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People, Not Candidates

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Deck from my talk at #HRTechWorld in Paris 2015.

As technology moves at a pace and we become more and more digital like never before; we need to be more human.

By focusing on human behaviour and what makes people tick we can improve our marketing efforts to persuade and influence candidates.

From Aristotle through to the latest thinking in neuroscience we can fine tune are digital activities and messages. I'll walk through the nine ingredients that will help you deliver digital strategies that connect with the "chimp and the human" parts of our brains through the power of emotion and rational thinking.

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People, Not Candidates

  1. @googledave #hrtechworld
  2. Past Present Future @googledave #hrtechworld
  3. @googledave More Tech We Have More Digital We Become The More Human We Must Be #hrtechworld @googledave
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  5. @googledave #hrtechworld @googledave
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  7. @googledave #hrtechworld @googledave
  8. @googledave #hrtechworld
  9. What makes people tick? @googledave #hrtechworld
  10. @googledave #hrtechworld
  11. Ethos Pathos Credibility - Trust Logos Consistency - Logic Emotions - Imagination @googledave #hrtechworld
  12. Pathos @googledave #hrtechworld
  13. Behaviour Influence Persuade @googledave #hrtechworld
  14. And now… @googledave #hrtechworld
  15. @googledave #hrtechworld
  16. 1.Persuasive Facts & Figures @googledave #hrtechworld
  17. @googledave #hrtechworld
  18. @googledave #hrtechworld @googledave
  19. 2. Be Truthful @googledave #hrtechworld
  20. “The consumer isn't a moron; she is your wife.” @googledave #hrtechworld
  21. Sincere Authentic Genuine
  22. 3. Bullshit Monitor @googledave #hrtechworld
  23. @googledave #hrtechworld
  24. Yahoo vs Google Bullshit Monitor @googledave #hrtechworld
  25. 4. Thought Leader @googledave #hrtechworld
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  27. @googledave #hrtechworld
  28. Own your space Give your best stuff away Engage Personas & Influencers @googledave #hrtechworld
  29. @googledave #hrtechworld
  30. 1. Drivers @googledave #hrtechworld
  32. 2. Speed @googledave #hrtechworld
  33. 40% GONE AFTER 3 SECONDS @googledave #hrtechworld
  34. @googledave #hrtechworld
  35. 3. Lead with empathy @googledave #hrtechworld
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  37. @googledave #hrtechworld
  38. @googledave
  39. 4. Same Wavelength @googledave #hrtechworld
  40. @googledave #hrtechworld
  41. A hero’s Journey @googledave #hrtechworld
  42. 5. Pain & Pleasure @googledave #hrtechworld
  43. @googledave #hrtechworld
  44. @googledave #hrtechworld
  45. Ph. Creative Kingsbridge Professional Solutions presentation #hrtechworld
  46. Get personal @googledave #hrtechworld
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  48. @bryan_phc #AskPh @googledave COKE BOTTLES WITH NAMES @googledave #hrtechworld
  49. @googledave FULL SCREEN “SHOT ON IPHONE 6” PHOTO @googledave #hrtechworld
  50. @googledave #hrtechworld
  51. @googledave Be genuine, Be sincere, Be authentic #hrtechworld
  52. @googledave #hrtechworld “People may forget what you said or did, but they will always remember how you made them feel” Maya Angelou
  53. @googledave #hrtechworld @googledave
  54. Before & After Missing outHurt & Rescue @googledave #hrtechworld