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Private Sector Role in Innovation It’s all about the Citizen – Carnaroli

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Government Technology NY IT LF presentation - Private Sector Role in Innovation It’s all about the Citizen – by H. Giovanni Carnaroli

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Private Sector Role in Innovation It’s all about the Citizen – Carnaroli

  1. 1. PARTNERS LOGOS GO HERE Disruptive Technologies in Transportation H. Giovanni Carnaroli, Senior Principal March 16, 2017
  2. 2. PARTNERS LOGOS GO HERE CSRA - Think Next. Now.  Deliver broad range of innovative, next-generation IT solutions and professional services. Bringing tomorrow’s solutions, today.  Helping customer modernize legacy systems, protect their networks and assets, and improve effectiveness and efficiency of mission-critical functions for our warfighters and citizens
  3. 3. PARTNERS LOGOS GO HERE Society is Moving Towards a Multi-Modal Transportation System that Needs to be “Intelligent” … 2/28/2017 2017 CSRA Proprietary 3 …Because Citizens are Demanding More!
  4. 4. PARTNERS LOGOS GO HERE NextGen is a monumental, historic shift forward in the modernization of our air transportation system  Automatic Dependent Surveillance–Broadcast (ADS-B) is the NextGen successor to radar. It uses GPS satellites to determine an aircraft's location, ground speed, and other data.  En Route Automation Modernization (ERAM) combines flight plan information with surveillance data from ADS-B.  Collaborative Air Traffic Management (CATM) coordinates flight and flow decision-making by flight planners and FAA traffic managers to improve the overall efficiency of the NAS.  Decision Support Systems (DSS) consist of the Traffic Flow Management System, Time Based Flow Management, and the Terminal Flight Data Manager.  Terminal Automation Modernization and Replacement (TAMR) combines multiple air traffic control technologies into the, state-of-the-art Standard Terminal Automation Replacement System (STARS) platform  NextGen Weather provides aviation weather products that support air traffic management during severe weather events, helping to minimize passenger delays and improve aviation safety.  System Wide Information Management (SWIM) provides the digital data-sharing backbone of NextGen.  National Airspace System Voice System (NVS) will replace decades-old analog technology with secure, digital Voice over Intranet Protocol technology that is not limited by geography. 2/28/2017 2017 CSRA Proprietary 4
  5. 5. PARTNERS LOGOS GO HERE 2/28/2017 2017 CSRA Proprietary 5
  6. 6. PARTNERS LOGOS GO HERE Driverless Vehicles are Coming to a Road Near You 2/28/2017 2017 CSRA Proprietary 6
  7. 7. PARTNERS LOGOS GO HERE And We Will be Flying in UAS Taxis Soon 2/28/2017 2017 CSRA Proprietary 7
  8. 8. PARTNERS LOGOS GO HERE 8 U.S. DOT Leads the Charge in Connecting Vehicles
  9. 9. PARTNERS LOGOS GO HERE 9 Improving Travel Time Reliability
  10. 10. PARTNERS LOGOS GO HERE Improving Collision Avoidance Systems
  11. 11. PARTNERS LOGOS GO HERE Electronic Toll Collection
  12. 12. PARTNERS LOGOS GO HERE Congestion Pricing Zones
  13. 13. PARTNERS LOGOS GO HERE 2/28/2017 2017 CSRA Proprietary 13 Evolution of Personal and Mass Transit
  14. 14. PARTNERS LOGOS GO HERE Automatic Road Law Enforcement
  15. 15. PARTNERS LOGOS GO HERE Emergency Management Services 2/28/2017 2017 CSRA Proprietary 15
  16. 16. PARTNERS LOGOS GO HERE 16 Improving Road Safety in Bad Weather
  17. 17. PARTNERS LOGOS GO HERE ITS in Action in Maryland 2/28/2017 2017 CSRA Proprietary 17
  18. 18. PARTNERS LOGOS GO HERE Motor Coach and Truck Safety Process Areas Investigators visit companies and record safety compliance data Company Site Visits / Interventions C USDOT # / Operating Authority Companies register with FMCSA R Inspect vehicles and drivers and record safety compliance data Roadside Weigh Stations Traffic Enforcement I Enforcement brings legal action against companies not in compliance Legal Action E USDOT # Operating Authority
  19. 19. PARTNERS LOGOS GO HERE Future State of Roadside Inspection Systems  Inspection systems are flexible and adaptable to account for future changes in technologies and requirements  Allow Wireless Roadside Inspection (WRI) technologies to be incorporated into the suite of inspection systems  More high-risk carriers/drivers/vehicles are found and pulled off the road  A standardized, consistent process for selection, data acquisition, data uploads, and reporting will exist across the United States  Better access to real-time data to make informed decisions at the roadside  Inspection records will be more comprehensive, and include more descriptive information. This will enhance FMCSA’s ability to perform compliance and enforcement activities, and respond to violation challenges  Seamless functionality between systems will exist Helping remove high-risk carriers and drivers from America’s roadways
  20. 20. PARTNERS LOGOS GO HERE Wireless Roadside Inspection (WRI)  Real time safety assessment of commercial motor vehicles traveling at highway speeds - Identifier information used to query relevant databases for potential violations - Assesses driver hours of service information/CDL status - Envisioned to augment data available to the Safety Measurement System - Although WRI vision is technology agnostic, Commercial Mobile Radio Services (CMRS) path being used in field testing
  21. 21. PARTNERS LOGOS GO HERE Geofence Vehicle: •Crosses into Geofence •On-board data collected Carrier Ops/ CMRS Provider Wireless Inspection Processing System (WIPS) 5 2 Geofence Locations 7SDM sent to WIPS 31 WRI Inspection Results9 Roadside Enforce. 4 Data Collected 10 SDM is evaluated for safety issues 8 Safety Data Message (SDM ) - Message is compiled using vehicle- based and back-office data is added if necessary 6 WRI Concept Overview
  22. 22. PARTNERS LOGOS GO HERE There are also Maritime Applications 2/28/2017 2017 CSRA Proprietary 22