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Huevapi dojo marzo_2012

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Lightning talk about coding dojo experience in Belo Horizonte, Brazil and other local software developers community initiatives.

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Huevapi dojo marzo_2012

  1. 1. Coding Dojo5 minutes about coding dojos and local communities Gustavo Veloso @gjmveloso
  2. 2. Who? Passionate software developer and entrepreneurship culture lover Working as Product Manager @ DeskMetrics Part of Start-Up Chile since Jan, 2012 Brazilian who are in love with Chile
  3. 3. My previous experience with Coding Dojos
  4. 4. Before talking about dojos... In Brazil we have the #horaextra meetings  Present in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Belo Horizonte, João Pessoa, etc. Its already a tradition, after a major tech event we set up a special #horaextra wherever we are.  Descentralized and without formal leaders Small Acts Manifesto 
  5. 5. … and when social meets code DevIsland  Annual software developers event in Belo Horizonte  DevDojos +
  6. 6. My experience with Coding Dojos As programming skills acquisition should be a continuous process, Dojos must be arranged frequently  Consistency over intensity Support and leverage the local community of software developers
  7. 7. Characteristics Non competitive environment All knowledge levels are more than welcome Safe to try new ideas Fun
  8. 8. Ratori Kata The challenge is solved by a pair  Pilot and co-pilot (pair programming) All attendees are invited to help
  9. 9. Ratori Kata Every pair have 5~7 minutes to program  TDD and baby steps are mandatory Every cycle, the pilot go back to the audience, the co-pilot assumes the pilot role and another attendee comes co-pilot  Iterate
  10. 10. Kake Kata The audience are split in groups, which one solving a different problem  Closed or open rotation (inside groups only or not) The same timing and rotating characteristics and mandatory agile practices Retrospective should be do with all groups together Alternative to deal with a bigger audience  (> 20)
  11. 11. Test Driven Development Test should be did before the real implementation Automated tests  XUnit Red Green Refactor
  12. 12. Final Thoughts Santiago and Chile are trully amazing and the tech companies ecosystem is growing fast Huevapi is already an amazing community as well as I could see talking with Agustin for just a few minutes ;) Start-Up Chile, IncubaUC and other initiatives will leverage local software community. We need to be ready! Software is eating the world! 
  13. 13. ¡Gracias!12108 Column 16 Column 2 Column 3420 Row 1 Row 2 Row 3 Row 4