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It's in the StarsRead More: Women, Fifty, Over Fifty, Psychic, Astrology, Insecurity, Aging, Aging G...

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  1. 1. Celebrity It's in the Stars Read More: Women, Fifty, Over Fifty, Psychic, Astrology, Insecurity, Aging, Aging Gracefully, Getting Older, Worry, Comics, Comic Strip, Funny, Celebrity, Comedy News I'm not afraid of getting old... well, maybe a little... Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper: Can Work Marriages Work? Read More: Jennifer Lawrence, Bradley Cooper, Work Spouse, Work Wife, Work Husband, Intimacy, Sex, Love, Dating, Marriage, Relationshiops, Celebrity, Celeb, Celebrity News, Celebrity Relationships, Entertainment News Many friendships between men and women are punctuated by attraction which is never acted on, but keeps the relationship exciting and alive. In the end, though, it isn't just about that energy and flirtation, it is more about knowing each other well and having each other's backs. 'Jar of Hearts' Star Christina Perri: Vans Full of Lesbians Are Coming With Me to the Dinah The gig places Perri among an elite list including Katy Perry, Iggy Azalea, Lady Gaga and Ke$ha -- not to mention successful out acts like Tegan Sara, Wanda Sykes, Mary Lambert and more -- to headline The Dinah. What Is Stardom/Fame/Celebrity and Where Is It Going?
  2. 2. Was I really enhancing my canvas with a known quantity that was adding inherent value to my film negative or was I polluting artwork, and by extension its message, with a celebrity whose presence in the film was more important than the film itself? Ryan Seacrest Saved Me I'm not sure whether I'm Ryan's doppelgänger, but I do know this traumatic adventure proves three things: 1) Laughter is the best medicine. 2) The "star treatment" is a very real thing. From Lipstick to a Movement
  3. 3. A couple of years ago, then three years of age, my son evaluated me while I was in the midst of my morning routine and what followed was a question that surprisingly felt like a loaded one: "Mom, why are you putting on makeup?" Cameron Diaz: Is Sex the Answer? Read More: Cameron Diaz, Sex, Intimacy, Benji Madden, Celebrity, Celeb, Relationships, Marriage, Love, Dating, Entertainment News Sex not only promotes intimacy between partners and strengthens their bond on a physical level, but it can also boost self-confidence and increases happiness thanks to the many endorphins released at climax. And remember, it feels great too!