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Lean Six Sigma Operational Definitions -

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Better Understand How To Create Operational Definitions

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Lean Six Sigma Operational Definitions -

  1. 1. Operational Definitions Better Understand How To Create Operational Definitions
  2. 2. What Is Your Definition? • System downtime • On time arrival • Late to a meeting • Good managers • Clear communication • Cycle time
  3. 3. What Is An Operational Definition? • A clear, understandable description of what’s to be observed and measured, such that different people taking or interpreting the data will do so consistently. • Defining a Defect: Any nonconformity in a product or process; it is any event that does not meet the performance standards of the project “Y.”
  4. 4. Common Areas To Define • Categories • Cycle Time • Assessing Attributes • Measurement Scale and Method
  5. 5. How To Create Operational Definitions • Have a few people write a draft • Have others test the definition • Develop a job aid to support the definition • Have people not involved in the project test the definition • Finalize the definition and provide training to the people who will collect your data
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