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Lean Canvas evolved - FTE Canvas

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Lean Canvas is great tool for startups. But sometimes people find it confusing, especially the "flow". And it is missing some important bits'n'pieces for a early stage startup.

I have adjusted the flow of canvas, removed certain non-important things and included things I have found important (like CAC and CLV).

The FTE Canvas can be used as when developing the startups first pitch deck and when you are thingking of your first startup.


PS. Appreciate any and all comments !

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Lean Canvas evolved - FTE Canvas

  1. 1. Customer Aqusition Cost Sales, marketing, PR, etc. Early Buyers Who is early adopter Paying Customer Target paying customer Costs Dev., admin, etc. costs Customer Lifetime value What is the CLV in each channel ? Problem Simplified problem description Channels How will you sell it ? KPI’s Measurements to be used Solution Simplified solution description Unfair advantage What do you know more ? Market Market size etc. Existing Alternatives Used today Unique Value Proposition Your “pitch” The FTE Canvas XYZ Company 10-Jan-2015 Iteration #1