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Final Exam A2 August 2009

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Final Exam A2 August 2009

  1. 1. A.N.E.P CONSEJO DE EDUCACIÓN SECUNDARIA INSPECCIÓN DE INGLÉS PROGRAMA DE ACREDITACIÓN DE INGLÉS (PAI) EXAMINATION FOR 3RD YEAR CB – Level A2 14 August 2009 Student’s Name: ............................................... Highschool: …………………... I.D number: …………………… Centre: .................................. Final mark: / 75
  2. 2. Listening 1. Listen to two teenage students of a language school in London talk about their countries. Decide whether each statement is true (T) or false (F) and write your answer in the space provided. You will hear to the recording three times. South African boy a) He explains how you can travel round his country. _T_ b) He tells you where you can stay in his country. ___ c) He says you can go on a safari in his country. ___ d) He recommends visiting certain places. ___ Norwegian girl e) She recommends the best time to visit her country. ___ f) She talks about the landscape in her country. ___ g) She talks about which towns you can visit in her country ___ h) She tells you what you can do in her country. ___ 14 marks (2 each) 2. Listen to four people (A, B, C, D) talking at a club meeting about travel. Match the speakers to the sentences (1- 5). There is ONE sentence that you do not need. You will hear each speaker twice. Speaker 1. I like cycling in all kinds of weather. ________ 2. I always go on holiday by plane. ___A____ 3. I am afraid of flying. ________ 4. I always go to work by bicycle. ________ 5. I enjoy the journey to our holiday destinations. ________ 4 marks (1 each) ~1~
  3. 3. Reading Comprehension 3. Where can you find a notice like this? Choose from the places in the bubble and write the place in the space provided.  Beware of the dog. 0 house  Do not feed the animals. 1  Animals are not accepted here. 2  You have to pay extra to travel with pets. 3  Exotic birds' exhibit. 4  Do not give pets any medicine. Ask for help! 5 vet’s office airport zoo museum restaurant house 5 marks (1 each) ~2~
  4. 4. 4. Daniel Radcliffe, the famous actor of Harry Potter has two beautiful dogs. As he works a lot he needs a reliable company to take care of them. Fill in the form below with the information provided in the following passage. My name’s Daniel Radcliffe but my relatives and close friends call me Dan. I was born on July 23rd, 1989 in London. I live at 4 Great Portland Street in West London. I´ve been an actor for twelve years. When I was 12, my parents gave me as a birthday present two beautiful and obedient Collie dogs called Binka and Nugget which are now 8 and 9 years old. I love them a lot, they are an excellent company for me when I’m at home. Happy Pet Care Services Dogs´ owner Information Name: 0 Daniel Radcliffe Nickname: 1 Date of birth: 2 Address: 3 Pets’ names: 4 Pets’ ages: 5 5 marks (1 each) ~3~
  5. 5. 5. Read the article about animal friends and decide if the information is Right (A), Wrong (B) or Not Mentioned (C), write the letter in the circles provided. ANIMAL FRIENDS Do as you’re told In the animal world babies do as they’re told. For example, chimpanzees teach their young to recognize edible plants. This means that the parents show their babies which plants they can eat and which plants they can’t eat. If the babies don’t do as they are told, the parents smack their hands. If the young chimps don’t listen, then mummy chimp growls at them. Animal alphabet Did you know that fish can communicate? If you observe fish in a fish tank, you’ll see some very interesting behavior, when fish are hungry they use their tails to throw stones against the fish tank. If they throw a lot of stones, it means they are very hungry! Birds sing to communicate. Each bird species uses a different song, which other birds don’t understand. This means that pigeons don’t understand sparrows, and ducks don’t understand swans. Friends for life All animals live in a group. The group protects each of its members. If one of the members of the group sees danger on the horizon, it warns the others by sending a signal. Some animal species have a different warning signal for different dangers. Experts say that when animals behave like this, it means that they are altruistic. This means that they think and care about their group and not just about themselves. EXAMPLE ANSWER 0. Parents’ chimps smack their babies’ hands if they don’t obey. A Right B Wrong C Not Mentioned A 1. There are certain plants young chimpanzees can’t eat. A Right B Wrong C Not Mentioned 2. Baby chimps always do as they are told. A Right B Wrong C Not Mentioned 3. Father chimps never growl at babies. A Right B Wrong C Not Mentioned 4. We know when fish are hungry. A Right B Wrong C Not Mentioned 5. All birds can understand each other. A Right B Wrong C Not Mentioned 6. When animals are in danger they all send the same signal. A Right B Wrong C Not Mentioned 6 marks (1 each) ~4~
  6. 6. English in use 6. Read the texts below, choose the correct word (a, b, c, d) for each space and write the letter on the corresponding blank. 3 dream holidays for the 21st century A) See a penguin This is a unique holiday 0) _a__ the snow and ice of the Antarctic. You 1) ____ isolated places, where you can see animals and birds you only 2) ____ see on TV or in zoos. The trip starts in South Africa and 3) ____ in Australia. The trip on a Russian ship takes a month. B) Go on a safari This holiday is a safari with a difference. You travel 4) ____ helicopter over parts of Kenya watching wild animals in their habitats. The 5) ____ moment is the Elephant Watch in Samburu, where your experienced guide can tell you all about 6) ____ amazing animals. C) Live like Robinson Crusoe If you dream of life on a desert island, then this is the holiday for you. The island 7) ____ Quilalea is off the coast of Mozambique and the only inhabitants are turtles and a 8) ____ tourists. You can live like Robinson Crusoe: watch turtles, go fishing, 9) ____ sail to another island to have a picnic. 0 a. in b. on c. under 1 a. visited b. visit c. visits 2 a. normally b. norm c. normal 3 a. finishing b. finishes c. finish 4 a. in b. by c. at 5 a. good b. best c. better 6 a. these b. that c. this 7 a. for b. of c. off 8 a. little b. few c. several 9 a. but b. because c. or 9 marks (1 each) ~5~
  7. 7. 7. Fill each blank with only one word. Choose the words you need from the box. All animals care 0) about their group. The 1) ________ altruistic animals are dogs. They are very intelligent 2)________ sociable. They are very happy when they are 3) ________ a group and when they 4) ________ to protect each other. This 5) ________also why they are said to be our best friends. Dogs 6)________ understand how we feel and they are 7) ________ protective animals. 7 marks (1 each) very - can - because - have - is and - must - most - in - behind - about Vocabulary 8. Read the descriptions (1 to 5) of animals. What is the name of each one (A to G)? For descriptions 1-5, write the correct letter A-H in the box next to it. 0. Very young animals B 1. Common animals, they catch and kill birds and mice 2. Animals covered in scales that live in water 3. Animals with wings which can usually fly 4. Animals with wings which can´t fly 5. Large, intelligent animals with very big ears A. penguins B. babies C. chimpanzees D. elephants E. cats F. birds G. fish 5 marks (1 each) ~6~
  8. 8. Writing (You must do both tasks) 1. Write an e-mail to an e-friend describing a new pet you were given as a present or about an animal you have seen in the wild. (50 - 60 words) 13 marks ~7~
  9. 9. 2. You phoned your pet’s vet to ask for an appointment. His/her secretary is listening and writing down your message from the answering machine. (20 - 30 words) PHONE MESSAGE Dr. Fernández, This is (1) …………………………… from (2) ……………………………. . I phoned you on (3) …………………………….. August 13th at (4) …………………………. o’clock. My cat is (5) ………………………………………...................... . Please, (6) ………………………………………….., my cell number is (7) ……………………….. . Thank you! 7 marks ~8~