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Task4 ca

  1. Task 4
  2. Beauty/makeup channels on youtube. The main channels who I interact with on YouTube is Nikkitutorials, Jeffrey star, okaylaaa and shani grimmond, which are all channels associated with beauty products and tutorials.
  3. Participatory A massive part of Youtube is subscribing. Subscribing to channels allows the audience to get noted when the youtuber uploads a new video. The subscribe button is featured when you type in a channel and underneath every video in red.
  4. Participatory People who have a YouTube account can make comments on these the makeup YouTuber videos (and any YouTube video for that matter),if comments aren’t disabled. For example, loads of people have commented on Nikkietutorials , praising her and giving their opinion on her makeup tutorial. The YouTuber can then reply to the consumers comments on their video. For example, Nikkie has wrote in the comments what eye primer she has used because she didn’t say it in the actual video; this is so new viewers and subscribers know what she was using ,however previous viewers and subscribers will know already as they have interacted with her before. If the YouTuber has disabled the comments ,this means you cannot comment on their video. For example Jeffree star , who normally lets people comments, disabled the comments on his video about his fallout with Kat Von D. Even though disabling comments creates less consumer interaction, however sometimes this is to stop nasty comments being made about the YouTuber’s video or YouTuber themselves. For example, YouTube users have commented negative things on Kayla’s video on ‘how to get full lips’ , saying ‘I don’t want lips like you.’
  5. Participatory You have the option to like or dislike videos on Youtube. The like button is thumbs up sign whereas the dislike button is a thumbs down sign. For example, if I like a make-up video I will hit the like button. If I dislike a video, I could hit the dislike button, but I don’t normally press on it. Normally make up tutorials get more likes than dislikes. As you can see from this video from shani grimmonds channel, which I have already liked, it has over 13,000 likes and only 86 dislikes. Most make-up channel users put links their bio so the audience can click on them to buy the product used in their tutorial, some even provide discount codes to get the audience money off products.
  6. Participatory Most make-up channel users put links their bio so the audience can click on them to buy the product used in their tutorial, some even provide discount codes to get the audience money off products. For example, ‘Mannymua’ offers discount codes for jouer and morphe brushes. Also, he provides links to products ,like MAC pigments, so the audience have easy access to get products ,if they want to buy them.
  7. Cultural competence They is a lot of language used in beauty/make up tutorials, by the youtubers, which only makeups artists, people who have taken beauty courses or just have an interest in make up itself will understand. I didn’t know much about makeup until I started watching tutorials on YouTube. I learnt the terms they use and the products they used. For example they use baking powder, anyone who hasn’t does know about make up will think the power is for actual baking. The youtubers say things like ‘ill be baking today’, which could be taken in the opposite way.
  8. Fan culture When suicide squad got released into cinemas, youtubers were copying the look of Harley quinn. For example, populare youtuber Nikki tutorials did a tutorial on harley quinn make up, so her followers can copy it if they want it.
  9. Strictly come dancing
  10. Participatory On strictly come dancing the audience can participate in a number ways. Firstly, people can actually watch the couples dance live if they wanted. The audience can vote for who they want to be saved by ringing up a phone number, so this allows them to have control on who they want to see in the next show as technically the show is made for the audience.
  11. Culteral competitence They have a range of dances that they perform on the show.