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Chapter 4 - Causes of Northern Ireland Conflict

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These slides aims to explain the causes of Northern Ireland Conflict between the Protestants and Catholics found in Chapter 4 in the Social Studies textbook for Secondary 3.

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Chapter 4 - Causes of Northern Ireland Conflict

  1. 1. Chapter 4 Causes of the Northern Ireland Conflict
  2. 2. 4 Causes of Conflict Deep Irish Hatred for the British Religious Differences Employment Opportunities Allocation of Public Housing
  3. 3. Deep Irish Hatred for the British 1
  4. 4. English invaded Ireland since th 12 century
  5. 5. Brought settlers from Scotland and England who were Protestants to settle down Occupied the northern part of the island
  6. 6. Chased the Irish people, who were Catholics, further South where the land was less fertile Introduced laws which limited the poorer Irish from owning properties, lands, joining the army and religious restrictions
  7. 7. 1690 Battle of the Boyne
  8. 8. LINK Catholics and Protestants saw each other as enemies since historical times.
  9. 9. Constant attempts by the Catholics to demand for independence for Ireland.
  10. 10. Religious Differences 2
  11. 11. Protestants lived mainly in the Northern part of Ireland. Originally Catholics lived mainly in the Southern part of Ireland.
  12. 12. Ireland became independent.
  13. 13. However, the Northern part became Northern Ireland
  14. 14. and remained as part of United Kingdom.
  15. 15. Irish in Northern Ireland 1. saw themselves as Catholics 2. wanted Northern Ireland to have a union with Ireland.
  16. 16. Protestants preferred Northern Ireland to remain within United Kingdom.
  17. 17. For they fear of being a religious minority in a united Ireland.
  18. 18. LINK Catholics and Protestants are divided and cannot see themselves as part of the same country.
  19. 19. Employment Opportunities 3
  20. 20. Catholics were as qualified as Protestants but had less employment opportunities.
  21. 21. Catholics were times more likely to be jobless than Protestants.
  22. 22. Most business owners were Protestants. Many government-controlled jobs and private companies preferred to employ Protestants.
  23. 23. LINK Catholics felt discriminated. Well-paid jobs were given to Protestants.
  24. 24. Catholics remained poorer.
  25. 25. Violence could easily occur when the Catholics felt that they were disadvantaged.
  26. 26. Allocation of Public Housing 4
  27. 27. Public housing paid by government given mostly to Protestants.
  28. 28. % % of public housing given to Protestants of population were Protestants.
  29. 29. Catholics found their applications were delayed and those who got the houses had poorer facilities.
  30. 30. LINK Catholics became frustrated and had to wait longer to get houses.
  31. 31. Catholics realised that they did not have equal rights to get public housing.
  32. 32. Catholics felt unfair which caused them to turn to violence.
  33. 33. Peaceful means such as protest marches and debates in Parliament had failed to give them the equal rights to housing