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Memorandum of understanding

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Memorandum of understanding

  1. 1. Memorandum of understandingM/S A.B business and services and represented by Bhairav p. Kabrawala having their office at 7,suryadarsan apartment, Nearswaminarayan temple. adajan. Surat. Gujarat - 395009. Hereinafter for brevitys sake referred to as first party, which expression shall,unless excluded By or repugnant to the contest, be deemed to mean and include its permitted assigns and successors - in - interest. AndM/S Satish Gajera and have their registered office at (hereinafter for brevitys sake referred to as 102, Shiv nagar So., B/H Ashoknagar, Katargam, Surat " "second party" which expression shall, unless excluded by or pugnant to the contest, be deemed to mean andinclude its permitted assigns and successors - in - interest.)Whereas the first party is engaged in the business of outsourcing the business for the IT and it enabled service industry and it has enteredinto an agreement to execute the data transcription operations in details in the scope of work, which needs to be, executed throughvarious delivery partners. Presently it is in a position to procure the business for data conversions more meaningfully descr ibed in thecolumn scope of work.And whereas the second party is engaged inter alias, in the business of providing a wide spectrum of software solution and services. Thesecond party has acquired the necessary expertise and developed the requisite skill base and in fracture for successful execution of dataconversion work. Whereas second party is entering into the agreement with the first party to carry on the data conversion work on its own.The second party will exercise in maintaining quality control of the jobs assignment.This memorandum of understanding represents the business agreement and operational understandings between the parties, and shallremain in effect for a period of the (trial work period) from the date of providing the trial work ( signup ) whichever is la ter and can beextended for the period as mutually agreed upon.Both parties shall sign a second agreement on date of trial qc reports necessary as per terms and conditions.This agreement witnessed as follow:- 1. Availability of data The first party will provide image files up to 50 pages / system work to second party through cd or mail, the second party would then data enter it into the word document format using notepad as required by the first party and this would be delivered sending image files and notepad files by currier or mail. If the first party is not able to provide the work load then will be refunding 50% of the deposit amount as an compensation and the ID will be terminated. 2. Period of trial work The first party shall give a work for 15 days ( include holidays ) and second party shall be complete it within 20 days and send it to at first party the first party shall give a accuracy report within 7 days, after submissions per technical specifications, technical specifications are included in this agreement with qc parameter. This agreement Valid for 11 month.3. Service charges / processing charges:- The vendor agrees to pay non-refundable Rs 500/- and 1000/- refundable* (for 1 IDs /1 systems)
  2. 2. 4. Responsibilities and obligation of the second party Turnaround time is 15 days (include holidays) and your work should be completed within the tat period with required quality parameters The first party will not be responsible for the problem at your premises such as hardware, virus, electricity, internet connectivity etc, and no reason shall be entered in non- completion of work data If second party not able to get up accuracy parameters as mentioned in Annexure II then first party shall not provide commercial work. The second party shall take maximum care on accuracy and delivery schedule of the data entry / conversion job. Time and accuracy is essence of this contract, any delay in delivery or accuracy less than and invoking of risk and cost clause.5. TERMINATION If Business Associate fails to submit data on time or, If Business Associate fails to give accuracy as mentioned above in all output files and fails to get billing even after rework, Client reserves the right to terminate the agreement with notice period of 1 mont h. And Client/Associate will not be responsible for any further data and payment whatsoever to the Business Associate. This AGREEMENT may be terminated by any of the parties for breach of understanding on any clauses of this agreement giving 30 days notice to either party giving clearly account of the reasons for such termination. W ith the mutual consent of both the parties, this AGREEMENT can be terminated at shorter notice, on termination from either party, for whatever reason, the payments due to Business Associate or Client, for the work accurately done till the date of termination should be paid as per payment clause of the Agreement. No modification of the terms of this AGREEMENT shall be valid unless it is in writing and signed both the parties. 6. Other regulations The project will get terminate in case the second party gets fail to submit the New work, Rework and Re-rework on time. If second party is qualify for commercial work then first party is agree to give commercial work with following specifications:- Rate 100 Rs per page Payment mode 100% after the QC Report within 5 Days. Payouts according to your accuracy.> Accuracy level - 97% to 99% - Rs 5000/-> Accuracy level - 93% to 97% - Rs.2000/-> Accuracy level - 89% to 93% - Rs.700
  3. 3. Below 90%=No payment. The payment for the reworked data will be as follows, > Accuracy level- 97% to 99%- Rs. 10,00/- > Accuracy level- 93% to 97%- Rs. 5,00/- Below 93% - No Payment The Payment for the Re-Rework will be asfollows (If Required) The Second Party has to pay Rs 500 application fees as QC charges. > Accuracy Level - 95% to 100% - Rs 6,00/- 7. Quality checking & quality acceptance standards & specifications. TECHNICAL INSTRUCTIONS  Every line should match with the corresponding line in the IMAGE; hence the pages shall Automatically match with the IMAGE file pages.  Font should be Times New Roman and font size 10.  Justification of text is not required even if it is done in the IMAGE file.  Paragraph spacing should be done by using paragraph spacing (before or after only) (Auto Spacing should not be used).  If a word splitted in the IMAGE file then the same should be done in word file. If a line Ends in IMAGE file then the same should be done in word file.  Headers and Footers option should not be used.  Color (if any in the IMAGE file) should be given in black color.  Accent characters, if any, shall be converted and typed as normal characters. Ex: s Should be typed as ae, g to be typed as c.  Always type the text as normal text. Bold, italics in text part are not at all required.REJECTION CRITERIA  File name of the converted word file does not match with the corresponding image file name.  In completed word files found.  Any third party software used for text checking or conversion  Should not type files in MS Office 2007.
  4. 4.  Accent characters found in any file.  Any images are found in the word document.  Text is in other than "Times New Roman" font.  If colored text are found in any word file.  If hyper links are found in any of the word file.  Any other files are found in the zip folder except the word document. (like temporary files or any other file types).  If the converted file is not in .txt format or any other extension files found.  If the completed Job files has not been submitted within the deadline mentioned by the company.REWORK / Re-rework CHANCE Accuracy Parameters Type of Error Number of errors % DeductionLine / Missing Line Each Line 1.5 %Improper Alignment On Page 1.5 %Spelling Error On Page 1.2 %Extra Line Entered On Page 1%Text / Extra Missing On Page 0.70%Extra Enter Before / Between/ After Para 2%Extra Space On Page 1%Punctuation On Page 0.3Found in other Formats(E.g. Word) Any 1 page or Full Slot RejectedFound in Capital Letters On Page RejectedMissing word On page 1.1% TERMS AND CONDITIONS FOR REWORK and Re-rework  The Accuracy level as per Data Verification Report should be below 80%.  The user has to get a Confirmation of Acceptance of Rework and Re-rework from us SERVICES for his/her Rework assignment. No Rework will be accepted without Confirmation of Acceptance.
  5. 5.  After sending the request for the Rework and Re-rework acceptance, the eligible users can start the rework immediately and the Confirmation of acceptance of rework will be sending to users within 3-4 working days.  Total days for Rework assignment will be 3 days and 2 days for Re-rework (if required) from the date of declaration of Data Verification Report. The Rework and re-rework Data Verification Report will be declared on the next cycle of Result declaration.  The request for Rework acceptance should reach in the prescribed schedule given in the Data Verification Report. No request for Rework will be accepted afterwards.  Companys decision will be final in all the terms and conditions cited above. DISPUTE RESOLUTION & JURISDICTION  In the event of any dispute or difference arising between the parties hereto relating to or arising out of this Agreement, including the implementation, execution, interpretation, rectification, validity, enforceability, termination or rescission thereof, including the rights, obligations or liabilities of the parties hereto, the same will be adjudicated and determined by arbitration. The arbitration shall be conducted by a panel of two arbitrators one each selected parties hereto. And both the arbitrators thus appointed shall be appoint the third arbitrator who shall function as the presiding arbitrator. The arbitration shall be conducted at Surat, Gujarat in the English language. Any arbitration award shall include attorneys fees for the prevailing party. The courts in the city of Surat shall have exclusive jurisdiction to entertain try and determined any dispute.The first party is only responsible for giving correspondence and guidelines for the said work under thebreach of this agreement.Certificate by the second party m/sI have read and understood the contract agreement terms and conditions, have signed each page.For and on behalf of first party for and behalf of second partyM/S A.B business and services (Bhairav p. Kabrawala)
  6. 6. Sample Files: Page 4769fewer jaw o^ an exadperated wkaie. in the midst o^ tkis consternation, ^uee^ue^ dropped LftL to k is knees, and -"•"tin^ under tL path oj the koom, wkipp J L U J arope, secured one end, to tL I uiwarks, and tken iadio, caut At it round tke boom as it swept over kis kead[ and a t tL next jerk, the f ^ ipped? and atf wad 6a^e.the schooner wa6 ruri in to tk e usind,, and wki fe tke kandd werecLaring awatg tke 6 tern bat, r itripped to tks u/aidt, darted ^rom tL 6 ids with a long living arc of aleap. L Lee minuted or more lie wad deen vimming like a dog? throwing kid fomf armd dtraig kt on t LI ire hint, and kg fkrrti revealing ki6 brawny 6kouiderd tkrougk the freezing Joa*n. i Hooked at the grand and orioud Ifttt 6aw no one to be dave d. tL < greenhorn Lad gone down. lin^if^ 6 par tke otLr file a iadio, cau, tra. dkooting kimdelf perpend,icuizriu from. tL iivflii that xtterd few mmulei more, a, dragging a iiieLss jo, tL boat ■lied the tL poor kumpkin was res torel. a tik anas vo ted to bii. trump; the captain ke^ed kid pardan. jrom tkat Lur i ciii zueq a no, <ur i ctove s^uee^ue^ iike a bar run: . ke did fftonoud bul daw no one, lo be Saved. me greenhorn nad t^one down, ihooltn^ hanieij- p, water, ijaajcjue^, now took i £ M took kid Lt I na d tLrre ever suck unconsciousneii not seem, to tkink i poor ^uee^ue^ a instants glance around kim, and seeming to dee fust ho down and disappeared, a jLu- minutes more, and, ke rode an a^ain, one arm itiii striking out, and with tL otLr•e, dived Such pages will be given by first party, page will contain 49 to 52 lines max. and second party should complete the files in notepad and as per the technical instructions given below and submit on or before the dead line. QC Declaration:- QC Declaration Will be Responsible for the checking Random Pages in the New work, Rework and as well as Re-rework. All the pages wont be checked and if the Accuracy goes below then 80% then the center wont be responsible for the future checking for the same. Again the Second Party needs to check all the pages and submit the rework and re-rework.