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Prometheus loves Grafana

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GrafanaCon 2015 -

Tobias will be giving an overview of Prometheus, an open-source monitoring system with a multi-dimensional label system, expressive query language and dashboard editor called PromDash. Learn about the highlights and differences of PromDash compared to Grafana and discuss the options to make Grafana the primary dashboard editor of the Prometheus project.

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Prometheus loves Grafana

  1. 1. Prometheus loves Grafana Tobias Schmidt Production Engineer @ SoundCloud
  2. 2. Prometheus An open-source service monitoring system and time series database.
  3. 3. Prometheus - Overview ● multi-dimensional data model ● PromQL - a flexible query language ● operationally very simple, just a single binary ● pull model to collect data ● many client libraries available (Go, Java, Python, Ruby, …) ● growing amount of exporters ● several graphing solutions available
  4. 4. Prometheus - Architecture
  5. 5. Prometheus - Expression browser
  6. 6. Prometheus - Consoles
  7. 7. PromDash
  8. 8. PromDash - Overview ● Prometheus’ dashboard editor ● Started mid 2013 ● GUI to build dashboards ● Rails+MySQL backend, dashboards saved as JSON ● Angular+Rickshaw(D3) frontend
  9. 9. Demo
  10. 10. “The power of Prometheus meets the beauty of Grafana. Dashboard all the things!” Jimmi Dyson @jimmidyson main contributor of the Grafana Prometheus integration
  11. 11. Comparison Promdash ● metric source templating ● legend formatting ● easier to move in time ● native iframe panel support ● some workflows are faster* * subjective Grafana ● better navigation ● powerful templating ● lots of graph styling options ● flexible dashboard arrangement ● more mature ● active and big community
  12. 12. Suggested roadmap 1. Support metric source templating in Grafana 2. Write Grafana exporter for PromDash 3. Let SoundCloud test Grafana and the migration 4. Propose official switch to the Prometheus community
  13. 13. Thank you @dagrobie