSummit18 #NonprofitDTx Land Titling
  24. #NHSummit18 #NonprofitDTx Beneficiary Identification 1.1 BN
  25. #NHSummit18 #NonprofitDTx Supply Chain
  26. #NHSummit18 #NonprofitDTx DISCUSSION What are you using DLT for? What are the challenges we face in leveraging DLT? How can we work together?
  27. #NHSummit18 #NonprofitDTx WE ARE BUILDING A PLATFORM OF HOPE NetHope brings together global leaders in the nonprofit and technology sectors to tackle the world’s toughest challenges through collaboration and innovation. Together, we build a platform of hope for those who deliver aid and those who receive it.
  28. #NHSummit18 #NonprofitDTx