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Created by Angela Albanese
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  2. 2. Ukraine is located in Eastern Europe. It is slightly smaller than Texas in area, making it the second largest country in Europe. The terrain is mostly fertile plains and plateaus with some mountains in the west and extreme south. It borders the Black Sea to the south.
  3. 3. Country Quick Facts  Full name: Ukraine  Population: 44.4 million (July 2015)  Capital: Kyiv  Largest city: Kyiv  Official language: Ukrainian  Major religion: Orthodox Christianity  Life expectancy: male-67, female-77  Monetary unit: Ukrainian hryvnia  Main exports: metals, fuel & petroleum products, chemicals, machinery, foodstuffs  GNI per capita: $8,970 (2013)
  4. 4. Ukrainian History in Brief  Many different nomadic groups settled in Ukraine’s current territory during the first millennium BC  Around 600 BC had colonies along the Black Sea and the Slavic tribes occupied much of central and eastern Ukraine  Near the end of the 10th century Vladimir the Great converted most of the population to Christianity  Kievan Rus was an influential medieval city state, but disintegrated after the Mongol invasion in the 13th century  In the 14th century Ukraine became part of the Kingdom of Poland  In the 1700s the Kingdom of Poland was divided among 3 major powers and the Russian Empire got most of Ukraine, while the Austrio-Hungarian Empire got some of west Ukraine
  5. 5. History continued  After WWI Ukraine declared independent statehood, but they couldn't’t protect themselves so Poland took over the far west and the east became part of the Soviet Union as the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic  In WWII Poland lost its part of Ukraine to the USSR  Shortly after Nazi Germany invaded Russia and gained control of parts of Ukraine for about 3 years and Ukraine suffered greatly during this time with many executions and other crimes against humanity  After WWII Ukraine remained part of the USSR and industries grew rapidly  In 1991 Ukraine declared itself an independent state after the breakup of the Soviet Union and began positive moves towards democracy  February 2014 fighting breaks out during protests (see slide 10)
  6. 6. Germany soldiers holding a Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic flag
  7. 7. Language  HELLO: Вітаю /Vitayu  GOODBYE: До побачення/Do pobačennja  YES: Так /Tak  NO: Ні /Ni  THANK YOU: Дякую /Diakuju  YOU’RE WELCOME: Прошу будь ласка /Prošu, buď laska  PLEASE: Будь ласка /Budʹ laska  I LOVE YOU: Я тебе кохаю /Ja tebe kochaju  HOW ARE YOU: Як ви поживаєте /Jak vy požyvajete
  8. 8. Government  President- Petro Poroshenko  Prime minister- Arseniy Yatsenyuk  Republic  Voting age- 18 years old Poroshenko (above), Yatsenyuk (left)
  9. 9. Ukraine Crisis  WARNING: semi-graphic images in this video  Since this video, from September 2014, two peace agreements, Minsk I and Minsk II, have been attempted but were not implemented  Fighting has continued since and sanctions on Russia continue to be extended by the US and the European Union  In April, US troops started training Ukrainian infantry  Human right violations continue and just from mid-April 2015-June 2015 almost 6,500 were killed in the fighting, many of them civilians
  10. 10. Current Issues  High levels of human trafficking  High poverty and mass starvation in some areas  Displaced people and refugees from the conflict  Economic troubles  Children out of school because of the conflict  Water and air pollution
  11. 11. Economy  Ukraine’s economy continues to suffer due to the conflict going on their  One of the remaining questions is west or east; will Ukraine align with the west (EU & NATO) or east (Russia)?  In March 2014 Ukraine received an assistance package from International Monetary Fund for $14-18 billion to help their economy  Industries: coal, electric power, metals, machinery and trasport equipment, chemicals, food processing
  12. 12. Currency  Ukrainian hryvnia  1 US Dollar= 21.22 Ukrainian hryvnia (July 2015)
  13. 13. Traditional Ukrainian Dress
  14. 14. Traditional Ukrainian Dance  m/watch?v=VByNuaE_C T0  m/watch?v=VHddMpZ_ dCo
  15. 15. Traditional Ukrainian Food  Borshch- beet root soup with lots of vegetables  Varenyky- dumplings filled with mashed potatoes, onions, cabbage and many other things  Banosh with brynza- corn flour cooked in sour cream then cheese, mushrooms, and pork added  Uzvar- dried fruit drink  Paska- sweet egg bread, served especially at Easter time
  16. 16. Borshch Paska (Above) Varenyky, (right) uzvar
  17. 17. Fun Facts  The famous Tunnel of Love is located in Ukraine  Ukrainians rarely smile in publics, but they are still very friendly people!  The third most visited McDonald’s in the world is located in Kyiv  Arsenalnaya Metro Station located in Kiev is the deepest in the world (105 meters)  The famous Christmas song, Carol of the Bells, was written by a Ukrainian composer  Ukrainians wear their wedding ring on their right hand  Kyiv has the shortest city main street in the world at only 1.2 km
  18. 18. (Top left) the third most visited McDonald’s in the world in Kyiv, Ukraine, (above) Arsenalnaya Metro Station is the deepest in the world, (right) the shortest city main street in the world in Kyiv
  19. 19. (Above) Tunnel of Love, (right) a Ukrainian couple wearing the wedding rings on their right hands
  20. 20. Links  world-factbook/geos/up.html  europe/ua.htm