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Infographer agency portfolio presentation jan 2013

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  2. — Own methodology — Our mission is to deliver results that help our client profit on our visualizations is the worldwide visual communications agency for the needs of clear and distinct communication of the sence, structure and logic, revealing the hidden knowledge and evolving comprehension Infographer   Here we are — We run the most comprehensive blog dedicated to business infographics and visualization at work, serving the community since 2009
  3. Infographics is the ability to transfer the result of mental analysis into image. Infographics is the part of Visual communications, and refers to visualization of data, logic and meaning Purpose of infographics: Deliver the meaning to target audiences suitable for: §  Journalists; §  Managers of every kind of presentation/reporting; §  Scientists; §  Politicians. Visuals are extremely important for understanding of complex terms, tech processes, different facts and figures, as well as the complicated logic structures and tricky ideas Example: coffee menu Do you know the difference between Cappuccino, Americano and Espresso Macchiato? The role of infographics Infographics
  4. Depict complicated logical process, structure Efficiently used for: §  Business management and consulting to visualize and explain business processes; §  Explanation of logic and structures of information; §  Scientific reports. 1 Areas of application Infographics Effectively track the company performance progress Efficiently used for: § Business reports, prepared for top management levels and investors. They visualize at executive interactive report screens the information about KPI measures, company-wide and per-department metrics 2
  5. Bring attention to the most important facts Efficiently used for: § Press-releases, as an eye-catching point for the news, to show the changes introduced, and to bring viral effect; § Politics; § Media and journalism, to depict the facts on the particular subject in concise manner. 3 Describe particular subject in detail, to stimulate interest in your data, to read your information Efficiently used for: §  Magazines – visual addition to the publications and raw data / or even full replacement of text and data with infographics only; §  E-learning and other cases when there is no direct contact with the recipient of the information; 4 Areas of application Infographics
  6. 1. Text in PowerPoint presentations classics 2. Metaphor mountain with several roads and flag on top (the goal) 3. RoadMap diagram of the consecutive tasks BMW Financial Services strategy was presented in 3 different ways to three non- overlapping groups of MBA students, and statistical data about consumption of this information was collected. Visualizations 2 and 3 are superior with the following qualitative results: § Better memorization (storing in active part of the memory); § The same presenter got higher marks for his presentation skills (however the speech was just the same); § Higher attention of the audience; § Adoption of the information presented is higher Martin J. Eppler * conducted the research in Media and communications management, University of St. Gallen (Switzerland) Infographics does the job, it is a proven fact Efficiency of infographics in business communications
  7. Analytics Core service. Work on any visual communication project starts from in-deep analysis of the raw data, not candy pictures. Your data and goal of communication is all we need. We present you logically structured visuals, suitable for proper communication of your ideas. Presentations, annual reports, white papers We create the structure of the presentation with accent on data, logic and infographics. 2 types: — Speech presentation. Key elements: Structure, emotional aspect of the visuals, simple clean design; — «Presentation as a document», distributed for self-reading and analysis. Data-rich and structured We also create other types of print, filled with stats and logic structures / processes / etc, for the cases when using just text would be enormous and not easy to understand. Dashboards, infoscreens Do you manage a team, and monitor the efficiency? Dashboard is the no-brainer for executives. We know hot to analyze the information for the dashboards and how to present it visually. We know how to deliver the info in concise manner for decision-making. Illustrations Visual presentation of any statistical / meaningful information, maps — in a correct and beautiful way. Easy to read and to understand core meaning and communication messages, yet nice to look at. It is easier for the viewer to make conclusions that you pre-planned for them. Visual consulting Visual Thinking BusinessGrapher   «How does it work?» We create schemes and diagrams, which depict complicated information structures, business processes and interactions, based on your ideas. We help you structure your own ideas, eliminate tons of pages of business model description. We facilitate visualization process by interviewing. Outcome is simple: illustration, brochure, interactive presentation or any other visual (created specially for the model of viewer’s interaction with this information) – but it is a very well structured message delivery 1. Static image 2. Animated story 3. Interactive application Types of visual for every kind of project What we do infographer team
  8. 1. Raw data/information collection: Usually delivered by client. When required, Infographer may conduct special facilitation meeting session with the client team and stake holders interviews, to extract information out of the brains. 2.1 Raw data/information processing: Infographer is processing the collected data, to reveal logic structures in the information, dependencies etc. Understanding of the information that is must show, and nice-to-have information be included in the final visuals (based on the task of visual communication). 2.2 Draft Sketching: Infographer creates the layout sketches of the information processed (black and white colors with focus on meaning, not on style). All logical structures are put into layout according the the readability schemes and visualization techniques. Draft is an almost complete infographics (including texts and ideas on visuals), still without decoration. 3. Illustration: Can be done by infographer or by Client’s own designers. Illustrator’s task at this stage is to create the full-color illustration, preserving the layout, all the elements and visual links between them, amounts of information and text blocks. Visualization from Draft stage is the master guide for the graphics. Illustration style depends on the project requirements and brand book limits. Draft sketch example: How it went to final illustration: Methodology: project stages infographer team
  9. Portfolio | Uralkali Interactive presentation with 6 main screens and approx. 30 pop-ups, for web and iPad use Project: Interactive presentation for investors, lightning up favorable facts about Uralkali as one of the most profitable companies for investment Raw data: § Annual report, interviews To watch → → “Why invest in Uralkali” Objectives and tasks: § Convince the investors, that Uralkali company is good to invest in § Pack lots of data in a very short (several slides) structure § Design interactivity to stimulate the data exploration § Programming
  10. Portfolio | Siemens Interactive presentation with 11 illustrations and some popups, for web Project: Interactive infographics about different industrial technologies supplied by Siemens. Core element of Siemens’ media presence at website Raw data: § Some non-structured articles in magazines about technologies and their benefits Objectives and tasks: § Show the Forbes reader, that Siemens is not just the home appliances company § Create the interactive case album of Siemens technologies § Create from scratch key visual for every of the cases, relying on the minimum information available, while the access to Siemens representatives was restricted view → Presentation slides Illustration DIN Ä4 Examples of pages
  11. Portfolio | Open Government Presentation with 15 slides + A4 one-page statistics report Project: Visualize the statistics of several online project of Moscow City Government. This is direct report for the Mayor of Moscow and City Government: — Multi-page detailed report — Single-page stats Raw data: § Website performance stats Objectives and tasks: § Develop the first visually correct report about government websites performance § Unify scales. Report consists of many figures that are “a fraction of another figure, that is a fraction of one other figure” – single scale is necessary for understanding § Create one-page report with all the stats at a glance Presentation slides Illustration DIN Ä4
  12. Portfolio | Ministry of Economy 32-page brochure with special fly-out cover page Cover page includes special extra fly-out page for all-Russia stats, making it possible to compare visually a certain goods stats with overall Russia stats Project: Report on inflation in Russia, about 13 major consumer goods categories Raw data: § Excel tables with calculations, report text draft Objectives and tasks:: § Make the government report visual and self-explanatory, by using only the most commonly used chart types and light types on infographics for easy-reading § Add structure to the text, re-think the data for easier presentation, and create visualization template for datasets of very different consumer goods
  13. Portfolio | IFC (World Bank Group) Single A4 illustration Project: One-pager report/teaser for potential clients, describing the major results of an IFC consulting project (industrial efficiency and environment safety areas) Raw data: § 10-page project description Objectives and tasks: § To show the professional competencies of the consulting team to the clients § To summarize three years of project work (which included enormous amount of decisions and work), into single A4 page § Create very light design style, not breaking the official IFC brand guidelines
  14. Portfolio | First Law Portal Single Ä4 illustration, visual thinking business model Project: New business model visualization for investors Raw data: § Interview with founders of the project + 50-pages of business plan text Objectives and tasks: § To persuade investors that the idea is thoroughly thought over,and project is planned § Break through the clutter of other traditional startups business cases § Illustrate use cases and monetization for the new web portal, and its advantages for the three main user types: legal advisories, companies, and people.
  15. Portfolio | Mansurovo Agro 4-min animation Project: 4-minute promo animation for investors and government, which describes advantages of this new agro production group (implementing many modern technologies), and details on economics of the region Raw data: § Stake holders interviews, some preliminary presentation Objectives and tasks: § Create 4-minute animation out of enormous amount of non-structured information. Purpose of the animation: airing at exhibitions, presentation to government § Full production process (including music and voice-over) Screenshots Full copy available →
  16. Portfolio | DIT Ministry of Moscow Government Presentations, illustrations, schemes, user interfaces, visual thinking models, business development, trainings, etc. Project: Full-scale outsourcing support of the visualization services for the IT Ministry of the Moscow government. During this long-term partnership, Infographer: § has built the team for 24/7 support (Moscow government never sleeps and has many overnight work) § created 200+ presentations (reported to Moscow Government, Mayor of Moscow, Russian Government, and the President). § Tightest deadlines followed successfully On-going relations since Feb 2012. Objectives and tasks: § Facilitation of ideas development, support for rolling out ideas into project § Presentations of projects, for speeches in the Moscow Government § Reports to the Mayor of Moscow and other heads of the city § Website and interactive screens user interfaces development § Team trainings and education § Some government projects required extra marketing support (promotion among citizens). We successfully built dedicated marketing teams (10+ people) incl. PR, graphics and other specialists.
  17. Portfolio | Ministry of Agriculture Presentations, 30-slides Project: Official presentation of the Russian delegation shown at annual world symposium about food security in Mexico on 2012, explaining the concept of Food Security, developed by Russia. Objectives and tasks: § Develop the presentation structure, facilitate content creation by the ministry employees, and the whole creative production process
  18. Portfolio | Energy Efficiency 42-slide presentation Raw data: § Business model calculations in Excel + interview with model developers. Client: Samara regional Government + Energy Services Company Objectives and tasks: § To show the whole story of production-transportation-consumption process of energy delivery to consumer, highlighting areas of possible improvement during 2009-2020 yy. § Highlight potential savings, and visualize financial model of the business plan § To “sell” the project to the government and the Head of the region
  19. Project: Top-level dashboard for easy decision-making process. Client has so many companies in portfolio, that automated investment performance analysis system (with unified methodology) was developed. Client: Rostekhnologii is the leading Russian investment company with shares in 100+ industry companies, including partnerships with Mercedes Benz Group Objectives and tasks: § Create the dashboard logic (use cases, number of screens and principles of interaction with data, structure of screens), that reflects the methodology of investment feasibility study (developed for the Client by a group of scientists) § Dashboard layout drafts, style and help with further implementation by the IT Integrator CROC Raw data: § Interviews with developers of methodology, text description of calculation methodology Portfolio | Rostekhnologii Interactive top-management dashboard Three main screens overview – only draft is presented here for confidentiality reasons
  20. Project: Dashboard for Russia Development Program, curated by the President of Russia Raw data: § 100-page MS Word-file with strategy description + templates of data entry forms. Client: Informexpertiza is the department in Government of Russia, for special IT projects Tasks: § To create from scratch the system of KPIs, by re-working dozens of simple paper- based reports (used by the government officials). § To create logic of interaction with data (logic of links between dashboards) § Research on the data availability (for this reporting). § Visualize the performance of every Ministry, and every government agency, with split by geographical regions. Portfolio | Informexpertiza Interactive dashboard system with 5 main screens
  21. Project: One-pager reporting system for middle-level management Objectives and tasks: § Integrate the dashboard into current IT systems of the Client § Create data presentation layouts, and make Excel+VBA programming Raw data: § interviews, data in MS Excel files Portfolio | Knorr (Russia) 1-page interactive dashboard in MS Excel + VBA Drafts
  22. Portfolio | Coffee in Moscow Interactive infographics for web+ iPad Project: Interactive report with stats about coffee prices in 8 most popular coffee shop chains in Moscow (own project of the Agency) Raw data: § Manual price collection by field visits to every coffee shop Objectives and tasks: § Project mission: to help Moscow citizens choose the coffee shop § Analytics: Invent the idea of an interactive project, brainstorm and develop the project idea. Data collection § Design: Visualization and programming Online →
  23. Portfolio | Trainings infographics trainings Project type: Internal corporate trainings on data visualization and visual thinking skills. End customer: analytics departments, marketing departments Reference list: — Pepsi Russia — RAO EES of Russia — Sberbank — Megafon — AEGIS media house — Hachette Filipacchi publishing house Task: § To share the knowledge of data visualization with the most powerful analytics teams, for further knowledge usage at reporting, presentations etc § Develop visual thinking skills § Equip managers (non-designers) with easy guidelines and tools for in-house corporate infographics creation
  24. Portfolio | Severstal Illustrations, schemes, presentations Project: Learning materials for company internal MBA / other trainings. 30+ papers, brochures, presentations created Client: Severtal HR department. Severstal is the leading Russian steel production company Tasks: § Create layouts and final designs out of sound explanations § Tables, schemes, diagrams, illustrations, etc Some pages examples
  25. Portfolio | GEO travel magazine Illustrations
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