components in iot gsm modules gps wifi zigbee bluetooth communication modules control units smart objects actuators sensors functional blocks of an iot ec iot lifecycle components comprising iot why iot? what is iot edge and cloud in iot fog iot functional stack simplified iot architecture alternative iot models iot world forum (iotwf) iot architectures: onem2m enabling technologies evolution of internet of thing surge in springs design procedure of helical sp stresses in helical spring terms used in compression spri helical springs types of springs: application of springs design of springs basic weld symbols types of welded joints define welding joint stresses in knuckle joint design of knuckle joint knuckle joint temperary joints and permanent simple stresses and strain procedure in machine design mechanical properties classification of engineering classifications of machine des introduction to machine design torsional equation bending moment equation types of shafts bending stress of shaft shear stress of shaft design of shaft
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