Tutorial registro y compras en Amazon.com German Montilva

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Tutorial registro y compras en Amazon.com German Montilva

  1. 1. ‘ _ Your Ca/ np/ i/wenta/ y V ” use per/ od has ended. í É Complete ’”‘”""“"’”’5”’? y uzuriai de Registro y passos para comprar en _ nxsam Germán E. Montilva Rebolledo Ci; 129887628 _
  2. 2. use per/ od nas eric/ ed. í ‘E: Thank yan for u m zii ÏGISTRO DÉ USUARIO Paso 1: Coloca el puntero en la pestaña “Your Account” y luego hacer click en el boton "New customer? Star here" r Yourmmp/ ¡me/ rtary i v x - e! “ 31H}: l q l inicio-nudista íwilllt! "Ilo 1 uuïw y "-‘l< - . gr ' "x w —— l ‘ _I¡ pFñÉuZj-lgllf ‘lnaiitfining-iinos-iii: 'I-: ¡la'¡-«I! .‘>! ;ïlr filiflkxílï- uftáll ¡telar 4áHil}. 51th‘: v! INTRODUCING ¡ NEW amagon ecno ur Orders ur Wish List / ur Recommendatruns ur Subscribe 8. Save Items ur Prime Membership ur Garage ur Amazon Credit Card Accounts A perfect lO —ZDNet anage Your Content and ÜEWCES ur Prime MUSIC -<<E-<—<-<-<—<<<v< o ooooooco llilm/ isae lnnliirlprl with Prima Mpmhprehin nt Nn Arlrlifinnnl (ind DmMWC “mary
  3. 3. ‘ r ' _ Your Complimentary V I‘ use per/ od has eric/ ed. í ‘É Thank yan for using PDF Comp/ efe. Iii; m’ nar las siguientes casillas con nombre completo, e-mail confirmado y una contraseña que sea fácil de recordar. Aquíveras un ejemplo: Your Account l H_elp_ arnagon Rogístratioii NEL‘! to funazoimcoin! Register uc-Iounn My name is: Daniel Briceño My e-mail address is: danielb5S@gmaÍ| .com Type it again: _danielb5S@gmaiI. com Protect you" fitormation with a password This will be your only Amazon. com password. Enter a new password: ‘ Type it again: Create account i By creating an account, you agree to Amazon. com's Conditions of Use and Privacy Notice. Conditions of Use Privacy Notite 9- wangnm: 1.. .“--- F/ QPP! v. .. -. n. 4m“. --
  4. 4. y r _ Your Complimentary V I‘ use per/ od has ene/ ed. ri Complete *”a": ;:‘2;ï, c;4). _ _ _ _ e _ _ _ _ Zar, lPRAR UN PRODUC TO Paso 1: Luego de haber registrado tu usuario, podrás comprar Io que quieras, en la siguiente barra podrás buscarlo que quieras comprar. T v a! "í Q i‘ trunca-wante- ïluggállii: ‘¡i-r v - ‘¿UI "I ¡"i P N‘ "Í- ‘i ' m. _.r-¿nii= .v.4ÏÏÏi'Ï‘-Ï: ‘T ‘f-‘ïïfiïlïüfiiïï? ‘efiilfiiïïï? fi-HÏ! ’ üfifieïiiiair añ": "et; INTRODUCING amazon echo . ¿a7 y , ‘xfigwí A perfect 10 —ZDNet 5179.99 WATCH VIDEO What Other Customers Are Looking At Right Now 4-É¿ lt -- .5 ‘Nr ti
  5. 5. use period ¡ias end‘ omplete 5% Your compi/ menta Thank you for asia e caso vamos a comprar un TV. Buscamos en la e queremos comprar y luego hacemos click en el producto de nuestra preferencia que haya arrojado la búsqueda. Shop by Liam Signiri Tr» Wish 1 , Department v Your Alilíïitiïi tom icidayï: Deals Gt‘. Cards Sell Help Your Account - Prime v List — , 1-16 of 3. 199 results fur "tv samsung sman tv 42" Choose a Department tt Put 11 Full Phone Charge: in Your Back Pocket Electronics > Sh op now’ LED 8. LCD TVs TVMounts Ad Feedt Eleüronics Mounts + seen" 2o Depanmems elated earches tv samsung 42. tv samsung smart tv. tv samsung smart tv 32 Samsung UN4OH5203 ¿lO-Inch 1080p 60Hz Smart LED TV (2014 Model) by Samsung res-aseo Click tor product details min-e kitti; - 1737 Get it by Monday, J| m29 . ‘ru y, lmemational Shipping Ship to Venezuela FREE Shipping on orders over 535 More Buying Choices product reamres 5311.85 used 8. new 116 offers) 7 x 3 7" Tvwnn stand 35 12 Eiiginierorrree Sripoing (Efiediveisman Functionalitr , Free Shipping byAmazon Electrorics: See all 2043 items Television Feature 5mm” LG Electronics 42LF5600 42—Inch 1080p LED TV (2015 Model) 3D bi LG T ‘
  6. 6. gsm Complete go de revisar muy bien el producto y de seguro de lo que se va a comprar, hacemos click en el botón "Add to Cart” All Electroirics Deals Best Sellers TV 8. Video Audio 8. Home Theater Computers Camera 8. Photo Wearable Technology Car Electronics S. GPS E 2015 Samsung TVs i Eacklo search resutts torti samsung smanrr42 Samsung UN40H5203 40-Inch 1080p 5"“ É] ¡Í V VD 60Hz Smart LED TV (2014 Model) B“ new. by Samsung y ‘ ÍÜÜÍÏI ’ 1.737 customer reviews my 1 v i 296 answered questions i Yes, Iwant FREE Two-Day P , T dd th t t rt Y rice ci see our pIICQ, a is I em o your ca ou can Shipping wm‘ Amazon pnme always remove it later, Why’? FREE Shipping Details Law pnce Gumamee i Include S-Year Protection tor S46 74 i Include 4vYear Protection for In Stock, i . Ships from and sold by Amazon com, Wanl it Saturday, June 27? Order within 18 hrs 2 mim and choose Saturday Delivery at Checkout Details Rotl over image tn zoom in Size ¿iO-Inch Turn on t-Clíck oroering for cms browse 32-lnch ¡iO-Inch ¿li-Inch SO-lnch SNE TV Ship lo:
  7. 7. Ïemr isïïérïíï/ ÏÁTÉÁZZZ ,3 Complete mfiáfiïíïïáïíï _ _ . ,,, _.r iagina nos llevara a esta ventana donde revisaremos el "””“'l r . . _ _. npras" donde veremos los productos que queremos comprar. Luego de revisar el carrito y estar seguro de lo que vamos a comprar hacemos click en el botón "Procced to Checkout" German! V “po” appmval for the J Your orderquallfies for FREE Shluplflg Amazon. com Rewards Visa Card. Chogsethig Qpugn atcnecyau: Current Total: s 37s .00 W" ‘m Resmdm” “"9” Gift Card: - S 70.00 Cost After Savings: S 308.00 subtota] (1 item); 337330 Shopping Cart P009 ÜUSVWÍX’ Proceed to Checkout Samsung UN40H5203 40-Inch 1080p 5378.00 ' ° o, BOHZ Smart LED TV (2014 Model) by ym, _ samsung Save Slgñ m to tum on 1»C| ick ordenng ln Stock 15151 99 Ellglbleïül FREE SWPDlÑQ 429%} Estimate your shipping and tax This IS a gm Learn more Delete Save lor later Frequently Boughl With Samsung Subtotal (1 item): 3378.00 UN40H5203 40-Inch 1080;). .. TMS‘ Savmgs’ 515139 f f AmazonBasics High- . , A“ f’ Spe The price and availability ol items a1 Amazon com are subiecïto change. The Canis a iemporary place to store a lis! (23131) oíyour items and reflects each i1em's most recent pnce. Learn more 53439 55 4g Do you have a gm card or promotinnal code? We'll askyou lo enteryour claim code when ¡f5 time to pay Ïxua to Can” gflunífi vlaeosecu ML531BE
  8. 8. 9% m p Thank you far usin Your compi/ menta Ï use period ¡ias endezf PDF Comp/ ete, 'mente nos saldrá una pantalla como esta en la que debemos especificar la dirección a donde vamos a enviar el producto que vamos a comprar. Es muy importante contactar con la empresa currier o casillero que vamos a utilizar para traer el producto para fiiïzïmes ' anotar bien la Phone number: (Learn more) dirección en este espacio. State/ Provi nee/ Region: ZIP:
  9. 9. t ‘vlïllF f í T . th)»: Hill/ i.» Your Complimentary use period iras ene/ ed. Tira/ ik you for using PDF Co/ np/ eie. Complete , nos saldra esta ventana en donde tenemos que . ... ... ... .. . .. “po de envió, de acuerdo a la urgencia con que necesitamos el producto, este es el tiempo estimado en que llegara a la empresa que nos enviara el producto. shipment 1 of 1 Choose a shipping speed shipping from Amazon. com (Learn more) z [D FREE Two-Day Shipping on this order Get fast, free shipping un this order by selecting "FREE Twc Shipping with a free trial ofAmazon Prime" below . '-iil. l_ ll r- ‘Clïll’. - i 1;’ FL‘ ïtat» ' ri ‘img’: _Li ll i‘>_1 Samsung UN40H5203 40-Inch 1080p 60Hz Smart LED TV (2014 Model) 5378 UU L i’ 'i‘ l Sold by‘ Amazon. com LLC FREE Two-Day Shipping with a free trial of agapriprrmt» z get it Ju ne 30 FREE Shipping (58 business days) Shaw-qe quammes Cr ¿EM? Standard Shipping (3-5 business days) Two-Day Shipping —- get it Tuesday June 3G One-Day Shipping — ge! it lwlundayi June 29 Luego de seleccionar con que urgencia llegara el producto hacemos click en el botón "Continue" Saturday Delivery— get it Saturday June 27
  10. 10. 5% Your compi/ men‘ “ ’ PIIF Ommete te saldrá esta ventana en donde debemos agregar , en este caso una tarjeta de crédito o debito. En la mos donde debemos agregar los datos de la tarjeta que vamos a utilizar. Luego de llenar eso hacemos click en el botón "Cont¡nue” Credit or Debi-t Cards Amazon accepts all maior credit and debit cards ' Add a Card Enter your card information Name on card Card number Expiration dale Gift Cards 8 Promotional Codes r Enter a gift card ni promotiunal code Amazon. com Store Card Access to exclusive financing offers No annual fee Zero fraud Iiability Learn more and apply now Add a bank account Use your US based checking account Learn more > Add a checking account
  11. 11. ‘ i ' _ Your Complimentary V I‘ use period has eric/ ed. ita "Compmte Than/ ¿Égi/ ‘¿iïiïlï timo, nos aparecerá esta ventana con un . ._. ... ... A_. . demuestra compra, es muy importante revisar cada detalle de la compra. Para finalizar hacemos click en el botón "Place your order" Illia’ ¡lil/ lui lmponant message Place your order Check this box to default to these delivery and payment options in the future Items‘ S378 0C Shipping address Change Payment method Change Gift cards 8 promotional codes smppmg 5) handimg 51g 5g VE-0673988 German Montilva VlSA ending in 8232 11300 NW 101ST RD 7‘ l ‘ r APW Total before tax 5397 ss MEDLEY. FL 33178-1055 Billing address Change Estimated tax to be collected S26 4€ United States Same as shipping address Phone (305) 5009199 Order total: 5424.05 How are sripcirg costs calculated? FREE TwoDay Shipping on this Order: German Montilva. you can save 519.59 on this order by selecting "FREE Two-Day Shipping with a free trial of Amazon Prime" below. a Sign up for a free trial Est’ nated shipping: June 26. 2015 Samsung UN40H5203 40—lnch 1080p Choose a delivery option: GOHI Smart LED TV (2014 M059" FREE Two-Day Shipping with a free trial ol 3373-00 awlflri/ ‘rw — get it Tuesday June 3D Amazon Prime eligible JOlH now FREE Sh 5—B b d Quantity: 1 Change Ippmg( usmess avs) ; _i¿ r - :4, ‘Mi Lír: I Standard Shipping (3-5 business days) Add ginounchs Two-Day Shipping — get it Tuesday June 30 One-Day Shipping — get ii ltlonday June 29
  12. 12. ‘ _ Your Complimentary V I" use per/ od has ent/ ed. í ‘É Than u farus/ ‘ng _V___ TT T Comp/ efe. q‘. llull: Y r: "__V 5‘ r5: i‘ ' ‘z’ Í ' A _‘ ‘“ . 4 ‘z ‘ 7 a 9,, ‘ o; v- . - a 1 w o fr. €/ - " 2.. Gracias, y disfruta comprando en Amazon