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How Health Care Providers Are Using Augmented Reality to Provide Better Care

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How Health Care Providers Are Using Augmented Reality to Provide Better Care

  2. 2. What is Augmented Reality (AR)?
  3. 3. Pharmaceutical Applications With Gravity Jack’s unique patented image recognition and Quick Augmented Reality (QAR) software, pharmacists now have an unprecedented level of control over inventory, efficiency, and quality assurance. BAYER Use Case: 500MG ADV EX S Imagine empowering your staff, allowing them to simply use a smartphone or tablet to scan a box of medical supplies, immediately exposing what is in the shipment, the current inventory for your clinic, and most IN STOCK: YES importantly, the expiration timeframe for this QTY: 400 EXP: 12/2013 product! They are instantly aware of the exact product and inventory. The ability to instantly, in a streamlined way, order more -- directly from your supplier.
  4. 4. Provider Applications Gravity Jack’s technology does not solely rely on image recognition. Using QAR codes, and even 3D object detection, we are able to, in realtime, identify a tool, part, or product, and give you full, precise control of your needs. APED U-SH ATION IGUR Use Case: CONF By scanning a part for a procedure, a tool, a QAR code 1) HA TIENT VE PA IR CHA , SIT IN BLE RTA SS on a patient’s file, or using image recognition, Gravity COM FO RE NCE EY AND 2) O R K P RT. Jack can identify a specific part, brand, and model E ENT STA number and properly update inventory, provide product information, and order more. Use our image recognition technology to easily and instantly scan a patient’s insurance information and add it to your database.
  5. 5. Facility & Durable Medical Applications Utilizing the same technology, and an established database, Gravity Jack is capable of providing an entire new approach to DME and Facility equipment and charges. Use Case: Allow providers and facilities to instantly browse local DME inventories, for referral. Allow DME providers to scan a used product to find the nearest available replacement product for a patient Allow for material inventory and purchasing, instantly on one, consistent database.
  6. 6. MEDICINE & GRAVITY JACKAUGMENTED REALITYTRUE EFFICIENCY. TRUE HEALTH. Contact us to get started today. 877.691.3048