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College Gametime Network-Sponsor

  1. COLLEGE GAMETIME NETWORK Crank up the Game sponsorship overview
  2. COLLEGE GAMETIME NETWORK What is CGN? • Private TV network. • Plays in college football stadiums and basketball arenas. • Plays in suites, club levels, concourses and concessions. • Blends sponsorships with live stats and fan- engaging content. • Combines sponsorship at a school level with media buy at a national level.
  3. COLLEGE GAMETIME NETWORK Venue Placements Suites In Venue Concessions Club Level
  4. COLLEGE GAMETIME NETWORK CGN TV Network Sponsorship Engaging content appears tied to captures fan each school attention Advertising Sponsorship integrated with during live game game content and breaks
  5. COLLEGE GAMETIME NETWORK Game Overview We program shows for different parts of the game Wrap the video during live action Pre-game 1st Half Half time 2nd Half Post-game Overlay during breaks in game
  6. COLLEGE GAMETIME NETWORK Example Show – Half time :60 :60 :60 :60 :60 :05 :30 :25 Pre-roll Animation/Video HD TV commercial Game Content w/ Banner
  7. COLLEGE GAMETIME NETWORK Available Inventory - Football Full Screen :60 second – 36 avails / game: :10 :30 :20 Pre-roll Animation/Video HD TV commercial Game Content w/ Banner Panel :30 second – 144 avails / game: Panel Sponsor creative based on IAB standard ad sizes. :10 :20 Pre-roll Animation/Video Game Content w/ Banner
  8. COLLEGE GAMETIME NETWORK Why sponsor CGN? • Reach: – An emotional fan – in emotional atmosphere – at emotional time. • Direct association w/ each school w/out having to buy local. • Deliver digital media messaging that can change weekly to feature new products or features.
  9. COLLEGE GAMETIME NETWORK Content Examples Game Leaders Starting Lineup Position Matchup Also Available: BCS Standings, Team Schedule, Game Update, Gameday Weather, Top 25 Rankings, Player Matchup Twitter Defense Update Game Leaders Also Available: Game Update, Upcoming Events, School Message, Team trivia
  10. COLLEGE GAMETIME NETWORK CGN – a growing presence Projected metrics – Fall 2011 School Venues 41 Games 645 Attendance 12.5mm LCD Screens 5150 • Top tier college programs such as Tennessee, Georgia and others trust CGN on gameday. • Hundreds of games, thousands of screens, millions of fans. Partial list of programs where CGN is installed