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  1. 1. Created by Simpo PDF Creator Pro (unregistered version) UFOs – Unidentified Flying Objects Ufology – is a neologism coined to describe the collective efforts of those who study reports and associated evidence of unidentified flying objects (UFOs). Ufologist – A ufo investigator is called a ufologist Ufo Sightings- Some eye witnesses to the UFOs Roswell Incident- called the Roswell UFO crash 1947 UFO Conspiracy – Worldwide UFO cover Ups and related theories Alien- An extra-terrestrial being is called an alien
  2. 2. IUR Back Issues International UFO Reporter COMPLETE YOUR UFO REFERENCE LIBRARY WITH BACK ISSUES OF THE INTERNATIONAL UFO REPORTER All issues marked with an asterisk* are out of print; photocopies available only. All articles that discuss Roswell and UFO crashes in bold type.Volume 29 “The flying box, and other cases,” by Raymond Fowler “Taken down under: The Australian abduction experience,”____ Spring “Satellite objects and cloud cigars,” by Herbert S. Taylor by Bill Chalker “Mysterious island: The UFO legacy of the Isle of Man,” by ____ Fall “Too close for Condon: Close encounters of the 4 th kind,” Jenny Randles by Michael D. Swords “Balloons, missiles, and UFOs,” by Michael D. Swords “A preliminary classification of some reports of UFOs,” by “Digging up Roswell,” by Robert Durant Fred Merritt “First contact with ET within 20 years?” by Mark “UFOs in Canada, 2003,” by Mark Rodeghier Rodeghier “Spooky plausibility: A review of Sight Unseen,” by Craig____ Summer “Satellite objects: A further look,” by Herbert S. Taylor R. Lang “The meaning of hybrid and abductee play,” by David M. “Taken down under (part 2): The Australian abduction Jacobs experience,” by Bill Chalker “The effect of UFOs on society,” by Ron Westrum ____ Winter “When UFOs were serious business: Then and today,” by “Timmerman’s triangles,” by Michael D. Swords Michael Hall “NARCAP statement on the Mexican FLIR case” “1952: Ruppelt’s big year,” by Michael D. Swords “On media delusions and Ivan Sanderson: Two reviews,” by “Skeptical failures down Mexico way,” by Mark Rodeghier Jerome Clark “UFO secrecy and the law,” by Donald R. Burleson “Postcards with a UFO theme,” by George M. Eberhart “The use of thermoluminescence for the evaluation of UFO____ Fall “Aliens, hair, and DNA,” by Bill Chalker landing site effects,” by Edward J. Zeller “Green miniature airplane hovers in front of a house,” by Clas Svahn “Air Force UFO investigations in the mid-1950s,” by Volume 27 Michael D. Swords ____ Spring “UFO/Vehicle very close encounter,” by Mark Rodeghier “Psychotherapy and UFOs,” by Mark Rodeghier “Angel Hair: An Australian perspective,” by Keith “A case of radar detection of UFOs in France,” by Claude Basterfield Poher “Was there a second Estimate of the Situation?,” by “An abductee’s life,” by Tom Rymer Michael Hall “Conversations with Martians,” by Jerome Clark “The trivialist,” by Jerome Clark____ Winter “Navy missile tests and the Canary Island UFOs,” by V.J. “The 1952 Nash/Fortenberry sighting revisited,” by Ballester Olmos and Ricardo Campo Perez Thomas Tulien “Radio signals from space, alien probes, and Betty Hill,” by ____ Summer “What’s convincing about UFOs?,” by Michael D. Swords Michael D. Swords “Media bias and UFOs,” by Haiko Lietz “Mystery clouds and the UFO connection,” by Herbert S. “Do nuclear facilities attract UFOs?,” by Donald A. Taylor Johnson “Just for fun: The trivial stuff that legends are made of,” by “Interpreting the Ramey memo,” by James Houran and Michael D. Swords Kevin D. Randle “The relationship between religion and UFOs,” by Mark “Unusual experiences from the Timmerman files,” by Rodeghier Michael D. Swords ____ Fall “The flying triangle phenomenon,” by Don Ledger “Frank Kaufmann reconsidered,” by Kevin D. RandleVolume 28 and Mark Rodeghier____ Spring “Levelland, Texas, 1957: Case reopened,” by Donald R. “The 1946 ghost rocket photo,” by Clas Svahn Burleson “Harvard’s revenge? Abduction reports and false “Spanish military UFO encounter,” by Vicente-Juan memory,” by Stuart Appelle Ballester Olmos “The U-2 spy plane and Blue Book: Another look,” by “Greene County close encounter,” by John Timmerman Mark Rodeghier “Snapshot from a cruise,” by John Timmerman and Mark ____ Winter “The Washington, D.C. jet chase of July 26, 2002,” by Rodeghier Joan Woodward “Barney Barnett’s crashed saucer: Where did it come “Timmermania: A step too far into the Timmerman from?” by Kevin D. Randle and Karl T. Pflock files?,” by Michael D. Swords “Proto-UFOs,” by Jerome Clark “Attitudes toward ETI, UFOs, and abductions,” by Mark “A close encounter before flying saucers,” by Frank John Rodeghier Reid “Collision course,” by Jenny Randles “Astronomers get serious about ETI (if not UFOs),” by Mark Rodeghier____ Summer “The Arthur Kill sightings, July 14-15, 2001,” by Dennis K. Volume 26 Anderson ____ Spring “Close encounter in UFO alley” by Jenny Randles “Enigma variations: Proto-UFOs and other strangeness,” by “UFOs on memory lane,” by Kevin D. Randle Jerome Clark “Project Mogul still a flight of fancy,” by Robert J. “Orthoteny as a world grid: The intra-ocular impact test,” Durant by Donald Johnson “Discovering the new extrasolar planets,” by Michael D.
  3. 3. Swords “Astronomers and UFOs,” by Henry Cordova, Frank John____ Summer “New findings on the Lubbock lights,” by Donald R. Reid, and George M. Eberhart Burleson “Fire on the Mountain: The Berwyn Mountain incident,” “The Research and Development Board: Unanswered by Andy Roberts questions,” by Michael Hall “The Mystery of Howden Moors: Part two,” by David “Alien society and the abduction phenomenon,” by David Clarke and Martin Jeffrey M. Jacobs ____ Winter “An Aircraft/UFO encounter over Germany,” by Richard “A little walk in the strange life of George Hunt Haines Williamson,” by Michael D. Swords “UFO Beings, folklore, and mythology: Personal “The Roswell testimony of Chester P. Barton,” by experiences,” by Lisa Oakman Joseph Stefula “Mack Brazel reconsidered,” by Thomas J. Carey and____ Fall “The Lockheed UFO case, 1953,” by Joel Carpenter Donald R. Schmitt “An analysis of angel hair, 1947-2000,” by Brian Boldman “The forgotten letters of Edward J. Ruppelt,” by Michael “Rendlesham Forest: The British MoD file,” by Jenny Hall and Wendy Connors Randles “What does a half-century of intense UFO display mean?” by Michael D. Swords Volume 23____ Winter* “The July 1952 Coast Guard photo revisited,” by Joe ____ Spring “Top secret 1949 document,” by Jan Aldrich Nyman and Barry Greenwood “The Mantell case–50 Years later,” by Christopher D. Allan “Pre-World War II ‘Creature Retrieval,’” by William E. “Tully Saucer Nests of 1966: Part II,” by Bill Chalker Jones and Eloise G. Watson “Government UFO documents on the Internet,” by Mark “Close encounters: the more we learn, the less we know,” Rodeghier by Craig Lang ____ Summer “An Engineer looks at the Project Mogul hypothesis,” by “The Timmerman files,” by Michael D. Swords Robert A. Galganski “UFOs in Canada, 2001,” by Mark Rodeghier “C.B. Moore’s Mogul tape,” by Robert J. Durant “Britain’s secret UFO study,” by Mark Rodeghier “1997 Canadian UFO Survey,” by Chris Rutkowski “Seeing the forest for the trees: New twists in the Bentwaters case,” by Jenny RandlesVolume 25 “Apocalypse in gray,” by Thomas E. Bullard____ Spring “The Senator, the saucer, and Special Report 14,” by Joel ____ Fall “The history–making Sturrock workshop,” by Michael D. Carpenter Swords and Mark Rodeghier “Detection of UFOs using state-of-the-art technology,” by “UFO flare-ups in Ohio,” by Terry Endres and Ron Schaffner John Schuessler “Will the real Sheridan Cavitt please stand up?” by “New lines in UFO research: Orthoteny revisited,” by Don Thomas J. Carey Johnson “How the Ministry of Defence covers up,” by Jenny Randles “Encounter in Puerto Rico,” by Henry Cordova ____ Winter “Investigating the ghost rockets,” by Jan Aldrich “A 1956 military aircraft-UFO close encounter,” by “Alfred Loedding: New insight on the man behind Project Richard Haines and Franklin Carter Sign,” by Michael Hall and Wendy Connors____ Summer “Deciphering the Ramey memo,” by Donald R. Burleson “Signals, noise, and UFO waves, by Richard Hall ”Flight to Fort Worth: From complicity to cover-up,” “The end of a photographic case,” by Mark Cashman by Thomas Carey and Don Schmitt “A moment in history: An interview with Bill Bequette,” by “The Harwinton daylight disc,” by Mark Cashman Pierre Lagrange “The 1999 French report on UFOs and defense,” by Mark Rodeghier “Vehicle interference at Little Fox Lake, Yukon,” by Volume 22 Martin Jasek and Mark Rodeghier ____ Spring “The strange sage of Cactus Jack," by Thomas Carey____ Fall “Walesville revisited,” by Kevin Randle “The McCoy letter," by Michael Swords “Keyhoe’s context,” by Frank John Reid "The Linda Cortile case analyzed: Part 1,” by Greg Sandow “The Rendlesham Forest case: Point/counterpoint,” by “An anecdotal report of a UFO crash/retrieval in 1941: Jenny Randles and Richard Hall Part 1," by Walter Webb “The Swedish military and UFOs,” by Clas Svahn with ____Summer “An anecdotal report of a UFO crash/retrieval in 1941: Eileen Fletcher Part 2," by Walter Webb “Counting abductees: What can surveys tell us?” by Mark "The Linda Cortile case analyzed: Part 2," by Greg Sandow Rodeghier "Carl Sagan and me," by Budd Hopkins “Orthoteny: Lost cause or a redeemed one?” by Claude "The 1997 Space and UFO Science Symposium at the Mauge Cosmo Isle-Hakui Center, Japan," by Richard Haines____ Winter “Chupacabras in Perspective,” by Thomas Bullard "UFOs in Canada—1996," by Mark Rodeghier “From GEPAN to SEPRA: Official UFO studies in "UFOs and humor: An annotated list," by Chris Rutkowski France,” by Gildas Bourdais "Mid-1997 roundup of new UFO and related books," by “The Roswell debris field: Size doesn’t matter,” by several authors Robert Galganski ____ Fall "The CIAs UFO history," by Mark Rodeghier “Dyad scout craft,” by Richard Hall "Whos the dummy now? The latest Air Force report," by Mark Rodeghier and Mark Chesney "Roswell: Clashing Visions of the possible," by MichaelVolume 24 Swords____ Spring “Strange evidence," by Bill Chalker "Lie Detection in UFO controversies," by Geoff Price "Behavioral classification system for UFO occupants," by "The Australian government and UFOs," by Bill Chalker Mark Cashman ____Winter "The Glue Explanation Just Wont Stick," by Robert "Abductions and research bias: How to lose your way," by Galganski Thomas E. Bullard "UFO crash at Shag Harbour," by Don Ledger____ Summer “Crash landing in the Pampas,” by Roberto E. Banchs and "Louisiana lights in 1967," by John Williams Richard W. Heiden "The light that stopped a car," by Clas Svahn and Jörgen “South Pacific sighting, 1997,” by Richard Haines Granlie “The mystery of Howden Moors: Part one,” by David Clarke "Tully saucer nests of 1966: Part 1," by Bill Chalker and Martin Jeffrey “UFOs in Canada,” by Mark Rodeghier “Classic cases from the APRO files,” by Michael Swords Volume 21____ Fall “The Holland, Michigan, radar-visual case,” by Michael ____Spring The pancakes of Eagle River," by Jerome Clark Swords "The MJ-12 Operations Manual: Another forgery?" by “Probing the Roswell thin-strut debris,” by Robert A. Kevin D. Randle Galganski
  4. 4. "The scientific context of the UFO/abduction ____March/April "Editorial: Roswell and the GAO investigation," by phenomenon," by Don C. Donderi Mark Rodeghier "The White Sands films," by Bruce Maccabee "Hypnosis and the Hill abduction case," by Mark Rodeghier "UFO nearly collides with British airliner," by David Boras "Big (space) brothers," by Jerome Clark____Summer "Carl Sagans demons," by Jerome Clark "Missing science," by Thomas E. Bullard "Investigating the abduction investigators," by Thomas E. ____May/June "News from the field," by Mark Rodeghier Bullard "Flight of the triangle," by David Thacker "Roswell: Connecting the debris field and the impact "Rumblings and luminosities," by Greg Long site," by Robert A. Galganski "Dubious truth about the Roswell crash," by "Project 1947: An inquiry into the beginning of the UFO Christopher D. Allen era," by Jan Aldrich "Abductions and post-traumatic stress disorder," by Keith "Are abductions positive?" by David M. 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"The Air Force report on Roswell: An absence of "Tall tales in flatland: Abductions in the Netherlands" by evidence," by Mark Rodeghier and Mark Chesney Tin Vankerkom "An extraordinary encounter in the Dandenong foothills," "The night the mountain exploded" by Jenny Randles by Bill Chalker "The will to believe: Gnats, motes, and cottonwood fluff "Epistemological totalitarianism: The skeptical case against from outer space" by Jennie Zeidman abductions," by Thomas E. Bullard "Salida--an analysis of the video" by Bruce Maccabee ____Nov./Dec. "Roswell, the Air Force, and us," by Karl T. Pflock "The Project Mogul flights and Roswell," by Kevin D.Volume 20 Randle____Jan./Feb. "Leonard H. 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Todd, Mark Rodeghier, and Kevin Ballester Olmos Randle ____March/April "Editorial: Saucer smearers," by Jerome Clark "The Arnold phenomenon: Part two," by Bruce Maccabee Pro/con views on "The Linda Cortile case," by Donald A. "The lost words of Edward Ruppelt," by Michael D. Swords Johnson, Willy Smith, Budd Hopkins, David M. "Admiral Hillenkoetter: From believer to skeptic," by Jacobs, and John E. Mack Christopher D. Allan "The Hatch enigma," by Kevin D. Randle and Donald____May/June "Bessie Brazels story," by Kevin D. Randle R. Schmitt "The Arnold phenomenon: Part three," by Bruce Maccabee ____May/June "The Pentacle letter and the Battelle UFO project," by "Blue Book pearls: Greenville, S.C.," by Willy Smith Jennie Zeidman and Mark Rodeghier "Passport to Moniheya," by Jerome Clark "Jesse Marcel and the Roswell incident: An exchange," "UFO flap in Zimbabwe," by Cynthia Hind by Christopher D. Allan and Kevin D. Randle____July/Aug. "The GAO Report: Results of a search for records "Radar/visual UFOs and Air Force debunking," by Richard concerning the 1947 crash near Roswell" Hall "What the GAO found: Nothing about much ado," by "Disk with rotating cupola observed near Straits of Gibraltar Mark Rodeghier and Mark Chesney by Russian ship in 1984" "Alien probe detected in solar system?" by Mark Rodeghier ____July/Aug. "Roswell and the Flying Wing," by Kevin D. Randle "Enigmatic objects in space," by George M. Eberhart and Donald R. Schmitt "Dr. Robertson requests the honor of your attendance," by "A little physics...a little friction: A close encounter with the Michael D. Swords Condon Committee," by Robert M. Wood____Winter "Charles Moore, New Mexico UFOs, and the Air "A catalog of early crash claims," by Jerome Clark Force," by Kevin D. Randle "On UFO noises," by Willy Smith "The final Air Force report on Roswell," by Mark ____Sept./Oct. 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Jcobs ____Sept./Oct.* "Minnesota CE-2: The Val Johnson story, Part 1" "Crashed discs, maybe," by Richard Hall ____Nov. "Minnesota CE-2: The Val Johnson story, Part 2"____Sept./Oct. "An extraordinary UFO incident off Chile," by Bill Chalker ____Dec.* "Spanish radar visual case" "Close encounters: Mind or matter?" by Michael D. Swords____Nov./Dec. "An analysis of the Rendlesham Forest tape," by Robert H. CoddingtonVolume 9 Volume 3____Jan./Feb.* "The light and the ring," by Mark Remaley ____Jan.* "The U.S. government and the Iran case" "A cosmic Watergate?" by J. Allen Hynek "First photos of Guatemala videotape"____Mar./April* "People who live in glass houses," by Donald R. Schmitt ____Feb.* "An inside look at Grenada s UFO mission at the UN" and Richard W. Heiden ____March* "UFOs and the FBI," by Bruce S. Maccabee "Nebraska close encounter," by J. Allen Hynek ____April "The five most-asked UFO questions, 1978"____May/June* "The Yakimas and earth lights," by W. J. 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Allen Hynek one jet"____July/Aug.* "Trinidade revisited," by Willy Smith ____Oct./Nov.* "Ufologists and the United Nations," by J. Allen Hynek "Boomerang over three counties," by Philip J. Imbrogno “Ufologists meet the social scientists" "Ufology in Sweden," by J. Allen Hynek "Hypnosis of imaginary UFO abductees," by Alvin Lawson____Sept./Oct.* "A confrontation with Dr. Condon: Prelude and aftermath," ____Dec.* "Fred Valentich: The missing Australian pilot" by Richard Sigismond "Boomerang update," by Philip J. Imbrogno, George Volume 2 Lesmith, and Chris Clark
  7. 7. ____Jan. "A statistical analysis of the AF Blue Book UFO files: Part ____Oct. "Abduction in western Kansas" one" ____Nov.* "Papua/Father Gill revisited: Part one"____Feb.* "Close encounter in Idaho" ____Dec.* "Papua/Father Gill revisited: Part two"____March* "Astronomers and UFOs: A survey, Part one," by Peter Sturrock Volume 1____April "Close encounter in Mississippi"____May "NORAD and UFO surveillance," by Joseph Accetta ____Nov.* "Close encounter in Connecticut"____June* "Special photo album: 30 years of UFOs" "Estimate of the situation," by J. Allen Hynek____July* "UFO or IFO? IUR draws the distinction," by Allan Hendry ____Dec.* "Abduction in Western Kansas"____Aug. "Angel hair under analysis" "Gas station damaged by UFO?"____Sept. "A physical trace doth not a CE-2 make," by Allan Hendry Back issue prices (vol. 1-26): 1 issue — $4.00, plus $1.00 postage/handling 2–5 issues — $4.00 each, plus $0.55 per issue postage/handling 6–20 issues — $3.00 each, plus $0.55 per issue postage/handling 21+ issues — $2.50 each, plus $0.55 per issue postage/handling Back issue prices (vol. 27-29): 1 issue — $6.00, plus $1.50 postage/handling 2+ issues — $5.00, plus $1.00 per issue postage/handling Notes on orders: *Out of print; photocopies available only for these issues Illinois residents please add 9.5% sales tax. Canadian/Mexican/Caribbean customers Add the following to standard P/H charges: For surface mail orders: add $.50 per item. Maximum amount to add to standard P/H charges: $8.00. For Air Mail orders: add $2.50 per item. Maximum amount to add to standard P/H charges: $16.00. Other international customers Add the following to standard P/H charges: For surface mail orders: add $1.50 per item. Maximum amount to add to standard P/H charges: $25.00. For Air Mail orders: add $4.50 per item. Maximum amount to add to standard P/H charges: $50.00.
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