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Hul ppt

  1. 1. INTRO INTRODUCTION Indias largest Fast Moving Consumer Goods company with 100 factories across India. In 1931, first Indian subsidiary, Hindustan Vanaspati Manufacturing Company,followed by Lever Brothers India Limited (1933) and United Traders Limited (1935). HUL formed in November 1956; The Anglo-Dutch company Unilever owns a majority stake in Hindustan Unilever Limited. one of the countrys largest exporters and recognised as a Golden Super Star Trading House The mission – “add vitality to life.”
  3. 3. Lux, lifebuoy, dove Personal wash Pears, rexona, breeze, Surf excel Laundry Wheel sunlight Fair & lovely Skin care Ponds vaseline Sunsilk Hair care ClinicHindustan unilever ltd Pepsodent Oral care closeup Axe Deodorants rexona Color cosmetics lakme ayurvedic ayush
  6. 6. TOILET SOAPS BY HULHUL is the market leader in the soap segment in India
  7. 7. •Lux was launched in UK in 1899 as a Laundry soap to wash delicate(silk) clothes in home.•In India, Lux launched in 1929 & it has proved to be a powerful brand in beauty soap segment.•From the starting, it has been claimed as “The Beauty Soap Of Film Stars”.•In 2006, Lux was awarded as Awaz consumer Award 2005 as the most preferred toilet soap.
  8. 8. •Dove was launched in 1955 in US. It has been available in India from 1995.•It has proved to have ¼ of moisturising cream that maintains the skin be smooth & soft.•In 2004, HUL’s campaign of Real Beauty by Ogilvy inspired women to have the confidence to be comfortable with themselves & in 2006 it got the Grand Effie Award.
  9. 9. GERMS SE KOI DAR NAHI•Launched in 1895 in UK and then in India.•A Low cost soap catering huge population.•The jingle, ‘Making a billions of Indian feel safe and secure’Says everything!!•Comes with different varieties and treats different needs.
  10. 10. Competitors of HUL SOAPS HUL brands Competitors brands• Lux • Santoor, Chandrika• Rexona • Cinthol, Mysore Sandal• Breeze • Godrej no. 1, Nirma• Lifebuoy • Dettol
  11. 11. Competitors of HUL SOAPS HUL brands Competitors brands• Pears • Santoor, Savlon• Dove • Camay • Margo• Hamam • Cinthol• Liril
  12. 12. HUL’s SOAP MARKETSHARE60% 57% 55% 55% 54% 52%50%40% HUL30% NIRMA GCPL20% 10% 10% 9% 9%10% 6% 8% 8% 9% 6% 5%0% FY04 FY05 FY06 FY07 FY08
  13. 13. The HUL Hair Care
  14. 14. Sunsilk was launched in1964, is the largest beauty shampoo brand inthe country. Positioned as the Hair Expert, Sunsilk has identifieddifferent hair needs and offers the consumer a shampoo that givesher the desired results.The benefits are more compelling and relevant since the variants areharmonised in terms of the product mix - fragrance, colour andingredients are all well linked to cue the overall synergy. The rangecomes in premium packaging and design. The accent is on "It knowsyou, and hence knows exactly what your hair needs".
  15. 15. Clinic Plus Health shampoo was launched in India in the year 1987. It is Indias largest selling shampoo, offering the five most important hairhealth benefits: strengthens weak hair, prevents hair breakage, softens rough dry hair, shine for thick and healthy hair, and contains anti- dandruff ingredient.The franchise also includes Clinic All Clear Total, first introduced in 1996. It is a dual shampoo – it not only fights the last dandruff flake, but also adds back lost nutrients to make hair healthy and beautiful. Clinic All Clear Total is a dandruff solution for everyday use.
  16. 16. DOVE SHAMPO Became India’s Largest Premium Shampoo Brand within the launch of 1 year. HUL is upgrading Dove time to time to meet customer needs e.g. Dove Daily, Dove Dry Therapy, Dove Breakage Therapy & so on…
  17. 17. Competitors of HUL Hair Care• Sunsilk • Pantene• Clinic Plus • Head & Shoulders• Dove • L’Oreal, Garnier
  18. 18. Welcome to the segment Of HUL Oral Care
  19. 19. • Pepsodent, launched in 1993, was the first toothpaste with a unique anti-bacterial agent to address the consumer need of checking germs even hours after brushing.• Pepsodent packs included a Germ Indicator in February-May 2002, which allowed consumers to see the efficacy in fighting germs. As a follow-up, in October 2002.• The relaunch campaign in October 2003 widened the context to "sweet and sticky" food and leveraged the truth that children do not rinse their mouths every time they eat, demonstrating that this makes their teeth vulnerable to germ attack.• Pepsodents most recent campaign aims at educating consumers on the need for germ protection through the night.• Pepsodent also includes a range of toothbrushes.
  20. 20.  Closeup is the original youth brand of India.The first brand targeting youth in the oral care market, with an edgy andyouthful image which stays relevant till date. Ever since its launch in 1975Closeup was the first gel toothpaste to be launched in India and has ledthe gel toothpaste segment ever since.Closeup became the first Gel toothpaste with Fluoride in the IndianMarket!The brand umbrella also includes Closeup Lemon Mint, gel toothpastewith the whitening benefits of lemon.The latest entry in the Closeup stable is Closeup Milk Calcium –revolutionary new toothpaste with the goodness of milk calcium
  21. 21. Competitors of HUL Oral Care• Pepsodent • Colgate• Close Up • Meswak • Dabur Red • Anchor
  22. 22. TOOTHPASTE MARKET SHARE60% 48% 48% 49%50% 46% 47%40% 32% 33% 32% 30% 30% COLGATE30% HUL20% DABUR 8%10% 7% 7% 9% 2%0% FY04 FY05 FY06 FY07 FY08
  24. 24. Named after the French opera LakméLakme started in 1952 as a 100% subsidiary of Tata Oil MillsIn 1998 Tata sold off their stakes in Lakmé Lever to HLLIt offered a range of cosmetics with nail polishes & lipsticksfrom the early 80’sIt has introduced a range of skincare products from 1987.Competitors :Revlon, Maybelline,L’Oreal
  25. 25. Theron T. Pond, a pharmacist from New York, introduced Ponds in 1846In 1886 it was relaunched as Ponds Extract and in 1914 Ponds Cold CreamIn 1955 Ponds Extract Company merged with Chesebrough Manufacturing and in1987 Unilever purchased Chesebrough-PondsCompetitors:Nivea, Charmise
  26. 26. HUL FOOD BRANDSTEA• Brooke Bond• LiptonCOFFEE• Brooke Bond Bru
  27. 27. FOOD• Kissan• Annapurna• Knorr ICE CREAM• Kwality Wall’s
  28. 28. TEA• Brooke Bond Red Label was launch in 1903• It is Indias single largest tea brand
  29. 29. SALT• Annapurna brand, first introducedin 1997• The brand currently operates in two of thelargest, almost universally consumed, foodscategories of the country – Salt & Atta (wheatflour)
  30. 30. ICE CREAM• Kwality Walls, launched in 1995• Key launches includes. Cornetto, Feast, Viennetta, and a range of Sundaes, and also exciting eats for children specifically, like Lime Punch or Sunshine Zing Cone
  32. 32. TEA
  33. 33. SALT
  34. 34. SOUPS
  35. 35. ICE CREAM
  37. 37. Pioneer in Indian detergent powder.Constantly upgraded itself.e.g. Surfexcel Blue, Quick wash,
  38. 38.  Launched in 1969, Rin with the power of its thunderous lightning flash has become a household name synonymous with dazzling white clothes. A Value added brand with different variants e.g. Rin matric & Rin advanced. Rin has won a number of accolades, the most recent being voted as the Most Preferred Detergent brand in India at the Awaaz Consumer Awards in 2006.
  39. 39. SUNLIGHT•A Heritage brand launched in 1888In the form of detergent cake.•Value added brand i.e. priced overWheel but below Rin.•Famous in WB & Kerala.
  40. 40. • Low priced detergent.• Introduced in 1987 to compete withNirma.
  42. 42. Operating Company Name Net Sales Net Profit Profit Margin (in Rs. (in Rs. Growth (%) Growth (%) (%) (%) Crore) Crore.) FY08 FY08 FY07 FY08 FY08 FY07 FY08 FY07HUL 13880.56 13.36 9.38 1769.06 -4.65 31.76 14.95 14.74GCPL 891.92 17.22 16.05 148.12 21.37 0.68 22.27 20Dabur 2093.63 19.9 29.7 316.77 25.66 33.3 18.59 17.45Colgate 1518.88 14.03 16.02 231.71 44.66 16.4 18.09 18.79Marico 1575.99 14.76 31.39 143.41 23.45 17.47 13.29 13.77Proctor and Gamble 643.95 18.54 -4.98 131.42 46.3 -35.6 27.75 24.14 3
  43. 43. SWOT Analysis Strengths: •Strong brand portfolio, price quantity & variety. •Innovative Aspects. •Presence of Established distribution networks in both urban and rural areas. •Solid Base of the company. •Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR)Weaknesses:•"Me-too" products which illegally mimic the labels andbrands of the established brands.•Strong Competitors & availability of substitute products.•Low exports levels.•High price of some products.•High Advertising Costs.
  44. 44. SWOT Analysis Opportunities: •Large domestic market – over a billion populations . •Untapped rural market. •Changing Lifestyles & Rising income levels, i.e. increasing per capita income of consumers. •Export potential and tax & duty benefits for setting exports units. Threats:•Tax and regulatory structure.•Mimic of brands•Removal of import restrictions resulting in replacing of domestic brands.•Temporary Slowdown in Economy can have an impact on FMCG Industry.
  46. 46. MARKETING STRATEGIES OF HUL FOR URBAN INDIA• Adopted Total Productive Maintenance(TPM) to meet zero error, zero loss.• Focuses on short supply chain for distribution.• To meet the every needs of people everywhere.• Also uses Direct selling channel(HUN), franchisee to reach everyone e.g. Aviance, Ayush.• Build segments & market for the future where Unilever has strong expertise.
  47. 47. MARKETING STRATEGIES OF HULFOR RURAL INDIAFor long term benefits, HUL started Project Streamlinein 1997.Appointed 6000 Sub-stockists that directly coversabout 50,000 villages & 250 million customers.Integrate Economic, Environment & Social objectives withBusiness agenda. Project Shakti, partnership with Self help groups of Rural women & covers 5000 villages in 52 districts in different states.
  48. 48. Corporate social responsibility Providing education on health and hygiene Women empowerment Water management Rehabilitation of special or underprivileged children Care for the destitute and HIV-positive Rural development. Plays active role in natural calamities
  49. 49. EVERYDAY I WILL SELL. EVERYDAY I WILL EARN. MONEY. RESPECTStarted in 2001, Shakti is HULs rural initiative, which targets small villages with population ofless than 2000 people or less.micro-enterprise opportunities for rural womenProviding health n hygiene education through shaktivani programishakti portalShakti has already been extended to about 15 states ,80,000 villages in with 45,000 womenentrepreneurs and generating Rs.700-1000 per month to each women. 1
  50. 50. Thank you for your time....