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Design the perfect site selection tool for economic development

Economic developers seeking to attract investment to their locations are looking for the perfect site selection tool. What features must it have to provide the information site selectors and businesses seek? What sort of functionality will improve the user experience, ensuring website visitors can find exactly what they need to know? This brief slideshow, lifted from one of our most popular webinars, addresses these questions. For more information, please visit and contact us at

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Design the perfect site selection tool for economic development

  1. 1. You might find a great potential match, but if he’s in NC and you’re in OR, that won’t work well for either of you…
  2. 2. Businesses aren’t looking for great properties – they are looking for the right communities to match their needs. As with matchmaking, you need to start with where you are, THEN find the right properties.
  3. 3. Illustration of the “compare” tool
  4. 4. The only fully mobile-optimized application in the industry.
  5. 5. Drive pre-qualified leads to your website with our national site selection portal,