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Social media how do i - ndfmga feb 2017

Getting started in social media. Some thoughts and tips.

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Social media how do i - ndfmga feb 2017

  1. 1. Social Media: How Do I…..??? Glenn Muske Kelly Wald, NDDA Erin Becker, NDDA
  2. 2. It’s Nothing New
  3. 3. How many of you… • Use the Internet? • Shop online? • Know what social media is? • Have a social media presence? – On which platform? • Are active on social media? – What’s your definition of active? • Are using social media in your business? – How??
  4. 4. Marketing: The Big Picture • Social media is not the total solution – It’s just a group of tools • Think marketing as broadly defined – Not just advertising and selling • Marketing tools come and go in popularity • You must: – Know your customers – Know your products – Track results – Match investment (money AND time) to outcomes • The Key – Plan – Gather data Repeat – Evaluate/Analyze
  5. 5. Traditional Online PR Paid Promotion Distribution Channels Customer Support Visual Mix One-on-one & Networking Word-of- mouth & Reviews Reputation YOUOnline is just a part a larger effort.
  6. 6. The Best Choice for You? It Depends • FB – Easy to use and navigate – Ads can reach a specific population • You get lost in the masses • They keep changing • Pinterest – Large audience of women – Spend more time on site – Looking to buy or do – For farmers – Food and drink is top category • Need a webpage to be effective • Need good photos • Audience is young, female, and mostly urban • Twitter – Large audience – Short, direct contact • Must be active and must be engaging • YouTube – Video is “hot” – Largest search engine after Google – Users spend the most time online – Great way to tell a story, show a “how to,” etc. • Getting found • Production time • Instagram – It’s visual – Fastest growing channel – Best site for user-generated – Users include millennials earning over $50,000 • Good pictures • Limited success as a sales platform • Blogs • Podcasts
  7. 7. Lessons Learned • Focus on best practices, not on the tool • Use platform’s help features and tutorials • Stay current on platform changes • Consider paid ads, boosts, etc • Have a total marketing plan • Engage – Engage – Engage • Make it “real-world” useful • Test • Provide adequate resources – Time and money – It’s not free - social-media-costing-you-each-week.html
  8. 8. Lessons Learned About Paid Ads ‐Focus on brand awareness first and sales later ‐Focus next on fan engagement, not page likes only ‐Do not be afraid to use stock photos from Shutterstock ‐Develop a Facebook page fully before launching a paid “like” campaign ‐Use any data possible to help defined a target audience before creating a paid advertisement ‐Brevity pays. Get to the point and stay with that point only
  9. 9. Once found, YOU MUST STAY VISIBLE!
  10. 10. Keeping Resources Under Control – Test and evaluate • Use what works best – titles, topics, SEO, key words, pictures, video, length, style, etc. • Renew and repost previous work: – Your best content – Non-performing content – Rewrite for better engagement – Engage – Be social; Timely response – Experiment – Be visual – Refresh and update • Tweak – Don’t publish same item
  11. 11. Starting and Building Your Presence • Start small • Lurk - Watch, listen and learn before participating • Develop your profile, online and offline • Find the key players – Don’t be afraid to “unfriend” • Attract – Find a niche – Can’t be all things to all people • Change your focus from getting to giving • It’s a community!!! – Share and contribute – Add value – Be a good listener – 80% listen, 20% talk – Connect • Learn the preferred connection methods • Post/comment/engage on a regular basis
  12. 12. Where to find me • • • FB – glenn.muske – GMsmallbizconsulting • Twitter - @gmuske • LinkedIn – gmuske • SlideShare – glennmuske • YouTube