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Content 2.0: finding new ways to generate revenues

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from my midemnet 2010 presentation on how various content industries are making money online see more at

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Content 2.0: finding new ways to generate revenues

  1. 1. Content 2.0 How Content Industries Find New Ways to Generate Revenues
  2. 2. What I do:
  3. 3. New ways to do business New ways to sell content
  4. 4. Please note: there are no recipes - adapting these examples is crucial!
  5. 5. 2010: the year of Mobile, Apps and the Tablet...? Cross-media content, new packages and New Revenue Models Source: Gizmodo
  6. 6. Magazine Publishers & Tablet PCs Source: Bonnier / Vimeo Selling the Interface & the Packaging
  7. 7. Learnings from • Are tablets and mobile devices ‘the new paper’? • It’s the content mix and the UI that makes it engaging Music industry translation: • Mobile & Tablet Devices... the next CD Players? • Explore cross-media options, offer engaging packages at very attractive pricepoints Take note! It’s no longer only about the music - and pricing will need to be very aggressive
  8. 8. Software as a Service • On-demand software that helps manage customer information for sales, marketing and customer support • No software is downloaded and installed; everything is online (no ownership - all access-based) • Revenues grew even during the recession: $ 1.29 Billion in 2009, 70.000 corporate customers
  9. 9. Learnings from • Everything is moving to the Cloud; selling access to the cloud has real potential • Having many different price plans is crucial to success: offer something for everyone! Music Industry translation: • Connect the crowd and the cloud - sell access not (just) copies • Get started at a very low price, and then move up Take note! Selling access is a different game, altogether!
  10. 10. O’Reilly Safari Books • Unlimited access to 10.000 technical books online, for $42.00 / month • Added values: videos, rough- cuts, mobile, collaboration tools etc • 15 Million + users, out-sells all other O’Reilly offerings
  11. 11. Learnings from • Their motto: “create more value than you capture” • Reach out to competitors to innovate together Music industry translation: • Sell access to a large library, and add lots of other values beyond the music! Take note! Requires unusual partnerships in order to provide very deep content offerings
  12. 12. Example: Farmville Game on Facebook • Application exists only on Facebook • It’s free but you can buy goods to enhance the experience: 800.000 tractors ‘sold’ every single day • A team of 15 Developers release new virtual items into FarmVille twice a week; new features debut weekly. • 65 Million+ users without any advertising • 1.2 Million users per day • Parent company Zynga makes est. $200M / Year
  13. 13. Learnings from • It all starts with ‘free’ • People will buy anything once they are hooked • Interactivity and User-Empowerment is key • Virtual items can be real sources of revenues Music industry translation: • ‘Go inside’ the social networks • Same as above! Take note! This requires having a lot more to sell than just the stream or download of a song!
  14. 14. Selling what is ‘free’ somewhere else • Good quality images • Finding the perfect photo is quick and easy • Rights (licenses) are pre- cleared • Low cost • Projected $200 Million in 2009 revenues • I have spend $1200 USD on iStockphoto, myself, in the past 12 months
  15. 15. Learnings from • If the price is right people will pay for convenience • The per-unit price is much lower but the total is large Music industry translation: • Pre-cleared rights to non-hit content have great potential • Simplifying licensing, aggregation and curation is crucial Take note! Everything needs to be fully automated, online - no veto rights!
  16. 16. Blogs: getting real $ from your readers “Connect with Fans & Reason to Buy”
  17. 17. Learnings from People pay when they see real value AND when the price is right Music industry translation: People pay when they see real value AND when the price is right
  18. 18. A few extra slides that were not part of my MIDEM talk
  19. 19. “When the winds of change are blowing, some are building shelters, and others are build windmills” Thanks for your time! email: Facebook: gleonhard more presentations at