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Creating value with Content: the Future Of Marketing & Advertising, by Gerd Leonhard Sydney 8-18-2009

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These are the slides from my presentation in Sydney, August 18, see

From the event description: "Futurist Gerd Leonhard will talk about the key trends and developments from around the globe, depict the most likely scenarios in the next 3-5 years, and describe opportunities that will arise from the global change to a networked and fully converged ecosystem of Content & Media, Marketing and Advertising"

Some high-lights:

* We are only beginning to understand the huge shift from disconnectePicture 20d to connected 'consumers'
* Connected people act / consume / behave / communicate VERY differently
* Mobile broadband-powered content sharing is going to reset the content industries
* The disruption has only just begun
* Captive consumers are rapidly vanishing
* Advertising and marketing as we knew it is no longer going to work
* Advertising IS CONTENT

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Creating value with Content: the Future Of Marketing & Advertising, by Gerd Leonhard Sydney 8-18-2009

  1. 1. Content 2.0 and the Future of Marketing & Advertising ‣ Futurist ‣ Strategist ‣ Author & Blogger
  2. 2. What I do: ‣Understand Clients such as IBM, Google, ‣Imagine Nokia, DDB, Sony BMG, Orange / France Telecom, BBC, ITV, RTL, ‣Translate The European Commission, TribalDDB, Omnicom, Siemens, Kuoni, Reed Midem etc
  3. 3. Get ready for...
  4. 4. Image via:
  5. 5. Like the printing press 600 years ago...
  6. 6. = + +
  7. 7. Connected people ‘consume’ differently
  8. 8. It used to be: Dominate and win!
  9. 9. Basically... our world has been pretty much top-down until now
  10. 10. ....until now
  11. 11. The TV Generation The Net Generation Reaching Millions of Reaching the perfect People at the same 100 people that each time - with the same reach 100 people content or message that each reach 100 or... advertisement people...
  12. 12. •“Empowering People” i.e. the consumers i.e. the users is the winning theme everywhere • API Culture is booming: “Build yours with mine” • A lot of what used to cost money is becoming ‘free’ (eMail, phone calls, news, games, music...) • Sharing explodes • Interruption-Marketing becomes ‘Mission Impossible’ • Captive audiences are are thing of the past
  13. 13. Connected people ‘consume’ .... Not;) The Link Economy C ulture of Participation Meritocracy Real-Time Everything Sh aring is the key driver
  14. 14. Advertising is Content - We can't think of ads as separate ‘stuff’ any more. The captive audiences are vanishing - so who do we desire to interrupt?
  15. 15. Maybe we only needed traditional Advertising & Marketing because we were Not Connected
  16. 16. And we will have to get used to monetary value being derived in many new forms! IBM
  17. 17. Self Publishing (Expression...?) on Steroids
  18. 18. Location Location Location
  19. 19. Real-Time is becoming crucial • Don’t memorize - find! • Find: when and where you need it - not before • Location and Timing • Augmented Realtime Data • Cloud services: links not storage!
  20. 20. Social search and peer navigation
  21. 21. And yes, everyone everywhere will be... Marketing will be sourced this way, too
  22. 22. We are in the midst of re-defining:
  23. 23. People subscribe to People Source:
  24. 24. The biggest opportunities are in connecting the Cloud with the Crowd
  25. 25. •Control is no longer really feasible, and is quickly being replaced with Trust •Data is the new Oil •Privacy is the next major issue Command & Control is becoming Coordinate & Cultivate *Thomas Malone “The Future of Work”
  26. 26. (Trans)Action Data Usage Engagement Attention Conversations Content
  27. 27. = Content = Advertising
  28. 28. Push Objects Pull Objects
  29. 29. “I need to get my message out to as many people as possible, as quickly as possible” “I need to have conversations with my community, make my product as attractive as possible, and set it free as much as possible
  30. 30. Was...
  31. 31. Will be
  32. 32. Great User Interface & User Experience changes everything
  33. 33. The Mobile Use *fka ‘Consumption’ of Digital Goods is the #1 growth story of the next decade
  34. 34. My Keywords for mobile communications - and the new ‘Advertising’ that will go with it • Devices feel like ...books • Touch / Draw / Zoom UIs and UXs • Always-on, 4 sure (mashed access) • OS / Software on the network • Very low power consumption • Explosion in location-based services • Technology becomes even more invisible
  35. 35. Radio TV Phone Library Message-Center NewsReader Game-Pad Image Viewer Wallet
  36. 36. So will people read like this? 2012 Book Publishing Revenues: $43 Billion in U.S. (BISG) $120 Billion Global (est)
  37. 37. It used to be... Premium “Option” “Extra” Default
  38. 38. Soon... The New Premium Default Standard The new ‘Normal’
  39. 39. If Access replaces Ownership as Default...
  40. 40. Experience Embodiment Access
  41. 41. How will access to content be paid for? Paid by 3rd Parties Flat-Rates Bundles Access
  42. 42. New Content in the content industries: A crucial shift Industry Generatives • Content ‘Pre-Web’: Presenting - and selling - professionally produced Content • Content ‘Web-Native’: Presenting - and selling - Context, People, Relevance, Packaging, Timeliness - and all types of Content!
  43. 43. But beware...
  44. 44. The ‘new’ $$$ Attention Kernels Digital Breadcrumbs Mouse Exhaust Click-Trails
  45. 45. Attention Transfer
  46. 46. Imagine this scenario: • Your location is tracked (if and when activated) • Your click-trails are shared (with some, sometimes) • Your opt-ins are 100% voluntary, intentional, deep, real • Your ratings, ‘likes’ and recommendations are available • Your network of peers is available at certain times The new, old deal: Free content in return for your data, your attention, your engagement.
  47. 47. Great for us as Users fka Consumers Not so great for the creators?
  48. 48. But what are we actually paying for...?
  49. 49. Some answers to the ‘Free’ Challenge Source: Chris Anderson, Wired
  50. 50. Freemium and New Generatives: Pandora Convenience Premium Experience Personalization ‘Paying for Privacy’ Packaging Convenience
  51. 51. The Future of Content Open Mobile Connected Collaborative Interdependent
  52. 52. It’s hard to ‘own’ a copy now but You can own the Context, the Meaning, the Relevance, the Experience, the Embodiment, the Timing...
  53. 53. A key opportunity for trusted parties
  54. 54. The new Marketing Paradigm
  55. 55. Interruption costs Money Engagement costs Control
  56. 56. Summary
  57. 57. Thanks for watching! ★ email me at ★ ★ facebook: gleonhard ★ more presentations at