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VoteMeApp descriptive deck

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A solution that allows any group of people, small and large, to organize any type of elections. VoteMeApp

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VoteMeApp descriptive deck

  1. 1. June 1, 2020
  2. 2. Executive Summary: Our decision-making tool is a solution that allows any group of people, small and large, to organize any type of elections. VoteMeApp is available in two formats: mobile app and dashboard 1. The mobile app allows any group of people to select the best person for a specific role. 2. The interactive dashboard allows organizations to run virtual meetings with the possibility of taking real-time decisions.
  3. 3. PROBLEM / OPPORTUNITY Physical availability for voting in the same room is often not possible, not safe, or not convenient to organize. It takes a lot of time, huge logistical hustle and a lot of personnel to facilitate the election process. Digital communication tools like Zoom or Skype don't assure the security of the vote and don’t generate a final protocol. Existing solutions for voting don't assure the proof of identity and different levels of members. Organization meetings, conventions, general assemblies, congresses are expensive to organize
  4. 4. DASHBOARD VALUE PROPOSITION Web dashboard for internal voting on issues included in the meeting agenda with live conference, interactive chat, and digitally signed meeting protocol. Initiate decision-making meetings with different level of access. Any meeting has a moderator/admin, the possibility to add contributors, and different access to voting rights or simple observation roles. Results of voting are displayed in real-time during the meeting and included in the final protocol generated automatically after the meeting. The live conference also offers the possibility to integrate apps like Zoom in the decision-making dashboard.
  5. 5. APP VALUE PROPOSITION The mobile app allows any group of people to select the best person for a specific role The mobile app empowers group members, gives them more autonomy over the nomination process. Decentralized approach motivate group to increase engagement during the election and more responsible for their choice. Groups and communities benefits from harnessing the collective power of recommendations. VoteMeApp has encrypted data protection and guarantees security protocols to assure the vote is anonymous.
  6. 6. UNDERLYING MAGIC Google for Democracy Our ranking algorithm is similar to Google Search that allows election participants to endorse the one or more candidates for a specific role. A team can use it in 15 minutes to make fast decisions about who should be a team leader or responsible for a particular task. App exclude vote meddling by confirming and validating each vote with the mobile device, phone number and selfie picture;
  7. 7. Freemium app (from 1$) See winner for free, pay for additional classification of candidates or see your position. SaaS Dashboard (from 99$) Decision protocol + live conference, chat, advanced analytics, data visualization. BUSINESS MODEL
  8. 8. GO TO MARKET PLAN Freemium app for the low and medium touch end of the market: Partnerships; Quick time to value; High network effect; Inbound marketing; Influencer marketing campaigns; SaaS Dashboard for high touch end of the market: Sales Strategy; Direct Mail for Key decision makers; Demo & Case Study presentations; Relationship and trust building; Referral strategy
  9. 9. CASE STUDY Web dashboard with live conference for internal elections at Technical University in Moldova that allowed 160 participants to organize elections on 4 separate issues:
  10. 10. OVERVIEW Management team Artur Gurau is a CEO coming from marketing, community builder for more than ten years. Known for Granat, Rockit & the Digital Communication Network Vitalie Esanu is CTO with a large experience in complex tech solutions. Known for, Camera Genius and CodeGoo Current Status Accomplishments We have run 50+ elections and 1200 users on iOS and Android Tested in 11 countries Used to elect Digital Communication Network leadership. Used to elect President of Youth Parliament in Moldova. Used by VIP Magazine to select “The person of the year”. Used by Rockit Awards to select winners on 9 categories.
  11. 11. Thank you!