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Common Enrollment and Oakland Unified School District (English slides)



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A brief overview of a new enrollment system, Common Enrollment, that the Oakland Unified School District is considering implementing in the Fall of 2016.

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Common Enrollment and Oakland Unified School District (English slides)

  1. 1. A Better Enrollment System
  2. 2. Why We Need a Better Enrollment System Oakland is revising its enrollment system so it’s: • Easier to use • More accessible and transparent • Improves interactions with families • Increases engagement and outreach • Creates a Common Enrollment process
  3. 3. 3 Key Problems With Current System: • Difficult for families • Schools don’t know which students will show up to school on Day 1 • Lacks clarity and equity Why We Need a Better Enrollment System
  4. 4. What is Common Enrollment? ✓ One public school assignment for each student in Oakland COMMON APP ✓ Tools to help families understand their school choices ✓ One application ✓ One system of rules for all schools A single enrollment system that is easier, clearer, and increases access to families.
  5. 5. •Includes both district and charter schools •One application used to apply to all public schools •Central team coordinates student assignments •Results can be easily explained and audited •Annual cycle with many entry points (not just one lottery) Features of Common Enrollment Systems:
  6. 6. What Common Enrollment is not: An attempt to support any one type of administration (district- run or charter) An attempt to control admissions policy at schools A way to give everyone their first choice school A direct method for improving schools
  7. 7. Where are we going? Now Get feedback from families Fall 2015 Board Study Session on Common Enrollment* Winter-Spring Board Vote Fall 2016 New Common Enrollment system *Come to School Board Study Study Session to share your thoughts
  8. 8. Questions/Comments For more information visit or contact Mirella Rangel at